Mushi Mushi no Mi, Model: Scorpion

Scorpion 2099
Japanese Name:

(japanese kanji)

English Name:


Power: to transform into a hybrid or full scorpion
Eaten By: Prince D. Lancelot's sword, Arondight.
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The "Mushi Mushi no Mi, model: Scorpion" is a carnivorous zoan that allows the user to partially or fully transform into a scorpion. It was infused with Prince D. Lancelot's Rapier, Arondight.


This fruit takes the form of a green cantaloupe with red star symbols covering all over it.


This fruit grants Lancelot's sword life as well as the defensive and offensive powers of a scorpion. According to Lancelot this makes his sword superior to all others due to it having all the advantages of both a sword and a scorpion.


  • Intelligence- Lancelot's Rapier was granted the intelligence of a Scorpion allowing it to think on it's own, however due to scorpions not possessing higher brain functions Arondight is difficult to control by anyone other than Lancelot.
  • Poison/Venom- As a scorpion Arondight's tail generates a poison that attacks the nervous system and can cause internal bleeding, paralysis, or poisoning if stung. Lancelot has also been able to coat the blade in this poison while in normal sword form.
  • Strength- Arondight is far tougher then a normal sword or scorpion due to scorpions possessing exoskeletons and the sword being metal when in hybrid form it is tougher then steel easily being able to strike through solid steel walls.


  • Life- Despite all the benefits of having a living sword it can now feel pain, fear, and hunger as any other living creature normally would. It was also shown that Arondight when threatened will often become it's hybrid form without orders similar to a natural scorpion would.
  • Swimming- Like all devil fruits Arondight when in water is unable to swim and will sink like a rock, however as swords would normally sink anyway and scorpions are not known to be able to swim this changes very little for the sword.
  • Water- Like all devil fruits Arondight will revert to a normal sword when exposed to salt water making it less effective when wet.


Baisugurippu- ("Vice Grip") The forward and rear quillion of the rapier become the arms and claws of a scorpion and stretch out and grip the target preventing them from moving their arms or body. This can also be used to then squeeze with the claws and cut the target in half, however the primary purpose of this attack is to bind a target for a follow up attack.

Doraisutoraiku- ("Dry Strike") The blade of Arondight becomes the armored stinger of the scorpion and stabs into the target without releasing any poison. This is often enough to shock a target and make them believe their going to die allowing Lancelot to trick them out of information only to reveal their perfectly safe except for the stabbing would that often looks similar to a gun shot wound.


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