Nani Nani no Mi

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Japanese Name:


English Name:

Nothing Nothing Fruit


Nothing Fruit

Type: Logia
Power: To become, generate and manipulate Dark Matter
Eaten By: Cyrus Remmington
Story / Creator: Xela_Alpha


The Nani Nani no Mi is a Logi class Devil fruit that was eaten by Cyrus Remmington.


The fruit resembles a blackberry, consisting of dozens of polygonal segments surronding a hollow center. The segments are a deep black with ribbons of white swirling around within them.


The fruit allows one to become, generate and manipulate Dark Matter, the very essence of nothingness. This Dark Matter behaves very differantly than real-world dark matter.

Dark Matter is shown as a deep black fluid with white ribbons or swirls moving through it. The speed at which these ribbons move increase as the amount of energy applied to the Dark Matter increases.

Strengths and weaknessesEdit

Dark Matter is an odd, fluid substance which circumvents and sometimes completly defies the laws of physics, allowing the user great flexibility in it's use. It repels normal matter violently while moving, causing small amounts of Dark Matter moving at moderlaty high speeds to strike with emmense force; conversely, it becomes a perfect insulater when absolutly still, completly absorbing and negating all forms of energy contacting it. This makes it ideal for defense, as a barrier of Dark Matter would be impervious to any form of attack.The matter-repelling properties of moving Dark Matter do not seem to effect Cyrus himself.

The principle weakness of Dark Matter lies in exploiting it's unique traits. Although impervious when stationary, it's is highly conductive when moving, making any energy based attack highly effective against it when it is attacking. The standard Devil Fruit weakness do apply, but they can be tricky to utalize. If the user is forced into the water before he can change into Dark Mater, then the weakness normally. If, however, he can change into Dark Matter before reaching the waters surface, the momentum of him moving will cause him to resist the sea water, and he'll be fine as long as he dosn't stop moving. Seastone would effect the user, but only when he s not moving, since moving Dark Matter would repel the Seastone before it could nuffly the Fruits power.

(WIP, To be expanded)


Cyrus has only begun to master the usage of the fruit, so he currently only has a few attacks:

-Dark Lance: A very simple attack that involves generating one or several tentacles of Dark Matter, then launghing them at the target is a peircing attack. It's difficult to control once launched, making the accuarcy against moving targets questionable.

-Dark Shell: The user creates a Dark Matter barrier around himself for defense. The barrier repels matter while it is being made, and would absorb attacks indifinatly afterward.

(WIP, to be expanded.)

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