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Nari Nari no Mi
Japanese Name: ナリナリの実
English Name: Noise-Noise Fruit (Viz);
Sound-Sound Fruit (FUNimation)
Meaning: Noise
First Appearance:
Type: Paramecia
Eaten by: Melody Hestina

The Nari Nari no Mi is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that bestows upon its user the ability to produce, manipulate, and alter sound waves, thus making the user a Sound Wave Human (音波人間 Onpa Ningen?). It is called the Noise-Noise Fruit in the Viz Manga, and the Sound-Sound Fruit in the FUNimation dub. It was consumed by Melody Hestina.

Strengths and WeaknessesEdit



The devil fruit in action.

The Nari Nari no Mi allows the user to alter the sound waves of anything that makes noise and it can either silence it or make it louder. In some stronger cases, it can even create a concussion-like wave of sound, especially if the sound level of a person's voice is altered. It also seems to give the user a heightened sense of sound and, whether it is because of it's relativity to the actual power or because the user already had, is unknown.

The fruit can both make the user a source of destructive power, as the user can create earthquake (the sound of an earthquake or a sound equally strong can create aftershocks) or a perfect stealth tool (the user can silence their presence to an almost absolute zero). Due to the fact that sound is energy, one can condense it into a very small volume, making it highly powerful. Another usage of the fruit is relocating a sound: by moving the sound waves further away from him, Apollo can deceive an opponent in believing the sound he generated comes from another location.

Similarly to bats, he can utilize echolocation. This consists of using sound to determine the distance and direction of something, in a similar matter to that of bats finding their preys in the middle of the night. Location can be done actively or passively, and can take place in gases (such as the atmosphere), liquids (such as water), and in solids (such as in the earth). This localization through sound can be be done in two different ways: actively and passively. Active location requires the use of echos and sound waves that are analyzed to find the object in question. Passive location is done by analyzing the sounds made by the object itself. Due to Apollo's inhuman ability of detecting and comprehending sounds, he can find the location of the opponent in mere seconds.


The user suffers from standard Devil Fruit weaknesses. The fruit also does not allow the one that ate it to nullify a sound completely.




  • Echo (剥音 (ECHO) Hakunon [Ekō]?, literally meaning "Faded Sound"):
  • Forte (響鳴穿 (フォルテ) Kyōmeisen [Forute]?, literally meaning "Resonating Echo Drill"):


  • Map (反響定位 (マップ) Hankyōteii [Mappu]?, literally meaning "Echolocation"):

Con Dolore.

  • Decibel (実測音 (デシベル) Jissoku-on [Deshiberu]?, literally meaning "Measured Sound"):
  • Con Dolore (高調子拷問 (コン・ドロール) Kōchōshi Gōmon [Kon Dorōru]?, literally meaning "High Pitch Torture"): The technique's name comes from the musical term "con dolore", meaning "with sadness". However, in the technique's context, it can be interpreted by its literal translation, meaning "with pain".


  • Ultrasonic (超音波 (ウルトラソニック) Chōonpa [Urutorasonikku]?, literally meaning "Great Sound Wave"):
  • Vibrato (響音盾 (ビブラート) Kyōinjun [Biburāto]?, literally meaning "Reverberating Sound Shield"):


  • Forzando (波長操作 (フォルザンド) Hachō Sōsa [Foruzando]?, literally meaning "Wavelength Manipulation"):
  • Adagio (音陣壁 (アダージオ) Injinheki [Adājio]?, literally meaning "Sound Encampment Wall"):



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