Neko Neko no Mi: Model Cheshire
Cheshire Cat by nightgrowler
Japanese Name: ビョウ ねこのみ
English Name: Cat Cat Fruit: Model Cheshire
Meaning: Cheshire Cat
First Appearance: A Door that Opens Part 11
Type: Mythical Zoan Devil Fruit
Eaten by: Captain Rinji


The Neko Neko fruit, Model: Cheshire is a very rare Mythical Zoan fruit, a type of fruit that is even more rare than most Logia Fruits. This particular fruit grants the user with the power of the fantastical creature, the Cheshire Cat. Captain Rinji ate this fruit, and obtained its powers in A Door that Opens Part 13.


It is shaped much like a zucchini squash, with large purple and pink stripes. It also has large swirls, much like the other fruits. The skin is not edible, it must be pealed. The inside is green.


The Cheshire fruit is very mysterious in its powers. While in the cat form or pseudo-cat form, the user has the power to not only transform into a vapor form, but is also able to levitate a short distance off of the ground. The user may also use the vapor to teleport over a short distance as well, this includes the limbs of the user as well as the head. While this does give the illusion of the user becoming dismembered, but is able to turn into a vapor form and reassemble from any distance, unless one of the limbs or head is immersed in sea water.

In the dreamland, however, the Cheshire fruit has many more, immensely powerful attributes to it. The user may grow gigantic, beast-like, can transform into almost any shape or size, can go invisible, phase through walls, or even change reality itself in certain situations of extreme stress or desperation. These attributes are lost as they re-enter reality, and the former abilities become the sole powers of this user.


The Cheshire fruit's strengths are quite formidable. However, it has some very strange weaknesses. Smoke, pepper, and other things that are able to make the user sneeze will negate the form for a brief period of time (usually around five minutes). In this time-frame the user is back to their normal physical prowess.

The user also suffers from the normal Devil Fruit weaknesses.