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The Neko Neko no Mi, Model Korat was eaten specifically by Ruby Angel of the Skyline Pirates, and has been used and harnessed by her for approximatly 10 years. Consumed while Ruby was at the age of 10, due to a series of unfortunate circumstances. The fruit itself has gained her the epithet known as Catwomen, for numerous reasons such as her acrobatic skills and obviously her appearance in hybrid form.


This fruit has a similar shape to a Pear, despite the skin being hairy and soft it was also gray. It has a disguisting look to it as it looks like a gone off fruit, being gray and having hair on it. The Stem is also black and rather long.


The primary strength of this fruit is the ability to take the form of the cat species known as the Korat, taking perfect form from the size to the fur. The user gains sharp claws and fangs as teeth, also gaining a keen sense of hearing and smell. Aswell as sight the user gains all the special features a korat possesses, right down to the hatred for mice. The user is able to jump quite high and perform numerous acrobatic feats as if it were second nature, cartwheels, handstands and even flips.

The user is also able to take three different hybrid forms, gaining the tail and ears of the cat aswell as the fur, but maintaining the human size and shaped body, aswell as the belly button which is normal hybrid form where the user attains great agility aswell as strength, similar to other Zoan users seen in the One Piece storyline. Speed form, which is when the users form forces her to stand on all four, becoming capable of reaching greater speeds that normal. And finally Defence form, where the users fur expands greatly making them a ball of fur, becoming impervious to all blunt attacks, cannon fire and gun shots. It is, however, only fragile to sharp projectiles and weaponry, such as the sword and arrows.


This Devil Fruit suffer's from standard devil fruit weaknesses. Such as being unable to swim (becoming a hammer in the water) and entering a weakened state, becoming unable to use said powers when in contact with Kairoseki (Sea Stone).

The user also has a confusing obsession with balls of wool and mice, tending to play with the ball of wool as much as she can getting full satisfaction, and just chasing mice for the fun of it. This is because of the cat's natural behaviour.