Neko Neko no Mi, Model: Moggy

Translation: Cat Cat Fruit, Model: Moggy
Type: Zoan
Power: Housecat Zoan
Eaten By: Jenjer "The Fluffy" Catan
Story / Creator: Jenjer


This Zoan Fruit grants the consumer the ability to transform between three forms (Human, Animal, Hybrid) based on the common Housecat. Unlike most Zoans, which seem to boost attack power, the Model: Moggy only increases the speed and reactions of its eater to incredible cat-like levels. It also boosts jumping and agility.


Looks like a red-orange orange, with a curly purple stem (broken off before it was juiced). It's fairly innocent looking appearance means it was easily mistaken for a regular orange.


Besides suffering from the regular Devil Fruit drawback (can't swim) if its consumer can be trapped or stopped long enough they can easily be beaten by strong physical attack as the fruit does not improve strength or defensive abilities.


This fruit suits people whose fighting style requires them to be quick and nippy, such as a sword-fighter or a knife wielder. It is however probably one of the less impressive Zoan fruits.

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