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Japanese Name: 二銃
Romanized Name: Nijū
English Name: Nijuu
Affiliations: Spark D. Sulfur; Bucket Hat Pirates
Occupations: Pirate; Captain
Epithet: Mental Protector (精神保護 Seishin Hogo?)
Real Name: Spark D. Sulfur
Status: Alive
Height: 175.3cm (5'9)
Japanese VA: Tetsuya Kakihara
4Kids English VA: Dante Basco
Funi English VA: Dante Basco

"Hi, I'm Nijuu and you are insane."

- Nijuu talking to Sulfur in his head for the first time

Nijuu is the second personality of Spark D. Sulfur. When Sulfur remembered everything that happened when he was little, Nijuu was born from his mental disturbance.


He has the same features as Sulfur, but his hair, eye, and clothes have opposite colors.


He has a twisted, but reasonable personality. Even though what he says is completely insane and confusing, he makes things more sane and understanding when he needs to. He also can be very persuasive to Sulfur when he speaks for him since no one can see him but Sulfur. He and Sulfur sometimes don't see eye to eye, but when it comes to their crew and themselves when in conflict, the put their differences aside to defeat their enemies.

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He possesses all of Sulfur's abilities and powers when he is in control of the body. He can also create mental blocks from mind readers and mind control.

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