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Age: 24

Species: human
Blood type: ???
Birthdate: ???
Height: 5'5
Weight: 4'3
Island of Origin: 1st half of the grand line
Occupation: pirate

Epithet: "Ricochet"

Crew: alpharess pirates
Position: sniper
Family: none
Current Bounty: 78,000,000

Bounty History

1st Bounty: 78,000,000

Reason: killed 6 marine captains with 4 bullets

Dream: To be the best marksman there is
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Norm is a former bounty hunter who quite his bounty hunting to to become a pirate after discovering his father was a pirate himself.


Norm has black hair and brown eyes and has a cowboy-like attire consisting of a brown cape, a cowboy hat, a dark brown shirt with short sleeves, light blue pants with brown boots.


Norm is a calm person and doesnt bicker much yet he likes a good challenge. He is often seen smoking and he is always seen serious about many things yet even he has a humorous side.

He can easily get distracted by a cute animal such as a puppy or a little kitten.

Abilities and PowersEdit


Norm is the best sniper on the crew he can shoot down far away objects with an ordinary gun and kill several enemies with only a few bullets to saves ammo.

Norms amazing ability with guns is that he can make then ricochet on any object or person by shooting it, the way he does it is unknown.

Hand to Hand CombatEdit

Norm sometimes hits his enemies in the head with the back of his gun and knocks them out

Physical StrengthEdit

Norm is said to be strong for being able to knock out enemies with one hit from the back of his gun


Norm isn't particularly fast but his good at dodging bullets


Norm is able to endure several bullet shots


Norm can use any kind of firearm


Norm searched for Ivan since it was confirmed he was alive and had been gathering a crew. When Norm found Ivan he asked if he could join, Ivan gladly accepted him to his crew and norm became the seventh member

Major BattlesEdit

Norm vs 6 marine captains (won)


  • "The goverment will fear me and know that they shouldnt challenge me"
  • "I can kill a hundred of you with only 3 bullets"

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