North is a former bounty hunter turned pirate from West Blue and captain of the Bonehead Pirates . He has a bounty of 118,000,000 beli , making him part of a new generation of rookies, following in the path of Luffy and the other Supernovas with bounties over 100,000,000 beli.


North is a tan muscular man with black hair. He has a light goatee and sports one earring in his left ear. North also wears a red headband bearing a four-leafed clover.


North is a casual, funloving individual. He seems neither too stern nor too easygoing. North has no tolerance for the mistreatment of the innocent as well as children. He has a strong belief in luck and karma. Because of this he sometimes follows his gut feelings, and no matter what the outcome he has no regrets. Although North dislikes to participate in needless fights he will challenge capable swordsmen to duels when given the chance.

Abilities and PowersEdit

North is a knowlegdeable and undisturbed fighter. He usually comes up with a strategy based and is able to easily alter it as a battle progresses. North's strength had been acknowledged by the government before he became a bounty hunter.

Devil FruitEdit

Further information: Ruru Ruru no Mi

North has eaten the Ruru Ruru no Mi, the paramecia devil fruit ehich allows the user to turn its body parts into drillbits. North's control over the fruit is at the level where he can create tornados, blow obects away and suck them toward him, as well as drilling air projectiles.


North's main weapon is a katana that he weilds in his right hand. The katana was given to him by the master of his dojo. North is quite fast and is a master at Iaidō. North signature sword technique is a extremely fast sword last with an incredibly wide arc.

North is also known to carry two flintlocks on his person at all times.



North was orphaned and raised in a dojo in West Blue. Here he was raised by Harlel. He was watch over by Burgundy, who was also an orphan that lived there. As he got older he became the second strongest swordsman there, besides the Harlel's son Doral. North along with Burgundy left the dojo after hearing about the death of the great pirate Whitebeard in order to bring recognition to their dojo.

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