The North Blue Saga consists of the first few story arcs in the series: Take a Gamble. It details the journeys of Jack Gamble as he recruits the first few members of his crew: Dorsalo the swordsman, Swamp Fox the sniper and doctor, Alpha D the navigator, and Connery the cook.

The Crew's AdventuresEdit

Arctic Island ArcEdit

Arctic Island Part 1

Arctic Island Part 2

Arctic Island Part 3

Apueblo ArcEdit

Apueblo Island Part 1

Apueblo Island Part 2

Apueblo Island Part 3

Apueblo Island Part 4

Apueblo Island Part 5

Apueblo Island Part 6

Dabloon Island ArcEdit

Dabloon Island Part 1

Dabloon Island Part 2

Dabloon Island Part 3

Dabloon Island Part 4

Dabloon Island Part 5

Crimson Tide ArcEdit

Crimson Tide Part 1

Crimson Tide Part 2

Crimson Tide Part 3

Crimson Tide Part 4

Crimson Tide Part 5

Crimson Tide Part 6

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