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Nova Blade
Manga - Anime


Japanese Name: 新星 ブレード
Romanized Name: Shinsei burēdo
English Name: Nova Blade
First Appearance: New Horizon! Chapter 1
Affiliations: Blade (Family);
The Skyline Pirates
Occupations: Pirate; Captain; Revolutionary Army (Former)
Epithet: The Blur (ブラー Burā?);
The World's Fastest Pirate (世界最速の海賊 Sekai saisoku no kaizoku?)
Japanese VA: Toshio Furukawa;
Daisuke Sakaguchi (Young)
4kids English VA: Frank Frankson
Funi English VA: Eric Vale
Age: 27 (Debut)
29 (after timeskip)
Birthday: August 2nd
Height: 195cm (6'5")
Bounty: Bsymbol10???,???,???
strong points:
Devil Fruit
Japanese Name: Hika Hika no Mi
English Name: Shine-Shine Fruit
Meaning: Shine
Type: Logia


"Educating yourself does not mean that you were stupid in the first place; it means that your are intelligent enough to know that there is plenty left to learn"

- Nova Blade


Novas strength is far superior to that of any normal man, he is capable of stopping a half giants punch with a punch of his own that usually stops the momentum if not completely overpowers the half giant by himself. An example of his lifting strength would be during the war with the Supreme Pirates, his strength is shown further when he along with Marcus Soarian, Guddo Rakku and Subarashii were able to hold up half sliced mountains alone with no support other than their own hands. But, before this there was a feat that not many others could perform in terms of brute strength, which was shown that Nova previously carried a blade thats weight alone caused it to be unweildable to most, since it was far too heavy and would only hinder speed, skill and effectiveness. It was so heavy that in fact once the blade was actually smashed by a powerful enough opponent, its smashed pieces destroyed and/or crushed almost everything it fell on, even leaving small holes where it landed into the ground rather than onto it. The fact that Nova was able to travel at such a speed in battle and still carry such a heavy weapon alone proved he was no normal human. As yet another incredible display of Novas pure strength was when his punch shattered through the rib cage of John Jango De Triezieme, causing what appeared as an instant death upon impact. Novas sheer strength alone proves he is a formidable opponent, and combining this factor with his speed is what makes him one of the strongest pirates alive.

Another display of his strength is where he is able to match both Phoenix and Static in a handicapped fight while weakned, continuing on through his injuries with pure physical strength. Managing to bring Phoenix to a momentary state of death and also causing Static to push himself beyond his limits, by taking his left arm off and crushing his ribs with a precise and heavily executed punch. Though whilst Nova has also shown strength through his incomparable ability to fatally injure people by merely throwing heavy fruit at them, most recognisable being a pineapple and on the lighter occasion, "Boomeranas" (Bananas). He also displays his exceptional strength by using a somewhat similar technique to Lieutenant Commander Rapanui Pasquas finger bomb. Where he places a small pin sized hikaeon spear in between his fingers, and flicks it at a shockingly impressive speed. Often capable of sinking ships if it hits in the right space. However, due to Novas lack of precision, he only tends to display this strength in close combat, using the Hikaeon bomb only when close enough to land an exact hit.

Despite his tremendous strength however, it was shown to be nothing in the eyes of his first mate, Drake, who effortlessly defeated Nova in a battle of arm strength. Despite Novas incredible strength he is not all powerful compared to others. This is best shown against the likes of pure powerhouses such as Phil 'The Hulk' Barrowman of the Genesis Zero and Drake Lockheart, who are both considered to be titans of strength. They both were able to effortlessly bat of that of Nova's strength, as Phil easily crushed him in a brief fist fight, only falling when he was restrained. However, it seems that Nova is aware of this comparison, openly acknowledging the fact he does not share in the same all powerful strength that his father possesses.


Novas endurance is a testament to his strength and prowess, he has been shown to take immense amounts of damage and still continue to fight on. An example of this is during a revolutionary mission, where he took several shots to the abdomen, knee and shoulder while also getting stabbed through the stomach and right side of his chest, yet was still able to simultaneously elimate the attackers during nightfall where his devil fruit abilities (i.e. accelerated regeneration process) were inaccessible. Carrying himself through the night so that he could regenerate fully in the morning.

Another example of his durability, would be his clash with the G-0 Marines during the Skyline war, as after a month of torture where most men would lose the will to live, he was able to stand and fight among and alongside those who fought for him. Despite Billy Bunjin delivering a fatal kick to both his heart and skull, Bunjin had delivered a final blow through Novas spine, conclusively killing Nova. Despite the fact that Novas devil fruit has a splitting process that can act as a regeneration and repair process, Nova can still feel the immense amounts of pain inflicted on him. Meaning that despite his incredible and monstrous endurance, he is not completely oblivious to the pain itself.

Another good example would be where he trekked along Blizzarios tracking Sentinel without a shirt, technically half naked. Showing that despite the immense cold and below 0 degree tempeterature he was able to survive and carry himself through to fight Sentinel, the second strongest member of Genesis Zero and allegedly the most intelligent being in the world. Only then to continue his hunt for revenge without rest or sufficient time for his regenerative process to fully kick in, by tracking Billy Bunjin despite the internal injuries and weakenings on his own body, caused by his previous fights between himself and Harold Kitmin, Phil Barrowman and Sentinel. He then proceeded to fight Static Dyson and Phoenix Redfox directly after his giant conflict with Billy Bunjin, which had caused his left arm to break and caused a fracture in his right foot. Yet despite these injuries he was still able to push both of his former trio members to their limits. However, he is still indeed human and in the end succumbed to fatigue and pain after the former trio members released an incredibly powerful combo attack on him, which almost in turn ended his life.

Another great feat of endurance is his resilience to great heats both before and after consumption of his devil fruit. Shown even before his Devil Fruit, Nova was able to withstand immense heats and draughts. Acting as if the heat is nothing but normal weather, this however is probably because of his upbringing on Baltigo, land of the white soil. Where the sun constantly beams down on it. It was also shown whilst he was trekking alongside Leo and Drake through Sahara Island for several hours, but still contained the energy to mess around and run about. Thanks to the ability of his devil fruit, Nova is able to reverse the effects of heat waves and boiling weather to the point where such temperatures give him more power and energy than a normal plain weathered day.


Without Novas devil fruit abilities, Nova is still incredibly fast. Whether or not this is due to his constant travelling is not sure, however Nova has been known to run and even leap at speeds equal and occasionally surpassing Soru. An example of this was during Starfires first mission where during nightfall he had successfully defended Starfire in a second by eliminating several foes simultaneously. This showed that even without his devil fruit he is an incredibly fast individual. He is also very flexible, able to perform splits on ground or in mid-air and able to perform both splits and handstands simultaneously with ease. He is also able to jump incredible heights, allowing him to leap around 100 feet high into the air.

With his devil fruit, Nova is one of the two fastest men alive, able to travel at the speed of light his speed allows him to do thousands of things in mere nanoseconds, before anyone could even think/blink or react. Regardless of this, Novas speed has been shown as an incredible and formidable asset to him, allowing him to dispatch foes with pure ease where others would require time to use the energy, while Nova being massless, requires none. Novas agility is overall his finest and most delicately tuned feat.


Will be done . . . 

Martial Arts

Nova is an extremely formidable hand to hand fighter, having master-like experience and knowledge of several incredible martial arts. Using them to enhance the creativity and variety of his devil fruit powers, as well as applying their bonuses and attributes towards every day chores. As such, he does not really have an extensive array of techniques with the martial arts he has mastered, instead using their basic principals and teachings in combat. However, Kou is actually something Nova does not realise he has and does not in fact realise he knows of Kou until it's activation after the death of a beloved crew member and close friend.

With such a varying range, it only goes to serve as evidence that Nova was in fact a dangerous individual before consuming the devil fruit. Below is a list of the martial arts he has studied and mastered, along with a basic set of information on each individual style.

Chuusei Kentou

Chuusei Kentou is a modern style of fighting, less then a few decades old created in unison by various gyms across the world of One Piece but mostly from the red line itself. It is a kickboxing like fighting style which puts extreme focus on weight distribution, the mastery of this is what makes this style truly different from normal kickboxing, as masters can freely shift their weights as if they had consumed a devil fruit. It was taught to Nova during his early revolutionary days, long before the consumption of his devil fruit.

As such, Nova is an experienced user of Chuusei Kentou, using his prodigy like brain to teach himself the entire set of the martial art. Chuusei Kentou's training is extremely similar to any other aside from some few tweaks to allow for better training, such as adjusting your weight when jumping rope to rise and fall faster, lifting weights and then shifting your weight to make them act heavier and lighter, and even jogging with heavy armor and trying to make it light weight. In Chuusei Kentou, boxers are taught 3 main techniques which allow for them to shift their weight easily and then create moves with the applications of those 3 and/or even combinations of them. These 3 techniques are Keisou, Juuki and Seibi.

Stances when fighting are the same as traditional boxing stances, and should employ the weak hand infront and the dominant hand at the back. As the image indicates the dominant hand should be the one closer to the user and the weak hand closer to the enemy, this is to prevent the users to become one handed fighter that use only 1 hand, and to allow for more devastating punches and quicker jabs.


Keisou ('Literally meaning Light weight equipment') simply put is a technique to make Nova's body limp, agile and extremely light. It works on a principle similar to kami-e of rokushiki, as the body relaxes extremely and Nova exhales to allow for an even lighter weight, though users of this technique have remarked that under strong enough wind they might get pushed around, it takes a considerably longer time to perform then Juuki, but it's mobility potential is unlimited to all skill levels.


  • Chuusei Kentou, Keisou: Light Jabs - By dropping the weight on their entire body, Nova is capable of delivering jabs at unseen speeds, though they carry almost no strength, they are useful for fakes and faints. The name is a pun on light (weight) and light (electromagnetic waves).
  • Chuusei Kentou, Keisou: Lensing Footwork - By dropping his entire body weight the mobility of Nova increases drastically allowing him to move at unseen speeds, though it shouldn't be used offensively because of lack of impact due to small weight. Its name comes from gravitational lensing which distorts light, in a similar way that of those who perform this technique can't be properly seen doing so.


Juuki (Literally meaning Heavy weight equipment.) is a simple technique that makes the body dense and heavy, reducing your mobility but increasing resilience. The mechanics of how it works is based on the rokushiki technique of tekkai but also focuses on inhaling deeply, and thus increasing the overall weight of the user as well as density. It is also considerably faster to perform then Keisou and thus is preferred over it to protect from attacks rather then dodge them, but the higher the skill one attains with this technique the more mobility they'll get, even being able to move at normal speed. Variations

  • Chuusei Kentou, Juuki: Metal Guard - Nova uses Juuki to make his body incredibly heavy and dense and increase his resilience and use the proper boxing stance to block any incoming attack with incredible defensive ability. The metal in its name is not only a reference to the strength of metals but much like most things on chuusei kentou are named after something related to particle physics, in this case the metallic elements.


Seibi (literally meaning complete equipment.) is the first technique created for this style and is still the easiest and most versatile of the 2, it focuses on shifting the weight on the body to specific parts leaving some lighter and others heavier. Unlike Keisou and Juuki this may or may not affect the entire body or simply specific parts of the body. To properly employ, this is tricky for beginners as a common product of bad use and insufficient mastery is flying around when punching or kicking. This technique is the most offensive oriented of the 3 on normal conditions. Variations

  • Chuusei Kentou, Seibi: Electron Hook - By distributing the weight of the body to both hands evenly while doing the hooking movement Nova is able to create a hook punch with the front hand and not dominant one with an insane level of acceleration by use of a titanic centrifugal force leaving the opponent devastated with a lightning fast attack. It's electron naming comes from its sheer speed when performed.
    • Chuusei Kentou, Seibi: Proton Hook - It is in principle the same technique of Electron Hook it however uses the dominant and back hand with can cast more power and precision when striking. It is performed with the exact same technique but the hand farthest away from the enemy takes a longer time to reach, so near the end the user should put all his weight into the punching hand and deliver a blow even more devastating.
  • Chuusei Kentou, Seibi: Neutron Cross- The trademark technique of all practitioners of this style, it is a simple cross, performed by the dominant hand and back hand, by allowing the punch to be performed normally with the body and dropping the entirety of the weight of the body in the last moments before impact Nova can deliver a punch which carries both power and speed, leaving the opponent damaged tremendously. Should the technique fail to connect, rookies of the style may be observed flying around and landing on the ground or hitting a wall, Nova however is a master, and as such he is able to pivot around one foot to reduce and change the momentum.


Combos are the proof of ones skill in Chuusei Kentou, as employing all 3 techniques interchangeably shows mastery of the use of the techniques to a given extent. Most Ougi's also fall under this combo area of moves.

  • Chuusei Kentou: Rising Star- One of the many uppercut possibilities, but the basic one for those who want a fast and reliable alternative, this move is also the first combo taught and use of it indicates one is skillful in all 3 techniques. First Nova will perform Juuki to make his entire body heavy and let his upper body fall to the ground extremely quick by relaxing the legs slightly, then perform Keisou making his entire body light and tensing the legs again to rise up incredibly fast, then Nova should dispel the former techniques completely and use Seibi to put their entire weight into the arm or less ideally fist that will uppercut, allowing for greater power when connecting.


Hazue is something akin to a martial art without being one properly, it is a form of dodging and dealing with adversaries that focuses on, doing absolutely nothing to counter the enemy or fight back, simply dodging.

Hazue teaches that attacking is not always the best choice and taking attacks head on is never the correct term of action, a person should always dodge to minimize damage to them, such as survival is key for living a successful life. Since Nova has trained and learnt the art of Hazue he has earned the skills to dodge any and all danger. After learning and mastering Hazue, Nova may learn techniques to defend themselves by taking attacks head on, but those who have learnt Hazue the proper way never do so, noting that Hazue on itself is enough to dodge all foes. With the addition of Kenbunshoku haki Hazue becomes a skill considered to be the most practical in the world, as a master of both Hazue and Kenbunshoku, Nova could theoretically never get harmed in a fight.

Training for Hazue is quite simple, the most basic form of training is simply running through a dense forest every day for long periods of time, this simple training will force the user to gain stamina crucial for outperforming an enemy with only dodging alone and a crucial ability to be light on the feet and react quickly to obstacles. Higher level training regimes force the trainees to run through forests at sprinting speed, dashing sideway and downwards on a steep mountain, running over strong rivers with stepping stones and even running through tree tops. After these various training regimes the practitioners will have to test their ability on a real enemy and will be pitted against common thugs, wild animals and expert martial artists and try to dodge as much as possible to avoid damage. The fact Nova has gained a mastery over this art only serves as a testament to the rigorous training he has put himself through.


Kou also known as The Taboo of Knowledge by its victims and the practicioners is an Altered state of consciousness like The Mind Without Mind, but it's distinct in its permanence, once taught Kou will never be unlearned even by amnesia. Not even by the strong minded or strong willed. It is a form of permanent Hypnosis that strikes upon Nova an intense and complusory desire for efficiency while simultaneously tricking them into thinking that they can do whatever outcome they desire as long as it's within the scope of their abilities. While this doesn't sound different to the normal state of a person mind a person who has undergone Kou will never flinch or falter before a task. NEVER will a practicioner of Kou fear a task for its dificulty.

As far as a skill goes Kou is an incredible asset to have at the cost of losing ones individuality, use of Kou even when passive robs the user from a lot of freedoms but allows them to become a genius and autodidact. Kou is always employed in the most passive form possible, so as to allow for some freedom of thought, to regulate Kou requires intense force of will, but since Kou will make mastering one's will more efficient it basically is a self solving problem. The great problem of Kou is when it's called upon in a forceful manner. Normal practitioners of Kou use it in the most passive form possible, for activation of Shin Kou (True Efficiency) is considered a taboo against humanity itself, because efficiency overrides everything else in the brain and becomes the maxim, morality and ethics all disappear in favor of efficiency. It is only after Nova is brought back to life and brought to the realisation that Rose Diamond died saving him, that Shin Kou is actually activated.

By process of elimination the brain when performing Shin Kou will go out of their way to most efficiently eliminate distractions, thus activation of the full extent of Kou leads to Genocide. By deeming humans and emotions unnecessary to the full efficient process Shin Kou makes the users literally commit genocide on everyone close by that might even slow down ones action by a macrosecond. The truly terrifying thing about Shin Kou is that it's almost unbeatable, by making the collection of information and processing of it more efficient Nova can literally interpret fighting styles in instants and counter them with mental imaging.


Finger Pistols

Pointing the index and middle fingers of both hands at an opponent like guns, Nova turns his fingertips into hikaeon flames and shoots bullets made of hikaeon heat from them. His accuracy is not the best with this as he tend's to miss alot due to recoil and lack of aiming.

However there have been time's where he would hold his right elbow and aim at his target with his right hand, catching the target within a flash. Because of the hikaeon's speed, if Nova's accuracy was anything like primo's, the technique would be an overkill. Unfortunately Nova is as good at aiming as Silver is . . . they both suck.

Hikaeon Magnum

Nova is incredibly proficient with the gun despite its way of attachment to the user. He is capable of hitting a single target within a blizzard, effectively blowing them away. However he does lack a slight proficiency with the weapon as he is not able to concentrate his fire enough, and is only capable of hitting larger target's with his large beam. Effectively however, this did not stop him from defeating 'The Sentinel' during his spree of revenge.



Nova has trained and mastered Ittoryu with his katana making him a serious force when using his katana alone, he has been acknowledged by Mihawk as a true swordsmen that he respects. Little is known of the relationship between the two but it is known that they both have great respect for one another. He is used to using his sword in every duel. With this technique he is able to slice things like steel or iron in half or dust. He combines this with his speed to make it a deadly combo. His moves/techniques are based and named with connections to the light.

Hikari kōhai o gen

Hikari kōhai o gen (光後背を現 literally translated into Reigning Light Style?) is a series of techniques that Nova himself had created, combining his sword techniques with his unmatchable speed. It is comprived of techniques named after the sky, sun, heaven, jewels and stars. The series of techniques also give the impression of a shooting star, or raining light. The techniques themself were used by Nova at a young age during his days in the Revolutionaries. It is only recently in the storyline that Nova has begun using it again.

  • Hōsha tasogare (放射黄昏 literally translated as Radiant Dusk?) is a vertical upwards slash attack. In which Nova takes a hold of the hilt of his blade and slowly walks towards his opponent, as he start's to pick up the pace he utters the word "Hōsha", to which he then disappears and reappears a few centimetres behind his opponent with his blade pointing towards the sky diagonally. He then utters the word "tasogare" and the blood from the wound of the attack seeps through the clothing if the opponent and reveals a large diagonal slash on their chest. To which Nova then sheathes his sword and closes his eyes as the blood pours out explosively from the wound in which Nova had given them.
  • Shōten (昇天 literally translated as Ascension?) is a combination technique that's sole definition is to force the opponent up into the sky. In the technique, Nova proceeds with numerous diagonal slashes towards the opponent, hitting them higher into the air. Step by step. With each slash Nova givesoff the impression of stepping on the air and rebounding back to the opponent, slashing them and causing them to go higher. This technique is only ever used before Nova uses the "Sora o ōdan" technique. Regardless of whether the opponent blocks or not they are still thrown into the sky, it is only stopped if the opponent realises that dodging is the only way to escape the technique.
  • Sora o ōdan (空を横断 literally translated as Crossing the Sky?) is a technique that is only ever used in sequence, almost immediately after "Shōten". It is a air technique in which Nova utilizes the opportunity that their opponent is in the air and uses his hikaeon body to travel at near the speed of light with his blade slashing the opponent several hundred times, using the mass of the clouds to rebound his body at the precise time allowing him to turn back around, giving a zig zag impression. Where he is travelling at such an incredible speed, the opponent does not realise they have been cut, or notice the pain until they hit the ground. To which Nova lands on one knee and looks down as he slowly sheathes his sword. The moment it is sheathed is where suddenly all the cuts reveal themselves and the opponent literally explodes with blood.
  • Jōshō akatsuki (上昇暁 literally translated as Rising Dawn?) is more of a sheathing technique devised by Nova. As dawn approaches, Nova will begin to sheathe his sword. As the light of dawn reflect's off of his sword he smirks slightly and mutters the word "Jōshō" to which he then disappears in a flash of light and reappears right in front of his opponent or north of his opponent's. He rest's on one knee and the other stood, as his sword is entirely unsheathed, to which the light of dawn then reflect's off of the tip of the blade, he then violently says the word "Akatsuki" as the reflection of the light of dawn hit's the opponent/s. The opponent/s then are blown away by the sudden attack. Literally giving the impression that the light of dawn had blown the opponent's away, and that it was not just a delayed response from Nova attacking them at a speed near the Speed of Light.


Rūnseibā (ルーンセイバー literally translated as Rune Saber?) is a technique where Nova practically imbues his Hikaeon's upon the sharp side of the blade. There are only two forms of "Rūnseibā", but there is also two techniques created through "Rūnseibā":

  • Ten rūnseibā (天ルーンセイバー literally translated as Heavenly Rune Saber?) is where Nova imbues expanded Hikaeon's upon the sharp edge of his blade. Causing the blade to glow immensely creating a somewhat blinding light. In which Nova then uses to cause a distraction on the opponent's parry or defence ultimately causing them to close or cover their eyes, to which then Nova can end it in one slice, or disarm the opponent.
  • Jigoku rūnseibā (地獄ルーンセイバー literally translated as Infernal Rune Saber?) is where Nova imbues condensed Hikaeon's upon the sharp edge of his blade. Causing the blade to become stupidly hot. To which it start's glowing white, and will melt almost anything that meet's it. It is attached to the edging by expanded Hikaeon's, making the technique harder as it is causing Nova to use the hikaeon's two function's in one go, which is incredibly difficult. Either way the imbued blade can then collide and break any defence it comes into contact with. Literally melting away the opposing blades and scarring the opponent for life, if not killing them.
  • Nami o terasu (波を照らす literally translated as Shining Wave?) is one of Nova's more basic sword techniques, however it is through the Rūnseibā technique therefore it counts as an expansion of the rūnseibā. It basically revolves around him using his "Ten rūnseibā" as a source of expendable Hikaeons. Literally slashing his blade horizontally towards the opponent and causing a large bright hikaeon slash to approach the enemy at light speed. Hitting the opponent so suddenly, it causes a minor shock to the opponent. As to "What was that?" or "A bright light? Am I dead?" practically confusing the opponent. Giving Nova the upper hand and displaying the technique as an expansion of "Rūnseibā", only from Ten's side.
  • Taore re gurasu (倒れレグラス literally translated as Fallen Regulus?) is a slicing mid-air technique revolving around good timing and equivalent balance of force. Nova leaps incredibly high into the air and draws his blade then utters the technique "Jigoku rūnseibā". Too which he then places his free hand in front of him pointing at the opponent with the palm, and points his sword towards his opponent with his elbow bent behind him. He then shouts "Taore Re" and disappears in a flash. To which he then reappears right in front of his opponent, his sword piercing their chest (or if they tried to dodge, leg/arm or other body part) and shouts "Gurasu". Pulling his blade out of the opponent and silently walking away sheathing his blade. This technique is displayed as a similar expansion of "Rūnseibā", only from Jigokus side.
  • Ten ni ikari (天に怒り literally translated as Heaven's Wrath?) is a technique where Nova leaps into the sky and faces his opponent looking down on them. To which moment he then utters the words and sheathes his blade. He raises his blade, says the techniques name "Ten ni ikari" and then fires powerful slashes towards his opponent thousands of times at the opponent. Causing it to look as if the heaven's themselves are firing down on the opponent, delivering their wrath.


Surprisingly, Nova has shown some skill in the art of weilding two blades at once. Despite only owning one blade, he uses his 'Junsui ha' as a secondary sword, allowing him to wield two blades at once. Although this is a rare occasion it was most noted during Novas clash with Billy Bunjin. Towards the middle of their fight Nova brought out a previously unseen style that he called the 'Lone Wolf Style', a style that can go up in strength by a sequence of techniques. That if performed perfectly, can even bring down the strongest of opponents. Nova is not a master of Nitoryu, but is very good at it. Thanks to the help of his brother Ice Blade who would train him on the ship for fun every now and then.

Lone Wolf Style

  • Solemn Howl - In Solemn Howl (厳粛喚き声 Genshuku wamekigoe?), Nova unsheathes the Gate of Heaven and holds it in front of him in his right hand, which is stretched straight forward. Nova then crouches as he straightens his right leg adjacent to his right arm and holds his left arm above his head, bent to face the opponent aswell. In that hand then forms Junsui Ha, which he then points towards the opponent also. Nova then proceeds to slash 7 times using his left hand first, in the order of vertical, horizontal and diagonal, though he finishes with vertical using both blades, as the slashes approach the opponent, Nova then proceeds to flip forward while spinning rapidly, creating a powerful typhoon of slashes that envelope the previous seven and also blow away the opponent, the clash of slashes create numerous 'clang' sounds, that go off in the sound of a howling wolf.
  • White Fang - In White Fang (白い牙 Shiroi Kiba?), Nova lays one knee to the ground, whilst raising his right arm over his head. As Junsui Ha forms within the right hand, the blade then points towards the left. Nova then proceeds to draw 'The Gate of Heaven' blade with his left hand, and lower it to the same level as his shin, pointing towards the right. Nova looks towards the ground, taking one big breath, he utters the word "Shiroi" and disappears, bolting at his opponent whilst spinning 360 degrees rapidly, creating a large white aura that oozes off of the rotating attack, before impact with the opponent he utters the word "Kiba". Nova is then seen behind his opponent, with his arms folded in an X shape, his right arm over his left shoulder holding the Junsui Ha (with its tip facing the ground), the same is seen on his right side with The Gate of Heaven blade, this is ment to represent fangs. A large circle with two gaping holes on the top left and right corner of the circle can be seen on the opponents stomach, or wherever the attack landed (usually the chest or stomach). Leaving the scar of a perfect circular cut with only two gaping holes in the two presumed corners, indicating two large fangs have pierced them, and the circle is the jaw line.


Nova is able to change the environment around him with one slice using kendo, he prefers to fight with one hand on his sword but will only use kendo in life or death circumstances. He has trained for a few months but easily became a hanshi rank. When he uses this style of fighting it is certain that the enemy will suffer major wounds or die.

  • Jiyū ten-mon (自由天門 literally translated as Heavenly Gate of Freedom?) was the first of Novas current three Kendo techniques, it is a three slash sequence technique. Comprived of a combination between a vertical, horizontal and diagonal slash. At the begininning of the technique Nova will utter the word "Jiyū" and take the basic Kendo stance and raise his blade above his head. To which he then proceeds to slash powerful in a vertical motion towards the opponent creating a thin but powerful wave that approaches the opponent, of which Nova will then dash towards the enemy and bring his sword to his side for a brief moment, then delivering another powerful slash but horizontally this time then uttering the word "ten". To which at the perfect timing both slashes combine and approach the opponent who is forced to block as it's range is quite a phenomenom. Momentarily before the collision, Nova dashes towards his opponent, scraping his blade along the floor whilst still weilding it in two hands. To which during the collision Nova will deliver a swift and effective diagonal slice, giving the enemy no time for a counter or block and ultimately forcing the opponent into the air and thudding then to the ground. As they crash to the ground he utters the word "mon" and leaves. Displaying the techniques full name as Jiyū ten-mon.
  • Ten o kantsū (天を貫通 literally translated as Piercing the Heavens?) is the second of Novas Kendo techniques. In this technique Nova raises his blade to point at his opponent, holding the handle with his left hand he raises it just above his right shoulder, places his right palm on the hilt of the blade, and thrust's forward once. The sheer force of the thrust causes the blade to pierce anything in front of it, creating a large destructive force. This is done as Nova moves his hand back at the speed of light but the returns it, hitting the end of the blade at the speed of light, effectively increasing its piercing ability by a thousandfold. This is Nova's most effective finisher, it is usually used to pierce the head.
  • Haiperion no nisshoku (ハイペリオンの日食 literally translated as Hyperion's Eclipse?) is the third and final so far of Novas Kendo techniques. In this technique Nova takes the proper Kendo stance and waits for his opponent to approach, it has only been used once, against Billy Bunjin, whom it effectively hit. As Billy took his full zoan form and approached Nova at light speed, Nova immediately replied with a horizontal kendo slash at the speed of light, the timing being so perfect that it effectively hit Billy in the eyes, blinding him. During an eclipse the light is blotted out, and Billy having eaten the Hyperion Zoan, was blinded. Hence the naming of the technique.


Revolutionary Titan Blade (Blade)

An normally shaped blade, similar in shape and size to the standard Revolutionary blade. Only different in the substance it is made from. For example, a normal sized blade is simple for any soldier to carry. Yet the Revolutionary Titan blade weighs several tonnes, making it impossible for any normal soldier to carry. It act's more of a limiter to Nova instead of an increase in power. The blade is broken before Nova's pirate days at the hands of John Jango De Triezieme during their clash on Nova's mission to a Sky Island. It is revealed as the first weapon Nova ever used.

Junsui ha (Blade)

Junsui Ha (純粋刃 literally meaning Pure Blade?) is the only Japanese named weapon within Nova's arsonal. It is a blade created entirely from Hikaeon Particles, and is an extremely dangerous weapon with two forms. The first form is created purely from expanded hikaeon's, displaying only its light form. Making it prepostorously light and agile, but lacks destructive force capable of destroying bigger things such as Boulders and Buildings. Instead it makes up with it's unbeatable speed and blinding light. Often defeating the opponent by just it's mere shining instead of clashing with them. The second form is rarely used as it is a more dangerous form, it is capable of reaching temperatures above 100,000 degrees melting almost all blades that clash with it, and ultimately breaking numerous defences with ease, as if slicing cake. It has proven to be Nova's second most powerful weapon, only second two the 'Gravekeeper's Scythe' which was ultimately used to defeat the monstrous villain known as Monster. Where as this blade was capable of allowing Nova to fight toe to toe with Admiral Borsalino.

The Gate of Heaven (Blade)

Zues Key

The Gate of Heaven.

He will always carry this blade, as it is as unique and powerful as he is. Furthermore he sees it as the weaponised representation of himself. Starting with the hilt, a basic black and metallic hilt wrapped in what appears to be thin titanium wiring from the tip of the pommel all the way down to the cross guard. The cross guard appears to be demonic as it curves backward in the shape of horns. The rain guard is an unusual one, as it is the bones of a deceased sky dragon wrapping around the blade up the the Forte, it is out shined by a gloomy Dawnstone at the center of the extended rain guard. However, From the forte up to the point of the blade, is what appears to be a basic blade, with a point at the end so sharp it could sting just to look at.

This blade is one of three keys to the Ancient Weapon Zeus, He recieved it after his mission meeting John Jango De Triezieme and fighting. The Blade weighs a considerable amount and not many people can carry it. Resulting in it acting as a limiter for Nova. It's swing is heavier than normal swords because of the weight, as such it is able to smash through stronger defences as if they were paper to scissors. Effectively the sword get's heavier as it's swung, creating more effective cuts and slashes, as opposed to a normal blade. Another unique attribute about the blade is its ability to never miss a strike, perhaps this is due to the wielders skill? Or the fortune of the blade. It has been shown also to efficiently block almost every weapon based attack, such as bullets, bolts and blades without a single crack or dent.

Attitude Adjuster (Gun)

A gun created only once by Bane Shotman, has the ability to circulate and fire hikaeon energy as ammo. It has the appearance of a normal magnum, it is silver but has golden zig zags across the sides. On each side of the handle of the gun are two needles, that inject into the user's hand when the user hold's it, allowing the gun to use Nova's power via his blood, however it is still controlled by Nova it just gives the gun the ability to fire Hikaeon concentrated shot's. Causing some cataclysmic damage and severely injuring those it hits. It is far more effective than any known armour piercing bullet's of the century. Many have argued that this could possibly be the strongest gun created rom all time. It practically allows the user to fire their element through the gun, more concentrated and effectively. Making much more powerful attacks. This gun was introduced during Nova's vengeance, where he had gained the new weapon in order to defeat 'The Sentinel' a member of the Génesi̱ Mi̱dén and one of the main three perpetrators of Rose Diamonds death.

Devil Fruit and Haki

Hika Hika no Mi

Type : Logia

Name : Shine Shine Fruit ( Hika-Hika Fruit ) Appearance : A Golden Pear with red and orange swirls all over. The inside is completely white. Nova is a Hikaeon man, For further information go to Hika Hika no Mi

Kenbunshoku Haki

Allows Nova to sense the presence of others, even if they are concealed from view or too far to see naturally. When using this type of Haki, Nova can predict an opponent's moves shortly before they make them, thereby making the attack that much easier to evade. This prediction appears to Nova as an image or brief premonition of what the opponent will do in Novas minds eye, and the damage that Nova will take if the attack actually hits. It appears that the more killer intent the enemy has, the easier they are to predict. Although, Nova can predict future moves whether there are ambient murderous intents or not.

It also allows him to overhear conversations and everything around him. Nova also has enough control over the ability to react at speeds that rival light itself.

Busoshoku Haki

Allows Nova to create a force similar to an invisible armor around himself. This allows Nova to defend against attacks that would otherwise cause him harm. Only major physical force can overcome this defense. It can be further honed into a weapon with which to strike others. It can be used to augment the user's own attacks, projected ahead of the user as pure brute force, or imbued in weapons to increase their effectiveness. Any attack enhanced by Busoshoku Haki hits immensely harder than it would normally without it. Nova also has the ability to bypass the powers of a Devil Fruit user, touching the substantial body beneath whatever protection the fruit provides, Busoshoku Haki works independently of Nova's Devil Fruit, This type of Haki may not be equipped to attacks that are not from one's body except for weapons. So Nova can combine his Haki and Devil Fruit powers.

Haoshoku Haki

This type of Haki grants Nova the ability to overpower the wills of others. Nova can pick out weak-willed individuals in a large group and knock them out without affecting those around them. However, those with stronger wills can resist or even ignore the effects of Nova's Haoshoku Haki. This haki has evidently been seen in most members of the Blade family.

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