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Nova Blade
Manga - Anime


Japanese Name: 新星 ブレード
Romanized Name: Shinsei burēdo
English Name: Nova Blade
First Appearance: New Horizon! Chapter 1
Affiliations: Blade (Family);
The Skyline Pirates
Occupations: Pirate; Captain; Revolutionary Army (Former)
Epithet: The Blur (ブラー Burā?);
The World's Fastest Pirate (世界最速の海賊 Sekai saisoku no kaizoku?)
Japanese VA: Toshio Furukawa;
Daisuke Sakaguchi (Young)
4kids English VA: Frank Frankson
Funi English VA: Eric Vale
Age: 27 (Debut)
29 (after timeskip)
Birthday: August 2nd
Height: 195cm (6'5")
Bounty: Bsymbol10???,???,???
strong points:
Devil Fruit
Japanese Name: Hika Hika no Mi
English Name: Shine-Shine Fruit
Meaning: Shine
Type: Logia


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Former Work


Being born on the island base of Monkey D. Dragon's revolutionaries Nova was well off. Monkey D. Dragon could easily see Nova's potential as Nova was already picking a fight with Bartholomew Kuma saying that he could blow bigger bubbles than the ones that come out of his hand knowing that they were due to his devil fruit, so from then on Dragon asked Nova if he wanted to be the best, and Nova replied "will you teach me how to blow elephant bubbles?" Dragon laughed and began to train him to use all forms of Haki even though Nova was only 4. By the time Nova was 9 he had mastered all forms of Haki and was a Master with an average scythe. Dragon saw he had done enough training with Nova and offered to give him the Shine-Shine Fruitas a gift and prize if Nova was able to outmatch Bartholomew Kuma in a simple arm wrestle. The arm wrestle lasted 12 hours until Nova used all his might and slammed Kuma's hand through the table and into the ground. So as Dragon promised Nove recieved and ate the Shine-Shine Fruit, He worked as a Revolutionary for Dragon until he reached 24. He Gained the title 'The Blur' and recieved his first bounty but was pretty amazed at how high it was to begin with. After meeting Shank's during a mission on an island known as Logue town he decided to become a pirate as he wanted to be as respected as shank's and left the revolutionaries after earning over 500 million beli to become a pirate and eventually become the greatest pirate in History.

First adventure and meeting Drake

He bought a Galleon called "Sky Glider" made of Adam Wood for 532,000,000 beli and sets off to West Blue to recruit members he views as powerful allies and most trusted friends. During his fist adventure he came across Reef Island which was known throughout the world as one of the only islands where both Navy and Pirates had not set foot on, this island of course is where he met his first and most trusted crew member Drake, it started off where Nova had decided to go to the nearest bar and have something to drink while looking there for strong people, while in there Nova overheard a conversation between two city councellor's, they were going on about a betrayel that nearly destroyed half the island if it wasn't for one man's heroic's. The heroic man's name was not mentioned as they only used his title "The Dragon", Nova was interested so he interupted the two men's conversations and demanded that they tell him where exactly this man was, Half drunk and scared they told Nova that the man known as Drake The Dragon was at the edge of the island harbor on the other side of the island upset with a gun towards his head, The moment the drunk man finished saying head Nova was already gone traveling at the speed of light to the harbor hoping he would not be too late. Extaticly, Nova had made it in time he saw a tallish man sat on a barrel right next to the water, Nova happily asked Drake if he would join his crew but Drake did not hear him as he was discussing to himself whether to live or die (for info on that go to Drake's page and it will soon be there) so slightly annoyed Nova looked around him for throwable objects that wouldnt cause injuries, he saw a pineapple next to a fruit stand and payed for it, he stood at a 10 foot distance from Drake and threw it at his head, unfortunately for Drake Nova's aiming hit him on the head and the strength of the throw caused him to lose consciousness and fall backwards. Three hours later Drake woke up with the site of Nova in his face, Drake almost crapped himself and punched Nova in the face yelling at him "WHO THE HELL THROWS A PINEAPPLE AT SOMEONES HEAD!?!?!" Nova laughed and easily said that a great pirate does then laughed, Drake started to laugh seeing the irony of what happened and asked Nova what he wanted from him, Nova looked back at Drake and said "I want you my friend, I want you to become my first crew member and sail the sea's with me", Drake looked at him and laughed, he told Nova he had been fighting pirates and the navy his entire life, so why the hell would he join one. Nova simply replied "because together my friend, we will accomplish our dreams, together we will build the strongest crew, and together, we will help each other to become strong enough to defeat our darkest foes. Now join me before i find another pineapple!". Happy to find a friend and someone obviously powerful enough to help him get stronger Drake accepted while laughing. Then after two day's of drinking, hunting competitions and sleeping, the duo set off on Nova's ship the Sky Glider towards there hopefully next crew member on the Sahara Island.

Meeting Leo and Gaining the Reaper's Scythe

While sailing on the Sky Glider on West Blue with no idea where they were going Drake and Nova decided to fish, so Nova got into his fisherman outfit and sat on the side of the galleon and started to fish, Drake on the other hand was looking for string. Nova fell asleep sat still fishing when all of a sudden he heard Drake yell "FOUND IT!!" so he turned around still having no fish bite his bait, he watched Drake as he tied one end of the string around the handle of his lance and the other end to his hand, Nova stopped paying attention and started asking himself if there are any sea kings here, meanwhile Drake was yelling "IT IS COMPLETE!! MY MIGHTY LANCE TO HARPOON USING ONLY STRING TECHNIQUE!!!" he ran next to Nova and laughed by then Nova was looking in awe thinking that it was really cool.

Three hour's later Nova had three buckets full of various varieties of fish and was out of bait while Drake was rampantly throwing his harpoon in the ocean, Nova was deciding whether to have sushi or store them in his fridge, until Drake yelled "NOVA!! we will need a bigger bucket!!" Nova ran out to the deck to see that Drake had not caught a fish, But a giant Sea King! Nova staring in awe towards Drake who was triumphantly standing on top of the caught Sea King asked if they could eat it now Drake agreed and they were both about to dig in to their Sea King when there was a thud!! Both Nova and Drake left the kitchen to discover that their ship had landed on a desert island! Nova was happy as it would be mostly sun which makes him at his strongest! Nova wanted to explore it straight away with shining eyes, Meanwhile Drake was wondering if they took the sea king would it fry up in the heat. However, Nova had already left him and was running towards the nearest visable pyramid! Drake with an angry expression yells for Nova to wait up, chasing after him they see a pyramid. Nova starts imagining mummies and pharoahs and lots of booby traps when Drake notices a huge life-like sphynx statue Nova climbs on top of it and starts poking it and shouting "Heeya heeya" when, all of a sudden, the Sphynx gets up from laying down and grabs Nova and throws him on the floor, Nove in awe stares at the sphynx with his eyes shining. He walks up to the sphynx that is cautious and in an offensive stance and asks it if it wants to join his crew. Drake is furious and yells "HOW THE HELL CAN WE FIT THAT ON THE SKYGLIDER!! YOU DONT JUST RECRUIT RANDOM CREATURES YOU FIND ON RANDOM BLOODY ISLANDS!!!" then Nova looks at him and says "your right . . . Hey big guy . . . WANNA BE MY PET" with a huge smile on his face he turns towards the sphynx when they both have a shock! the sphynx had turned into a man. The man calmly said "sorry, but i'm on a mission . . . with the BEAUTIFUL MAIDENS OF SAHARA ISLAND", laughing Drake and Nova simultaneously asked him if they could join his mission and then after it is completed would he join their crew and he replies "Sure if our mission is complete" they laughed and followed him to the nearest bar.

They spent three days at a nightclub filled with women for Drake and Leo while Nova was stuffing his face with food with no interest in women. After yet another day of sleep they all awoke in the owner of the clubs house with a full breakfast fry up at the table in front of them. They ate it all and then thanked the owner for the breakfast and asked him if there is any favour that he would like them to perform (within reason) to make up for his gratitude, he replied with a simple request. He asked that Leo join their crew as they all seem like a great combo and that he knows how good a doctor Leo can be, he also asked if they could retrieve his mother's urn from the pharoahs pyramid as he wants to fulfill his mother's request and scatter her ashes at sea. Nova agreed and so did Leo so they traveled to the pyramid under Leo's direction's, they reached the pyramid after a few hours of travel and were happy and ready for adventure, they entered the pyramid and came across three different directions. Nova said "the only way forward is forward!" and took the path straight ahead while Drake went left and Leo went right, unfortunately Drake came across a booby trap much like a boulder that chased him all the way out of the pyramid so he decided to wait outside and see if there were any beautiful ladies that might happen to slip by, however, Leo came across a huge hall filled with treasure and decided to carry it all outside and sat with Drake to look for beautiful ladies. Nova however was poking a mummy asking if it wants to join his crew, it just moaned and groaned so he took it as a no, angry that the mummy refused he poked it a little too hard and its head fell right off, Nova apologized and then turned around and continued to run forward until he reached the throne room. Upset there was no treasure or meat and a little dissapointed that the mummy refused he decided to look for the urn there. After 30 minutes of searching he found it behind the chair and was speaking to himself about how dumb a hiding place it is, all of a sudden a Cloaked boney figure showed up and he looked in awe at the figure, he asked the figure if it wants to join his crew, the figure laughed and took off his hood, Nova looked at him and said "you look a little too skinny . . . want some meat?" the figure once again laughed and said "Sorry, but I do not eat, nor do I sleep nor drink, nor die, nor breath. I simply complete my job throughout the millenium. . . I . . am the Grim Reaper!". Nova looked towards the Reaper confused and said "Who's that?", The Grim Reaper laughed and chuckled and said "You amuse me young child and your future looks bright will you accept my challenge and amuse me with a fight", Nova simply accepted and then all of a sudden the entire surroundings went all cloudy and Tombstones and Graves appeared, zombies and mummies raised from the ground and started charging towards Nova, he laughed and simply pointed his finger at them and shouted "Hikaru Hikaru Finger Gatler" and as he finished those words thousand's of light beams came from his finger destroying all bodies charging at him. He heard the Reaper's laugh and asked what the point in this was? The Grim Reaper replied telling him that he relied on his Fruit Power's a little to much and how would he fare at a hand in hand combat fight with the greatest boxer in history, However, as soon as he finished that sentence he looked towards Nova and noticed that Nova was putting on golden boxing gloves, extatic the Reaper yelled "WHERE THE HELL DID YOU GET THEM!!" Nova answered calmly "I took them from that statue . . . it's pretty obvious they were not part of it because they are too soft". Meanwhile, back outside of the pyramid Leo and Drake where sat there bored as they had soon realized that there were going to be no women, so Drake decided to meditate while Leo decided to look for a stick to poke Drake with, after and hour of poking Drake, Leo decided that he would just sit in front of Drake and stare at him very closely, Drake opened his eyes to see Leo right in front of his face and almost crapped himself, Leo laughed and yelled "I am so BORED!!" Drake responded by pulling out a golden chess board from the treasure Leo had found and asked Leo if he wanted to play chess with it, Leo replied "Beats poking you with a stick!" and the duo started playing chess.

Nova raised his fists then took a boxing stance as the zombie of a boxer walked towards him, when he looked behind him after hearing a noise he was frozen with amazement, as a huge bone angel in a black cloak stood before him and touched his heart, there was a huge light and Nova was shocked as he could no longer use his Fruit Power's. He asked the Reaper what he had done to him, The Grim Reaper replied "I have stripped you of your Devil Fruit. . . if you want it back you will have to defeat this ma . . well zombie, he was known as the greatest fighter in the world and never ever lost a fight to a non Devil Fruit eater, if you can defeat him I will not only give you your power's back, but I will also give you a gift for amusing me and finding those gloves as they are something I have a new found interest in think of the gift as a sponsor or a new found power, I don't care what you consider it to be quite honest, however, if you lose then I will take you to the Devil himself and you will be dead" but funny enough by time the Reaper had finished ranting Nova said "Done." and stood tall with a pose while the zombie was on the floor with lumps on his face and head. The Grim Reaper yelled "WHAT!! that's impossible!!" but then after going through 15 minutes of denial he finally accepted the victory and gave Nova his Fruit power's back, Nova then asked for the gift in which he was promised, The Grim Reaper sighed but then handed Nova his very own Scythe! Nova was in awe with stars shining in his eyes asking if this is for real but the Reaper was gone, All that Nova had to remember what had happened was the Scythe and the urn.

He left the pyramid wondering what kind of power it possessed, seeing Drake and Leo playing chess he decided to sneak up on them, he dug into the sand and traveled underneath to get to them. . .all of a sudden he sprung out and the chess pieces went flying! the duo responded with wacking him on the head leaving two lumps. The duo yelled at him asking why he took so long until he pulled out the urn and showed off his scythe, Leo and Drake stared in awe at it and asked how the hell he obtained it, he told them the story and they laughed at him but saw that he was serious and believed him . . they all stood still and wondered why in the world would the Grim Reaper show himself and be on Sahara Island, but they didn't dawdle too much on it as they were all hungry and tired, Nova was more curious about the scythe he obtained he swung it diagonally towards the pyramid but nothing happened so he was a little dissappointed he turned around to face the guys and grab them to go home when he saw that they were both staring at the pyramid with their gobs wide open. He turned around to see that there was a huge diagonal slice through the pyramid and saw the sliced piece sliding of on the slant, he shouted "HOLY MOTHER OF FLYING PINEAPPLES" and looked at his newly obtained Scythe, he was so happy he took no notice of how tired and hungry he was and began to dance about, Leo and Drake once again whacked him on the head and told him that they want to get going, so Nova grabbed them and began running at light speed towards the town.

They reached the town and gave the club owner the urn, he thanked them and in return gave them a log pose and told them the nearest island was Logue Town but they should be warned as a New head of marines has been placed there called 'Smoker' but not to worry as if they behave an stay hidden they won't be discovered by him, Nova laughed and said that it sounds like fun then the owner also told them of a friend of his who lives in logue town and has a daughter who wants to explore the world and would probably be their navigator if they spoke to her in the right way, Nova shouted with joy and gave the owner 1000 beli, thanked him and left to help Leo pack his research equipment and medical supplies onto the galleon and set off. While leaving the island Nova yelled "Yosh! of to find our next adventure!! and a Navigator!!" and then whispered "Because Drake sucks as our current Navigator. . ." as he felt confident after gaining his new member and friend and also gaining his new weapon and did not want to annoy Drake as he was already angry after being beaten by Leo 32 times in chess.

Nova's First Challenge! Skyline Pirates vs. Navy Marines and Captain Smoker!?!?!?!

It was a quiet calm day on the ocean, Nova was sleeping in the captain's quarter's, Leo was meditating in the Medic quarter's while Drake was fishing with his harpoon (from the Lance to Harpoon using only string conversion), they were all bored and relaxing because there was nothing to do and they had not fought or landed on an island in a few day's. Nova woke up and decided to set the sail for north no matter where that led to (even if it ment hitting a mountain), so Nova, Drake and Leo did exactly that, they then continued with what they were originally doing bar Nova, he decided to stay at the steering wheel just incase he did hit any rocks. Within the next few hour's both Drake and Leo were asleep in their own quarter's, when there was a thud, both Drake and Leo woke immediatly and ran out to the deck to see what was wrong. To their surprise they were docked at Logue town, only to their dissapointment there were also a few newbie pirates dead on the deck and a few marine's but there was not much to see as it was midnight, Nova turned to them with a serious face and said "We have to hide this ship before entering logue town, after that we will split up and get what we need for 2 day's you are free to do what you want and you may both take 30,000,000 beli each with you, only be careful as we are getting low on money and the marines are alerted by our presence!" they all agreed only Leo and Drake were a little confused to the way Nova's personality changed straight away, but what was happening around them was too hectic to get confused as cannonballs started hitting the water all around the Sky Glider, they quickly sailed it around the other end of the island. They quickly left the ship and went their seperate ways. Drake flew up to the sky and lit the ships on fire using his dragon wings and his fire breath, he then quickly landed and transformed from his winged hybrid to his original form and walked into a cave to stay for the night, Meanwhile, Leo had ran to a nearby forest and stayed there for the rest of the night hoping the other guys were safe. Nova on the other hand traveled as fast as he could and broke into a Bed and Breakfast without being discovered, he was not worried as he new his crew were strong and would be safe so he stayed there for the night.

The next day Nova awoke with a huge surprise! there was a women staring at him eye to eye with only a few centimetres seperating them! Nova quickly went to move her off gently but he couldn't move his hand's, each hand was cuffed to a side of the bed, Nova knew he could easily pull his hand's out but decided to wait and see what this women was up to. To his curiosity she asked "What does a former revolutionary like you want in Logue Town? and where did you get that scythe?" Nova could tell that this women's intelligence was far greater than a simple civilian and so he decided to be truthful, however, he also decided to ask her question's to, so he replied to her calmly "I am currently looking for an intelligent navigator with good skill's to help me explore the world and become the greatest pirate in history! . . . Now may i ask what you are doing tying me to a bed like this when I have no intention of harming you?", The women laughed and replied "Don't worry, I can hold my own i'm strong like that, as I have consumed the Magi Magi Fruit, unfortunately i have not mastered it and it will take me year's to do so". Nova was becoming more and more interested in this women as she was intelligent and had a powerful devil fruit, However, there was one more thing Nova had noticed about her, in his eye's, she was beautiful. Nova immediatly felt the urge to shout so he knew what he had to do. Nova asked the women "What is your name?" she smiled toward's him and said "Rose. . . Rose Diamond".

Nova heard the name Rose echo through his head over and over, he began to fantasize about himself and Rose eating together after defeating a sea king and in his fantasy she called him "my brave sea king master" and just as she went to kiss him it was interupted by a slap across the face. Rose had an angry look on her face and yelled "DON'T DO THAT WHILE IM INTEROGATING YOU!!!!", Nova . . with a red hand mark across his cheek was slightly annoyed but did not want to hurt her, he saw that it was day time and his devil fruit would now work so, using the speed of light he changed the positions around meaning that Rose was now handcuffed to the bed while Nova was stood up talking. He yelled "Right! now i'l ask a few question's!". Surprised by the sudden change of event's Rose was a little confused, she asked "What exactly are you planning on doing? You aren't simply just going to ask question's and leave right? you will let me go right?". Nova looked at her and then walked toward's the side of her and sat down on a chair beside the bed. Nova said smoothly "I am currently looking for a navigator to travel the world with me and help me achieve my dream's, I have no intention of harming you or leaving here without paying, I would like to ask simply this . . . . Would a beautiful and intelligent woman such as yourself be my navigator?" while uncuffing her he looked directly into her eye's as they were only 10 millimetres difference from touching, she looked directly back into his eye's blushing a little and said "How can I refuse? by doing this I become closer to accomplishing my dream. . . and . . I get to stay with you longer". Nova smiled and after he had just uncuffed the last hand still looking her in the eye's she grabbed his head with her left hand and his back with her right hand, she pulled him closer which then led to them passionately kissing.

After two day's of talking to Rose, kissing her and lying next to her Nova suddenly grabbed Rose and jumped off the bed as all of a sudden the wall smashed in from the outside demolishing the bed!! Nova's and Rose's 'intimate' moment was completely interupted! Then there was silence . . there was nought but smoke through the air . . "Finally!! . . . . PREPARE TO DIE WEAKLING!!!" was yelled through the smoke as the head of none other than . . . SMOKER!?!?. Rose turned to Nova and said "please tell me he is in the wrong room?", Nova turned to her smiled and calmly said "You kissed me" he had a huge smirk and continued to say "You're my nakama now . . hehe . . . can we continue? please?". She then looked at him with a furious yet embaressed face and yelled "LIKE HELL WE CAN!! CAPTAIN SMOKER IS RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU!! WE ARE SO DEAD!!". Meanwhile, Smoker was just watching them getting angrier by the second, he launched at Nova kicking Nova out of the building and into the town square, Rose was horrified at the sight and ran down the stairs to see if Nova was alright while Smoker just flew down to where Nova landed using his smoke ability. Nova got up and said "OW! man that was rude. . . i think i know how Drake feel's now. . . anyway, i guess im not leaving with Rose until you've gone so . . . Shoo! Shoo! go polute someone's lung's like a bad smoke!" then he laughed but was interupted by Smoker attempting to punch Nova using his Devil Fruit Power, Nova simply placed his hand in front of the smoke arm and stopped the punch by pure force! Smoker said "Impossible!! it is impossible to touch smoke!" Nova pushed the fist away and replied "I know all forms of Haki and have honed my Devil Fruit! In your current state you are no match for me! I was raised by Monkey D. Dragon!! I refuse to lose to such a weakling who is only tough because of his Devil Fruit!!", Enraged by what Nova said Smoker had completely lost it and pulled out his jutte to attack Nova, not knowing it was made of sea stone Nova thought he would just allow it to go through him, unfortunately Nova was blown flying toward's a building and sent smashing through the wall!! Smoker frowned in anger and yelled "how dare you talk about comparison's of strength! your an idiot! I will take you in and your crew!", Nova got back up and coughed blood, he had taken a bit of damage although he thought to himself 'I guess that's what I get for trying to show off . . . I wonder where exactly Drake and Leo are? . . .' just as he had started walking toward's Smoker he noticed a marine fly past his face, then looked to his left hand side and saw none other than Leo holding his staff! Leo yelled to Nova "I CAN'T TOUCH LOGIA'S SO HE'S ALL YOUR'S!!! I GOT YOUR BACK AGAINST THE MARINE'S THOUGH!!" then smiled, gave a thumb's up and winked, Nova was happy to see that Leo was okay. Then there was a big explosion from his right hand side, Drake walked through the burning corridor's that used to be a mansion in his heavy black armor and yelled to Nova "OH COME ON!! I EXPECTED MORE FROM MY CAPTAIN!! DON'T WORRY I GOT THESE SMALLFRY" then he too gave a thumb's up and an evil red glare through his helmet toward's the marine's. Nova was extatic to see both his comrade's and turned around to face smoker, but to his rage he saw Rose being choked by Smoker.

Nova was enraged by what he saw happening, Nova was filled with anger! He clenched his fist's and started walking toward's Smoker who had seen him and dropped Rose leaving her unconscious, two marines ran toward's Nova but he just blew them both to the ground within the blink of an eye. Still furious he slammed his clenched right hand on a building next to him which reacted as if an explosion had hit it but shown no fire, the building was blown away as if it were a mere stone. Smoker rocketed toward's Nova with his jutte preparing to hit Nova down for the last time, however, Nova was not going to allow that to happen. Smoker was rocketing forward with Nova in sight, but then, he blinked. The moment Smoker had blinked he saw Nova had dissappeared! but then he felt a chill down his spine as he heard a voice right behind him saying "This was over the moment you harmed my NAKAMA!!!" and as he yelled the word nakama he grabbed Smoker's head in mid air! and as he held Smoker's head his hand started to glow as he slammed Smoker's head to the ground shaking the very earth itself he said smoothly "Hikaru Hikaru Execution. . ." and all that was seen was a huge shine from inbetween the hand of Nova and the face of Smoker, Leo and Drake looked toward's Nova and roared with joy!! Nova lifted his hand to see a fatally injured Smoker out cold on the floor, he then said "I am sorry for the destruction of this ground and building's, this battle was over the moment you blinked this is the difference in our power .. . become stronger . . . and then face me in the NEW WORLD!!!", after that he walked to Rose who had woken up but was still hurt, he lifted her up in his arm's and took her to her family at the bed and breakfast so that she may quickly say her farewell and leave loguetown.

2 Hours later Smoker had awoken in hospital, he quickly took the wires connected to him off and looked out of the hospital window to see the SkyGlider sailing off, he looked closer to see Nova smiling at his direction and then saw that Nova was saluting him off. Smoker enraged by getting defeated coughed up blood from stressing his body too much, his vice came in and got him back into bed. After that the doctor came in and told Smoker what happened after he was defeated, he was told that 30 minutes after leaving Nova came back and dropped him off here. He gave then gave the hospital 30,000,000 beli and told them to give Smoker his farewell's, Smoker then laid his head back down, smiled and closed his eyes thinking "So that was Nova the blur . . well . . i guess im still not strong enough to beat a revolutionary of that level . . . Farewell . . Nova Blade." and began to sleep. Meanwhile, back on the ship, Nova yelled to his crew "RIGHT!! Let's go show that grand line who's boss!!". Leo replied with a "FINALLY!!" and bumped his fist's together, Drake said "Let us get stronger! TOGETHER!!" and Rose simply giggled and said "Well then, let's get going shall we?". They then set sail for the Grand Line where who know's what adventure's lie ahead for them.

The Recruiting of Brother and Sister

Three days after the chaos that had ensued at Logue Town and the ride through to the Grand Line, the crew were all taking it easy (as usual). Nova was on the mast using binocular's to stare down at Rose who was sunbathing in a bikini she had. Drake had fallen asleep sat on the deck so Leo had decided to play a prank, he decided to tie Drake to the highest point on the ship, so he stood on Nova's head (who was still oblivious as he was watching Rose) and quickly tied Drake up. Meanwhile, Rose, was fully aware of Nova staring at her body so she decided to get up and walk into the captain's quarter's, Nova was upset that she spoiled his fun so he jumped down from the mast and started walking toward's the front of the ship, but then he fell flat on his face as Rose had thrown a book at his head, he was sparked out and there were little chicken's floating around his head. Rose took this opportunity to grab Nova's leg and drag him into the quarter's, she then quickly slammed the door and all that was heard was Nova shout "WAIT!! DON'T TOUCH THAT!! AHhh . . . . I think i like it!!". Leo on the other hand was getting a cold chill as the air started to get cold and it started to snow, he decided to let Drake down so that they could warm up in the cabin and play some chess, however he noticed that Drake was not there, he also noticed that it had gotten dark where he was stood he turned around to see Drake stood high in front of him in his hybrid form, he then said "OH SHI!" then was interupted by Drake who had grabbed him and decided to tie him to the 'LANCE TO HARPOON CONVERSION!' but unfortunately after 10 minutes of flailing Leo into the water he decided to forgive him and untied him. He then walked into the cabin shortly followed by Leo, Drake then lit a fire in the small fireplace while Leo wrapped himself in a towel. They then began to play chess.

1 hour later, Nova get's out of his bed and leave's Rose, who is sleeping on the other side. He head's onto the deck and stand's beside Drake who is already at the front looking ahead. Nova then say's to Drake "We are here . . . the island of . . . Blizzaros" but then before he could finish he is interupted by Drake sneezing. Nova turn's to look at him and see's him without his helmet and icicles dangling from his nose and shivering, he then say's "COLD!!" and shiver's then to be hugged by Rose who is wrapped in blanket's, she then whisper's in Nova's ear "Sorry babe, but no way in hell am I going on that island!" she is then gone and all that is heard is a slam of a door. Nova then turn's toward's Drake and say's "Looks like its just us aaaaaaaand your gone" as he notice's Drake no longer stood there and hear's another slam of the door. Leo then walk's out and yell's "Look's like it's just us! Time for some bonding! So . . who are we here for!?" walking in his usual outfit with a rucksack and his stick in his hand's. Nova then laugh's and replies "We are here to recruit a musician and shipwright! Mountain Mike! and Scarlett Kennedy!", Leo then laughed jumped of the ship and onto the island and said "Let's get going then!". They then set off toward's the first and only town on Blizzaros island while Drake and Rose stayed on the ship unwilling to leave the warmth.

As they started walking across the frozen island, it was all silent until Leo got bored, he asked Nova "Why is Drake afraid of pineapples? I mean . . . . spider's or the dark is ok but . . . PINEAPPLES?!?!" then burst out laughing. Nova replied "Let's just say I threw a pineapple at him and accidentally almost killed him . . . ." and then sighed, then turned to his side to see Leo was no longer there. He looked behind him to see Leo rolling in the snow crying of laughter shouting "DEATH BY PINEAPPLE!? THAT'S A GOOD ONE!!!". Nova then sighed and thought 'why did he have to be the only one to come along' and then shouted "COME ON!! OR DO YOU WANT TO HAVE A FEAR OF SNOWBALL'S!!!" and then was shocked by the fact that Leo was far ahead of him shouting "SIR YES SIR LET'S GET GOING!!!" he then bumped into a giant figure, he looked up to see a man's face and turned to Nova and shouted "CAPTAIN!? Who's ass am I about to be kicking?" and then jumped as Nova replied right beside him saying "This is Mountain Mike! our future shipwright! and if anything your ass would probably get kicked. . . not his". Mountain Mike then looked down to see them both and said "Step aside! I have an iceburg to collect!" he then continued to move forward until he was stopped by Nova's hand, Nova said to him "I am Nova Blade! the former revolutionary and current captain of the Skyline Pirates! and the reason I am here is for you! and Scarlett Kennedy!". Mountain Mike looked at him angrily and said "She will not be tainted by the likes of a pirate that will be crushed by me!", Meanwhile Leo was looking at them both sat on the closest iceburg and shouted to Nova "THE YETI LOOK'S ANGRY!! I THINK I WILL JUST CHILL HERE!!" he then waved and smiled at Nova. Nova then looked back to Mountain Mike and said "How about we make an agreement? If I defeat you, then both you and Scarlett join me? If you become a member of my crew then . . . I WILL LAY MY LIFE DOWN TO MAKE SURE YOU ARE BOTH SAFE!!!", Mountain Mike looked down at Nova who was still stood there and said "Very well . . . only if you defeat me though . . . no devil fruit's either!!". Nova then replied "Come then!".

Mike smiled as he stomped his foot on the ground, Leo heard a rumble and looked behind to see an avalanche 10 feet tall about to hit him! he then yelled "OH SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!" as he was caught in the avalanche! Nova then looked to see a small board shaped ice shard on top of the avalanche, he jumped up without using his devil fruit power's and landed on the shard of ice! he began to surf the avalanche and was a few metres away from colliding with Mike who was just stood there as if it were just a bath, he then fired the shard at Mike's face using his feet, Mike smirked and headbutted the shard! shattering it to pieces! Only to his shock he then opened his eye's seeing Nova flying toward's him! Nova headbutted him as hard as he could blowing Mike away! Nova then landed on his two feet with a lump on his head he yelled "AH DAMMIT!! SHOULD OF THOUGHT THAT THROUGH!" and rubbed the lump. He then walked over to Mike and helped him up and said "Look's like I won, WELCOME TO MA CREW!" they where then interupted by a voice that was shouting in the distance "HELP . . . HIT . . . BUTT . . . PLEASE!!. . . " realising it was Leo, Mike looked at Nova and said "Please dont make me hit his butt, I am not gay" Nova laughed and said "I think he need's help!" they then ran toward's the voice and to Nova's amusement Leo's leg's were sticking out and flailing about! Nova started crying of laughter as Mike pulled out Leo who began to swing his fist's saying "I AINT BEING EATEN BY NO YETI!! NOT TODAY!! LET ME GO" Mike looked at him confused and thought 'Ok' and dropped him, Leo landed on his butt and yelled "WHY THE HELL DID YOU LET ME GO!!" Mike then just sighed and told Nova that he's heading to the town to get his stuff and ask Scarlett to join, Nova then began to follow and so did Leo. Leo said to Nova "I take it you won?" and the Nova simply replied with a thumb's up.

After a long and cold journey they reached the village, Nova and Leo walked into the bar called 'YETIS CAVINN' Nova sat down on the floor and Leo looked at him with a confused expression, then a spotlight shined on a stage at front. Then all that was heard was Mike say "Hello lover boy's" then Leo felt a cold chill down his spine and shouted "NOOOOOO!! SEE NOVA THIS IS WHAT HAPPEN'S WHEN YOU RECRUIT YETI'S THEY TURN OUT QUEER NOOOOOOOO!! I DON'T WANT TO BE IN A RELATIONSHIP WITH A YETI!!" he then huddled in a corner and started murmuring only to his happiness a girl walked out, she then said in Mike's voice "SO!! your the dooshbag Mike lost to? DAMMIT!!" Mike then appeared and looked at her pointing at Leo in the corner who looked quite happy and then whispered in her ear, Leo interupted everything by then shouting "WHAT THE HELL!! HOW DO YOU SPEAK LIKE HIM!? HE ISNT GOING TO GO ALL GIRLY NOW RIGHT?! IM SO CONFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUSED!!!!" Nova then laughed and told Leo about the Devil Fruit she had eaten allowing her to mimic other people's voices, they where then interupted by the girl who spoke in Leo's voice saying "Hello, My name is Leo, and I like pink bunny rabbit's with wonderful dresses!" Leo then realised she was mocking him and shouted "WHAT THE HELL!! THATS IT!! PREPARE FOR A BEATDOWN DOCTOR STYLE!!!" Nova then held Leo back while Mike did the same with the girl, they both had angry anime expression's on their face's. The girl then noticed Nova, she then stopped coughed a little and spoke in a voluptuous feminin voice "Hey there hot stuff, My name is Scarlett! and by what pleeeaasurreeee do I have of meeting you?" Mike then noticed her blushing and then whispered in her ear once again. She then immediatly appeared right next in front of both Leo and Nova and shouted in her normal voice "MUSICIAN SCARLETT KENNEDY AT YOUR SERVICE!! SO? WHERE ARE WE GOING?!" Nova and Mike laughed while Leo sighed and then Nova replied "WE ARE GOING ON AN ADVENTURE!! GLAD YOU AND MIKE COULD JOIN US!!" both Nova and Leo waited for an hour while Mike and Scarlett got their things. They were all finally ready and left the pub only to their shock, they were completely surrounded by marine's!!

Both Leo and Nova smiled while Mountain Mike stood firm and Scarlett ran around him shouting "don't shoot me don't shoot me don't shoot me don't shoot me don't shoot me!!". Nova went to pull his katana from its sheathe but was stopped by both Leo's wooden staff and Mike's axe, he was impressed when they both looked at him and said "Don't worry Cap'n . . we got these smallfry take Scarlett to the ship". Mountain Mike through his axe toward's a building in which marine sniper's were placed on top and completely destroyed the building, while Leo was jumping over and sliding under marines hitting them on the head and butt shouting " HAHA!! Waaay to slow for me!" and then sliced his staff through the air sending tons of marines flying. Nova grabbed onto Scarlett who was sat down feeling dizzy and began to travel at light speed to the Skyglider while Scarlett said "OOH . . feeling frisky are we?" in Leo's voice, Nova then looked at her and tied his scarf across her mouth and bounding her arms, he then said "Please don't do that . . you will give me nightmares. . . . weird weird nightmares" and then shivered a bit. After reaching the Skyglider he then unbound her, and then recieved a whack on the head. Drake walked out and started laughing shouting "OUR CAPTAIN GOT DOWNED BY A GIRL!! HAHAHA!!" he then started pointing while laughing, Scarlett then turned to him and gave him an evil stare before stomping on his foot and punching him in the face while pretending to yawn, Nova then began to laugh and the cycle went on for 10 minutes until Rose walked out, Scarlett then walked beside her and said "Hi, My name is Phil . . I'm your new 1st Mate" in Mountain Mike's voice, Rose then shouted "NONONONONONONONONONONONONONONOOOOOOO!" and ran back into the captain quarter's, Scarlett, Drake and Nova all looked at each other until Drake suddenly shouted "REALLY!! HE I MEAN SHE WAIT THATS REPLACING ME!!" Scarlett laughed and so did Nova, until they heard a shout from Leo who had just jumped on the ship with Mike saying "NO YOU DUMBASS!! SHE IS OUR MUSICIAN AND THIS FINE YETI HERE IS OUR NEW SHIPWRIGHT!!". Nova, Mike and Scarlett laughed while Drake said "oh.", Leo then asked "Where is Rose?", Nova replied "She ran into my quarters when scarlett told her that shes the new first mate in your voice. . . i'll go set things straight . .", Leo then replied "Oh . . . WAIT!! . . MY VOICE!?!?! NO WAY!! . . I CHALLENGE YOU TO A PRANK COMPETITION!! WHOEVER PRANKS THEIR TARGET THE BEST WINS!!" Scarlett then replied to him with fire in her eyes "HELL YEAH!! BET I CAN PRANK ROSE BETTER THAN YOU CAN PRANK DRAKE!!!". Drake then spat out the hot chocolate he had began to drink and shouted "WHAT!?!?". Meanwhile, Nova walked into his quarter's and heard Rose say "Uh oh . . I just felt a sudden chill. . ". Nova then laughed again grabbed hold of her pulling her close to him and said "Don't worry, she's our musician, She'll explain her Devil Fruit later, also we now have a Giant man as our shipwright! I've been busy! So! . . Where are we headed next my beautiful Navigator?" Rose then smiled at him, gave him a quick kiss and replied "We are headed to the home of Bane Shotman and Primo Afro! the next on your list of recruit's! We are headed. . . to . . GUNTOWN!!".

Meeting Lucifer . . The Fallen Angel!!

Lucifer meets Nova

Gunned Down in Guntown!

After the incident's at Blizzaros, The Sky Glider was never the same calm environment it used to be . . because now all Nova could hear was Drake yelling angrily and chasing Leo all over the place for painting his armor pink while he was sleeping and Rose was chasing Scarlett for strutting around in her clothes mocking her. The only person who was quiet was Mountain Mike although that suddenly changed when he yelled "ISLAND IN SIGHT" suddenly there was a thud then Nova looked off the side of his ship and saw they had docked on the beach, he turned to Mike and said "A bit late weren't ya?" Mike looked at him smirked at him and said "My binocular's were the wrong way round!" Nova laughed and jumped off the ship. Rose followed and told him "Guntown is to the west of here" he turned around to watch Mike jump off shaking the ground as he landed on his feet, Scarlett jumping down onto Mike's shoulder, Leo was seen flying up to the clouds and Drake jump down wiping his hand's together saying "Got the stupid bugger" then they began walking west but were stopped as Leo landed on his butt right in front of them. They all laughed and Nova helped Leo up, they then started heading west. On their way Drake asked Nova "Why are we on this island anyway? aren't we supposed to be sailing through the grand line? not stopping on every island we pass!?" before Nova could reply Rose yelled to them all "ALRIGHT!! WE ARE HERE TO HOPEFULLY RECRUIT TWO OF THE BEST SHARPSHOOTER'S ON THIS PLANET THAT ARE CURRENTLY LOCATED IN GUNTOWN!!! THEIR NAMES ARE PRIMO AFRO!! AND BANE SHOTMAN!!" she then lowered her tone and said "We also need supplies, Hopefully the marines have not gotten there first, so if you meet them you bring them to Nova, no Drake dead is not acceptable and no Leo you are not aloud to hit on the women, DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR?!?" Nova, Leo, Drake and Mike simultaneously stood at attention and said "MA'AM YES MA'AM!" meanwhile Scarlett was snickering and just watched them. They all then marched toward's Guntown, little did they know what was already going on.

Suddenly Mountain Mike and Leo both stopped, Nova looked back and asked them what's wrong, Leo and Mike simultaneously replied "No one is protecting the ship! . . It's a sitting target!" Nova smiled and replied "Well then . . I guess you both can protect it!!" They both smiled and high fived yelling "Aye aye captain!!". Nova then caught up to Rose, Drake and Scarlett who were just exiting the forest and into guntown, a town with tavern's and buildings on either side, in a long row, however their was already fighting going on. Bullet's where flying all over! Marines were falling through windows shot and mercenaries were clashing with pirates and in amongst it all were two men stood high with fallen men surrounded around them! One was shooting mercenaries with machine pistols while the other was smoking surrounded by sharpshooting mercenaries. Then Nova yelled "THERE YOU ARE!!" as he yelled he disappeared with a bright light and everyone but the two men fell! Nova then appeared in front of them and before he could speak they both aimed their guns toward his head. Nova laughed and said "I'm not here to hurt you! I'm here because I know everything about you! Your bounties! Your adventures! everything! I've wanted to meet you two for a long time! Bane and Primo!! THE WORLDS BEST MARKSMEN!!" he then looked at them wondering what they would say but then Primo said "HAHA! nice to know the great Nova Blade know's of us!! I've heard your quite powerful!! Wanna fight me!!" Nova laughed and place his hand on his blade, he then said to Primo "Shoot me where ever you like! If I can cut the bullet without moving my body but only my blade will you join my crew?" Primo pulled out his customized desert eagle and shouted "I was planning on joining you anyway! In your crew my reputation as the fastest trigger finger in the world will actually spread! DEAL!!" he then prepared to shoot but was stopped by Bane who said "Hold it mate . . WE will join only if you can block ALL of our shot's!! are gun's as a duo are able to fire a maximum of 500 bullets before reloading 100 being Primo's and 200 for each of my G18 pistol's!! If you can block them all, then we will join your crew!" Nova smirked at them while Rose looked worried and Scarlett began to play her banjo, Meanwhile Drake was sat on the top of a tavern thinking 'this is gunna be fun!'. Then Nova closed his eyes and pulled his sword, he then opened them to see hundred's of bullets already flying toward's his head he drew his sword and began to cut up each and every one of them using his speed! he then placed his sword back in its sheathe and saw that Bane was laughing! he then realised that there was one bullet left as he had counted each one he sliced! he then stood tall and told Bane "Fire your last bullet then! i will stop it with my hand!". Meanwhile, Scarlett was sat on a branch eating popcorn she found from one of the building's and Primo had sat next to Drake and they were having a conversation! Rose however was just checking for any marine's or mercenaries waking up. Bane then said "there is no need. I already know of your strength when I read about you guy's defeating Smoker! Both me and Primo never believed that it took the four of you to defeat him, we knew that Rose was unconscious and Drake and Leo were fighting marine's. In fact you could say that we have been following you since then! we were on a contract to take out a corrupted official amongst the marines of logue town . . but after we saw what you guys did! well we have wanted to see if we could join you ever since!" Nova, Rose and Scarlett all smiled at the same time while both Primo and Drake knuckle bumped. Nova then yelled "Let's get going then!". The grabbed some supplies from the town and began walking to the ship.

They then walked onto the beach to see Leo was buried in the sand with just his head poking out! Scarlett then bent down by him and whispered "You annoyed Mountain Mike this time didn't you?" and giggled, Leo then replied "I think i'm going to stick with annoying Drake . ." Drake then looked at him and climbed the ship. Nova had just got on the ship to see everyone but Leo and Primo on their! He looked down to see Primo trying to pull Leo out by his head with Leo shouting "OW!OW!OW!OW!" Rose then scarily looked at Mike and said "Help Primo get Leo out so we can all get going! The next island is a while away and I don't want the supplies to go low again!" Mike looked at her and thought 'Sheesh, she's really scaring for such a short women' He then jumped off the ship and pulled Leo out. Primo looked at Mike in awe and said "Are you a Yeti?" Leo then began to cry of laughter while Mike shouted "IM NOT A FREAKING YETI!! IM HALF GIANT FOR GOODNESS SAKE!!!" Everyone in the crew then began to laugh including Mike and they welcomed Bane and Primo into the crew like family. They then set off for the next island!

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