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Personality and Relationships
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Nova Blade
Manga - Anime


Japanese Name: 新星 ブレード
Romanized Name: Shinsei burēdo
English Name: Nova Blade
First Appearance: New Horizon! Chapter 1
Affiliations: Blade (Family);
The Skyline Pirates
Occupations: Pirate; Captain; Revolutionary Army (Former)
Epithet: The Blur (ブラー Burā?);
The World's Fastest Pirate (世界最速の海賊 Sekai saisoku no kaizoku?)
Japanese VA: Toshio Furukawa;
Daisuke Sakaguchi (Young)
4kids English VA: Frank Frankson
Funi English VA: Eric Vale
Age: 27 (Debut)
29 (after timeskip)
Birthday: August 2nd
Height: 195cm (6'5")
Bounty: Bsymbol10???,???,???
strong points:
Devil Fruit
Japanese Name: Hika Hika no Mi
English Name: Shine-Shine Fruit
Meaning: Shine
Type: Logia


"I have seen it all, I've seen the dark, I've seen the brightness in one little spark, I've seen what I chose and I've seen what I need, and that is enough, to want more would be greed. I've seen what I was, and I know what I'll be, I've seen it all, there is no more to see."

- Nova Blade

Nova is an odd man. His personality has been split into two completely different ones, this is shown from the major difference between his personality as a Revolutionary commander and as a Pirate Captain. Below is the explanation and in depth description of Nova Blades personality as a Revolutionary Commander, alongside his current personality as Captain of the Skyline Pirates.

As a Revolutionary

As a Revolutionary, Nova was formal and reserved. 'Cool' as some would put but he preferred it this way as it made him the 'expected soldier', he was emotionally stable and mature. Often acting older than he actually was. He faced reality calmly but did tend to be forceful on some approaches. He liked to be the dominant force, however in some cases Phoenix Redfox was able to make him submissive or docile. Mainly to avoid conflict he would act rather humble, but when leading on missions this was not the case.

Nova was also very serious about what he did, he was roughly quite introspective and often silent or he'd restrain himself from what he could and should say. During his time as a revolutionary he became very dutiful and conscientious, always following whatever orders and/or rules that were placed before him by Dragon or Kuma. This built him up to be moralistic, defining his own rights from wrongs. He also became venturesome and socially bold always speaking to those when necessary, making sure he is not too bold as too disrespect a person. He shows good mannerism and respect to even his enemies, this was shown during the "Sky Island" mission. Where even though he was face to face with his presumed target, he still showed formalities.

Nova was tough minded and self reliant, he rarely took any nonsense. Mainly because of the fact he was the leader in the Revolutionaries strongest trio, comprived of himself, Static Dyson and Phoenix Redfox. He used this fact to gain respect from the revolutionary troops and even from marines. However, Static was able to bring out the more . . . . intuitive side of Nova, causing Nova and Static to brawl alot. They were however 'to the fortune of everyone else' quelled or sterilized by Phoenix, who seemed to be somewhat of the referee between the trio. While staying at the Revolutionary headquarters, Nova was rather trusting, unsuspecting, accepting and easy in his own vigilance. He never once suspected an attempted assasination on him or his comrades, and felt completely safe whilst staying there. But whilst on a mission, he was ever vigilant, suspicious, skeptical and distrustful. Never sleeping because of the fact that during his mission, he was taught that anything could happen. As he was told to be ever vigilant when roaming the world, he has become it. And can never rest unless he was assured that powerful allies are near him. Despite not telling them, he respects Static and Phoenix for their powers and is always trying to get his apprentice (a few years before his leave, but from Novas age of 18. Daemon was put as Nova's apprentice) Daemon D. Blaze to learn some things about survival and how to harness his Logia prowess. As Nova was supremely busy at most times.

Nova could be somewhat imaginative, but grounded. He was steady and conventional trying to overthink the simplest of things to ensure zero casualties. And always trying to maintain one hundred percent focus to avoid mishaps and mistakes. During his fights in the revolutionaries, he was very creative and used the surroundings to gain the upper hand against his opponents if he is not using his Devil Fruit against his opponent. But when it came to privacy, Nova was discreet, wordly and rather private. Often hiding his own business and plans from anyone and almost everyone. Not even Dragon would know what Nova thought at times, despite the fact they were so close. It is presumed to be the same with Kuma, despite their immense friendship Nova and Kuma were very secretive to one another aswell. Although they are slightly more open with each other than other people. Nova is also slightly open towards Phoenix and Static, acting genuinely involved.

Nova is very self-assured, complacent and confident in himself thanks to the power of the Hika Hika no Mi, and his training throughout his life. The immense complexities of problems given to him had made him very highly intelligent and calculative, often allowing him to feel secure over the fact he is able to solve problems with ease. But he is quite guilt prone, this was shown after he killed Kiba, an innocent Skypiean whose life was as a sensei to children. His guilt was shown during the near end scene of the "Sky Island" mission, where he offered his own life to pay debt for that of which he had taken, showing he can be quite prideful whilst honest.

Nova is however open to change, he likes to be experimental and free thinking. He likes to have a flexible flow, this was shown by the fact he was rearing to become a pirate after so many years of doing the same thing for the revolutionaries. His openness to change can also be expressed through his choice of crewmembers and the fact that he kept recruiting one after the other, changing from scythe to sword to hand to sword and then to sword and gun. It was showed that he had become attached to the members though, and never wanted to let them go. This was shown during the Revenge arc of Nova's life, where he hunted down and killed the Génesi̱ Mi̱dén, ultimately avenging his first proper love. Although a few months after that, his openness to change was shown again as he had found a second love, in Phoenix Redfox. A fellow Blade Islander and the closest friend of Nova since Bartholomew Kuma's unprecise death.

Nova partaked quite fluently in self reliance, always thinking the motto "You want something done, you gotta do it yourself.". It was this way that Nova was able to sustain casualties whilst on missions, however this was not the case during Daemon's first mission with him, where Daemon had lost his eye because of a fatal mistake made on Nova's part, where he relied on Daemon's power to assist them both, but the enemy was already aware of their presence, and aware of Daemons Power along with haki. It was mainly this reason that Nova became resourceful, individualistic and self reliant. To many of his comrades displeasing as they themselves would rely on him, but one could not rely on someone who only relies on themselves. He became very organised and self disciplined, exacting his willpower and overall controlled his own thoughts. He was also very tense, filled with high energy and became impatient, often urging Dragon to place missions on Nova despite his lack of rest.

However, as a revolutionary. He was still a very respected and practical man and boy. There was not a single revolutionary that had no respect for him, this is shown because of everything he did for the Revolutionaries throughout his life, dedicating himself to them. They were sad when he left them, but were overall overjoyed to see that he was doing something to make himself happy and not others. They were proud and Dragon then truelly classed him as a Man.

After leaving the Revolutionaries and becoming a Pirate, he became somewhat fanatical about food, he finds an all you can eat as a personal challenge all though he tends to go bonkers at anyone who dares disturb his 'meditation' which is his classification of eating, if a person tends to ignore him he likes to throw stuff at them to get there attention, from small things like twig's to larger things such as trees although he does not tend to understand how much it hurts as he has hardly ever been hit. All in all he tends to daze off at the sky and imagine different things, he likes to drink and have an all round laugh no matter what, his favourite food would be Sea King meat, whenever a sea king attacks his ship he is focusing more on how it will be eaten than how they are going to defeat it. When none of his crew are around or one of his most trusted friend's is talking to him, he will show a highly intelligent and more responsible personality, he will become much more serious and will speak as if he knows all about the world, he call's his other personality an act so that he has a crew of happy strong people who will go to the end of the world with him however it is almost certain that this is his genuine personality and not an act.

Nova is genuinly a warm, easy-going and attentive person, always defending the name of his previous comrades and teachers despite those who may mock him. He has no vanity as he shows no concern or anger to those who mock him, he finds it amusing that the only way they can cheer themselves up is too down someone else. Nova unlike many pirates actually like people, and is participating to events and games, this is shown during the Secret's Arc, where Primo joyfully enters a marksman competition and despite not being a marksman, Nova tries to enter aswell just for the joy of a challenge.

As a Pirate

As a Captain, Nova is genuinely attentive to others, and overall likes most people. Shown by the fact he allies himself with numerous different pirates. He is warm and eternally outgoing, never staying in the same place for too long, this is displayed by the fact he became a pirate. As alot of them are on the move, whereas Nova spent a lot of time at the Revolutionary headquarters on Baltigo. He is kind and very easy going, this is shown when he offers Tarakudo a place in the crew despite beating him unconscious days before. Even going as far as to provide him with a medical bed on the SkyGlider. Nova is a very warm person, with numerous pirates and/or marines gaining respect for him just because he is the way he is.

Nova is also quite the abstract thinker, he tends to conceptualize and generalise, understanding that each concept can have multiple meanings. He can see patterns beyond the obvious and is able to use those patterns or a variety of concrete ideas and clues to solve larger problems. His way of thinking can be described with a simple example, for instance where one would normally look at a painting of the ocean and the clear sky and interpret it as a simple picture of the beach, Nova would look at it as a representation of the sea at its most beautiful hour, portraying the beauty of a simple day and conclude that the painter of it wanted to celebrate the joys and beauty of life. It practically helps Nova to "Think outside the box." and allows him a richer conceptual understanding. This kind of thinking has proven Nova to be more intelligent than most people, despite giving off the aura of someone with a lower general mental capacity, often displaying his truelly keen intellect on disclosed subjects with close friends of his, such as Leo, Drake, Rose and/or Silver. Nova has adapted to become a fast learner and thinks with a higher general mental capacity. His reasoning is superb as he is recognised as a rather bright man by his friends and aquaintances.

Due to Nova's attachment to his crew, he has become quite reactive emotionally. This is shown during the fact that after Rose Diamond's death, he had went absolutely mental and went on a rampage defeating and murdering the Mercenary/Marine Squad known as Génesi̱ Mi̱dén. Then proceeding to take his own life but was stopped in a large and full scale clash with Phoenix Redfox and Static Dyson, utterly being defeated and regaining his sanity. However this factor was shown when it came to his crewmembers, he had become easily upset and less emotionally stable. But, Nova is normally still adaptive and calmly faces reality with ease. Often teaching other Pirates lessons in morale and/or bravado despite himself being affected by feelings easily. Unfortunately, after becoming a pirate Nova's emotional stability had lessened, making him fairly fragile.

Nova is also quite deferential, this is most shown to his crew members. Where one would make a simple request to visit their home island, he would yield to the request of his friend because he is very respectful. Nova tends to show alot of honor to those noticeably older than him, such as Edward Newgate and Monkey D. Dragon. He is also quite cooperative, displaying great skill in teamwork alongside his crew the Skyline Pirates. It would be completely incorrect to state that Nova avoids conflict as after becoming a pirate, he tends to get in it a ittle too often. Fighting with famous Pirates such as Monster, Chimera and even 2nd God. However it isn't all bad, as he is quite humble and docile towards friendlier pirates, like Jolly D. Chris and Corey Talbain. Nova can also be stubborn and competitive at times, this is shown when he would not fight Roronoa Senshi regardless of her persistence. His competitive side is also slightly shown during the Skylines vs Marines!! A Fight at the Speed of Light!! story, where they have a very big drinking competition.

Since becoming a pirate Nova had become very lively and animated, this is shown to his very cloud 9ish attitude. Where recruiting mummy's and throwing deadly pineapples at peoples head's considered normal. Nova tends to have a spontaneous and happy go lucky attitude, often saying random things doing even more random things and generally acting quite spontaneous. This is best shown when Nova and crew discovered a Marine base inside a mountain, where instead of turning around and going back or investigating further. Nova instead convinced Primo Afro that it's the Mountain's insides (I.e. stomach and such) and then sat on top of the large metal rod staring off into the sky. Nova is almost always cheerful and expressive often displaying his happiness in front of the crew and it reflects on the people around him. Often filling those around him with joy and/or relief because of his high level of positive affect.

Due to the fact he now has complete freedom, Nova has built a disregard for rules. This is shown by his choice to become a pirate, the very center of rule breaking. Although he is still quite moralistic, his dutiful feeling towards rules has disappeared and in its place is Nova's own judgement. If he chooses that something is right then he will act on it, but if it is wrong he will act against it. Despite which way, he will act on it. The only difference being whether his act is positive or negative.

Nova has a very venturous spirit, and has been a venturesome explorer since becoming a pirate. Often being portrayed as the most daring of contemporary people. He has been shown to be willing to try new things and take risks. This is shown when he accepts a tournament invitation from a complete stranger without even thinking on it. He enjoys taking self hazardous risks but can be very cautious when it becomes risky/hazardous for his crew. Nova is also socially bold which is the very opposite of shy, willing to risk shame and/or rejection in social situations and is also willing to bend rules of etiquette or politeness. This does not necessarily make him obnoxious, but he is also partially thick skinned as he is not easily offended. But rather quite difficultly offended when it comes to himself, his crew is a different matter. He is also quite uninhibited, showing that he is not embaressed about showing or saying the way he feels at all. He can occasionally behave in an uncontrolled way, showing that he is not limited, or restricted.

Nova can at times be quite tender minded, this is mainly shown when his crew is insulted. As instead of laughing or shrugging it off like Shanks, Nova would instead follow up with an uppercut to the person's face, quite often enraged by insults. He can also be sentimental, this is mainly show with his emotions to Rose Diamond and later on after the timeskip also Phoenix Redfox. Where he shows that he can be quite romantic, and very lovey dovey towards them. Often buying them jewelry and clothing, aswell as taking photos and other sentimental things. However as a pirate, Nova somehow became tough minded and self reliant. It was through this own method of sensitivity that he could ensure himself that none of his friends and crew could ever come to harm from one of his acts. Therefore he relies on himself mainly. Nova is quite intuitive using his feelings as the truth, even without conscious reasoning he is able to deter right from wrong with his own feelings. He can also occasionally become quite refined, acting elegant and cultured in appearance, manner and taste the main noticeable thing is his sence of freedom from impurities.

Nova is quite trusting of his own crew, and the occasional ally. But that is the furthest his trust spreads, as after leaving the Revolutionaries and becoming a Pirate, Nova's distrustful nature towards the world stayed almost the same. As he has become slightly more accepting and easy-going. He is still ever vigilant towards enemies, always sleeping with one eye open. However, his skeptical and distrustful nature is rarely shown, and is only brought out of Nova when he is alone. It was revealed that Nova also has suspicions of his own crew, however this is easily quelled when his feelings towards his crew become unconditional. Meaning his judgement on them being good and pure in his eyes become absolute. However he is unsuspecting of his friends and crew, meaning he is not suspicious of any of them at all, showing his trust in them. His accepting nature has often taken on life and death situations just for the sake of saving a crewmembers loved one (Senshi and Silver for example) and has even gone to the extreme of watching his friend get beaten half to death, just because of their wish to be left alone to fight the opponent (Reference to Drake vs Meka). And often agrees to take responsibility for others faults. This is most noteable during the Supreme War, where in exchange for his surrender he asks that the Skyline Pirates bounties be dropped to zero and that the marines leave them to themselves. To which the marines hesitantly accept as they needed information that Nova possesed and knew escape was easy for him.

Nova is quite abstract minded, in which he has shown thoughts apart from the concrete realities that face him, or actual instances. He mainly concentrates on the essential qualities of anything more extensive or more general, or of several things. Nova tends to show a low level of attention that can often be classed as 'Blanking' or 'zoning out', however he is actually paying intense attention to a single object of focus that makes him oblivious to events around him. His absent mindedness is often shown through his boredom and/or sleepiness which Nova can occasionally experience in his usual pirate life, which can often result in a lapse of long term memory. He is very imaginative, this is displayed when quickly thinks of the Marine base inside the mountain being the blood of the mountain and convinces Primo that mountains are alive and has feelings. Another display of his imaginative nature is his choice of life. Becoming a Captain of a Pirate crew after being one of the highest ranking members in the Revolutionaries. Showing that rankings mean nothing to him also. He is incredibly absorbed in ideas and can be quite impractical, this is shown when he tries to refloat a sunken ship which proves to be a waste of time.

Nova is a genuine person. He is quite characterized by honesty and fairness making him quite the guileless person. Nova tends to give a forthright praise, meaning he is quite direct and straightforward with what it is he says, he can also be somewhat forthright with his criticism, despite how he lacks the critical mind to judge another, when it comes to criticism Nova is direct and frankly to the point. Nova can be naive a times despite his worldly experiences and understanding nature. Nova tends to avoid acting pretentious and is more or less an unpretentious person, often displaying a sense of degrading himself, bringing his high intellectual manner out in an unsophisticated way, portraying himself as an idiot. Nova tends to get involved in anything possible, and enjoys it when he is. This is shown when he alone out of his crew enter an anonymous and suspicious tournament, that turned out to be hosted by a member of the marines, the crew's enemy. However, Nova tends to show almost utter artlessness in his privacy, lacking shrewdness.

Nova is also quite self assured, displaying confidence in his own worth. He displays poise in company, a dignified, self-confident manner. He has also become rather unworried, being neither anxious nor uneasy. This was best displayed during the tournament he entered, that at the time was hosted by Luther Samson, a marine who chose to remain anonymous at the time. Whilst in the tournament, despite it being a trap Nova still displayed his lack of worrying and showed a rather poise manner. At times Nova is very complacent, getting pleased, especially with himself or his merits, advantages, etc. However, despite his slight complacent nature, his awareness of danger or defect's is fairly accurate. Nova is quite secure, seeming free from care and living without anxiety. But this is not to be confused with being free from caring about his crew, as they are his most precious friends. It is defined on his care towards his own life, where he has none as he has achieved his dream already. Before Nova's spree of revenge after the timeskip, he was rather guilt prone, whilst it was slightly immature of him, he would feel somewhat guilty after fighting and defeating opponents weaker than himself, worrying that he may have gotten to carried away. However, after a certain number of event's Nova led on to become completely free of guilt, not caring for his actions towards his enemies. But after taking the arm of his close friend he builds a small guilt for that exact moment and only that. Nova is rather confident in both himself and his crew's abilites and prowess. After the whole ordeal with the Génesi̱ Mi̱dén and becoming much, much closer to Phoenix Redfox. Thus Nova displays that he is untroubled in apprehension.

Nova is quite open to change, this is best portrayed immediatly after his decision to leave the Revolutionary forces and join the world of Piracy. His reasoning for his openness to change is due to his strong belief that without change, relationships stagnate and die. He believes that if he refuses to accept setbacks as failure and looks for the lessons in disappointment and frustration. Then ultimately, he can grow stronger. Rather than growing apart from his friends. It allows him to be vulnerable, to accept that he may not know all the answers and that there may be more than one way to get what he needs. It means he is accepting and respectful of other peoples truth, especially his own partners. He believes the most powerful change a person can make, is to change ones mind. As he believes that when we change our mind we can create lasting change in our bonds. Nova can also show a liberal form in his somewhat radical nature, proving to display a giving and generous behaviour. He has shown to be quite tolerant of other people and is rather the opposite of strict. His generous nature is better displayed when he recruit's his crewmembers, as he realises their potential, and offers them a life filled with fun and splendour in exchange for absolutely nothing. Basically giving those who have nothing, something. Nova is also analytically proficient, proving to be skilled in using analysis. Displaying that he has an analytic mind. This basically portrays Nova's openness to change as that of a high ranged radical nature.

Relationships to the Navy

"Most marine's jobs are to 'protect' the civilians, most pirates are villanous scum. They take advantage of the freedom they have and give all us 'pirates' a bad name. A vast majority of pirates are only pirates for the freedom, but the marines are only doing their job. For us to hate them for doing what they're supposed to do to earn money to feed their own families is like hating a blacksmith for making your weapons for you. It is for that sole reason, I bare no pure hatred toward's marines"

- Nova Blade

Has no dislike nor personal hate towards that of the navy and does not kill them intently as Nova understands they are only doing what they are payed and ordered to do. However he absolutely despises the Celestial Dragons and will immediatly attempt to kill any he notices. As he is disgusted in the way they treat and buy slaves.

Admiral Kizaru

The two share a mutual dislike to one another, however they also share a degree of respect toward's one another. Despite fighting one another the two actually respect one another's strength, and they both like the fact there is someone out there who can match their speed and give them a challenge. However, when the two meet they will clash once more, Kizaru has a score to settle with the first pirate ever to beat him.

Fleet Admiral Akainu

The duo share an extreme dislike toward's each other, Akainu hate's Nova because he is a pirate. Akainu believes Nova thinks he can do whatever he wants, while Nova believes Akainu has no care for friend's or any human life, the two share a hate toward's each other's belief's and will fight upon sight. Akainu does not care for his position as a Marine as long as Nova's death is by his hands. While Nova wishes for Akainu to be imprisoned to repent.

Vice-Admiral Smoker

Both have a mutual respect toward's one another. Smoker is not aggrevated by the fact he lost to Nova but at the same time he is not happy. He know's of Nova's revolutionary past and despite the difference in strength decided to see if Nova was not just talk. After their clash, Smoker smiled as his respect toward's Nova grew. Nova shares a mutual respect for Smoker also, respecting the fact that even though Smoker was out matched he still followed his job and pursued Nova trying not to kill him, but merely imprison him.

Relationships to Revolutionaries

"Being a revolutionary, Fighting for freedom, saving people from corruption. It sound's like stuff that only Heroes can do. But alas, a revolutionary is not a hero, they are comprived of people who do as they believe is right. The higher up's like Dragon and Kuma are the men I admire the most for their strength and devotion. It is because of them that I am the man I am today. For that I owe them my thanks."

- Nova Blade

Bartholomew Kuma

Bartholomew Kuma is the reason Nova is the way he is today, without Kuma, Nova would be just another mindless marine. They have developed a unique bond where they both completely change their attitudes and become new people. They are the greatest of friends and have great respect for one another. Kuma know's more about Nova than even Phoenix Redfox! As Nova would greatly defend Kuma's name he would also clash with Kuma at points. He did not like the fact that Kuma was willingly allowing himself to slowly turn machine, and was not informed when Kuma's transformation is complete. Nova still does not know whether Kuma is truelly dead or not.

Monkey D. Dragon

Nova and Dragon share a somewhat Boss/subordinate relationship, with Dragon being the boss and Nova as the subordinate. Nova holds an unbelievably high amount of respect for Dragon, so much as too actually fight marine Vice admirals and even Pirates over it. Anyone who dares mock Dragon in front of Nova will always end up regretting their own choice of words. As Nova was raised into the Revolutionaries he admired Dragon for standing for his own beliefs, as Nova has done the same by following his own dream. Nova always acted like an inferior soldier when in front of Dragon, trying to stay as dutiful as possible. He always wanted to make Dragon proud of him, which is why he would accept any mission given to him. Regardless of the risks, and is why he tried to sustain the trio of Phoenix Redfox, Static Dyson and himself after their quarrels. Nova truelly looks up to Dragon as the ideal leader of the world. And despite leaving the Revolutionaries to become a pirate, he had assured Dragon that he is still willing to help in the fight to achieve Dragon's dream.



Phoenix Redfox

Static Dyson


Relationships within the Crew

"My crew, filled with the weirdest of the weird, built from the coolest of cool, became the awesomest of awesome. Well . . we are famous!! They're my family, my nakama. And I would gladly die for each and every one of them over and over again."

- Nova Blade

Drake Lockheart

Ever since Drake first became a member of Nova's crew he has developed a bond with Nova such as that of a loyal bodyguard. If Nova sense's danger he will allow Drake to pick it up instead and allow Drake to imediatly tell him. They also spar together to keep there physical strength and fighting prowess in tip top condition. This further strengthens their bond as friends and Crew mates. Nova will sometimes question Drake's pride by asking him things like getting him meat or drink, Drake will refuse and will reply yelling "GET IT YOURSELF YOU LAZY BUM!!", aside from this they treat each other like brother's, apart from this they combine excellent combinations when fighting powerful combatant's and are almost unstoppable when fighting together.

Leo Osiris

Ever since Leo joined the Skyline Pirates, both Nova and Leo have gotten along extremely well, at a certain degree they act almost as if they are genuine brother's. They both have high respect for each other as they value each other's strength's and they defend each other's weaknesses. They will do whatever they can to help one another in a bad situation. Every now and again Nova and Leo will play chess in the captain's quarter's to try and improve their strategies to a point where they need no more improvement. Unfortunately for Nova, Leo kicks ass at chess.

Rose Diamond

Rose and Nova have a very close bond, as Rose will do anything for Nova as she thinks that he is her "One true love" and she would even go as far as sacrificing her own life for him. Nova would also do the same as secretly, he loves her as he thinks she is beautiful, smart and so down to earth, that is why after meeting each other Nova immediatly asked her to join his crew and why Rose immediatly accepted as it also meant that she would be able to complete her dream. The pair have been seen to spend alone time together in the captain's quarters while it is not known what they do it has been confirmed that Nova helps her hone her DF power's, this was discovered when both Drake and Leo leaned on the door to listen in on what they were doing and accidently broke the door. However, it is only known within the crew whether Nova and Rose are in a relationship or not.

Mountain Mike

Much like their bond's with Scarlett they treat each other like nakama. They will argue everynow and then when Mike offend's Sea King sushi they will have a brawl that is usually ending by Rose and Scarlett whacking them both. The are a fighting duo to be reckoned with as their combo's are perfectly timed and executed, they will go to hell and back to protect each other and their crew.

Bane Shotman

The duo have a mutual relationship, shown to get along very well, despite not together often. Bane is one of few who know of Nova's split personalities, despite not actually being told himself. Nova respect's Bane as much as Bane respect's him which happen's to be alot. Nova appreciates Bane's intelligence when it comes to weapon's and creations and asked Bane personally to create his machine army, needless to say Bane was overjoyed. The Duo get along well and trust one another like nakama.

Primo Afro

Nova and Primo have a comedic relationship, often being Primo worshipping Nova's 'Wise' words. Which usually revolve around Nova telling Primo idiotic thing's and Primo actually believing them, such as when Nova tells Primo that mountains bleed and Primo believes him. It's ironic as the duo are an amazing fighting pair, With Nova's light speed and Primo's light like reflexes, they become a formidable team of gun and sword creating a perfectly effective long and short range attacks. The Duo love one another like Nakama.

Scarlett Kennedy

Nova and Scarlett share a close bond, you could almost say they were related by fate. They will both always argue about who gets the last dish! Scarlett loves Nova to the end as he was the only person other than Mike to understand her truely and give her a chance. Nova will always laugh at one of Scarletts pranks or Voice immitations, while he will also look out for her and Mike. While Scarlett will always try to make Nova laugh and will always do her best for him, they have both become the closest of friends and would die for one another as Nova would for any other member of his crew.


Nova and Silver are good friends, they both understand one another's potential greatly. Silver has a great respect for Nova as he is the first person to see through the fact Silver is blind and still want him in his crew, Silver had never really revealed his power's before then. Nova also originally wanted Silver on because he's never met a blind person before. He still act's as if he doesn't know silver has a Devil Fruit power, Silver respect's Nova's power, speed and leadership and had agreed to be in his crew because of those reason's. The two share a brotherly bond and will go to the end of the earth for each other, this is proved when Nova invades Marineford because of Silver's feeling's towards Senshi and the fact Silver went with the other skylines to G-0 in order to save Nova from execution.

Tarakudo Hunter

At first, Nova held an extreme hate toward's Tarakudo for hurting his beloved Rose, but during their fight Nova could see the suffering in Tarakudo's eyes, he then felt sorrow for Tarakudo. But this was only after Nova had completely broken a number of Tarakudo's bones. He then decided to end things with an illusion brought on by the immense heat that was his hikaeons. Tarakudo looks up to Nova in an inspiring way, normal people would have killed him given the chance, he wouldn't blame them. But he views Nova as a different person, someone who has given him a chance of redemption by following him in his glory. The two share a respective bond and would never allow anyone to badmouth them, they would die for each other. This is displayed when Tarakudo along with the other Skylines come together to save Nova from execution during the Skyline War.


Nova holds great respect towards Salamander as he has tasted his cooking skills, and acknowledges Salamanders skills with throwing knives, having nearly lost his finger to one during the time he had attempted to steal one of Salamanders greatest achievements in the cooking world. A cookie. However, like most members of the crew, Nova cares and respects Salamander greatly as his cook and would gladly go to the ends of the earth for him. However, the duo's relationship has not been shown much, it is certain that they treat one another as family.

Ice Blade

Despite the two being brother's who have not know each other until recent times, you would not be able to tell a difference as the moment Ice told Nova who he was and why he was there, Nova welcomed him with open arm's and began to tell him of his life as Ice did with Nova. The duo have managed to catch up with each others past's and still act like the closest of bretherin. They have shown extremely protective attitudes when it come's to one another. At first however, Nova is hesitant to let Ice join his crew despite many of the member's requests. He did not want his brother to become an outlaw like him and stick to fighting his way through life. However Ice reassured him that it's his life and he is willing to accept the consequences. Nova has heard him sing and is extremely joyous with his voice. Nova has urged Ice to become a vocalist and famous singer, but Ice has already told him that his dream is too become one. But if it cost's him his friends and brother's then he does not mind disregarding it.

Ruby Angel

Nova has a great care for Ruby as he understands how her life has been, being raised by her older brother. Despite the fact Nova does not spend much time talking to her, he has a great care for her like he does with Petal. A main reason for his urge to protect her is the fact one of his closest friends Leo is in love with her, and later on after the timeskip Leo actually proposes to her. Whilst they are in combat, Nova tends to avert his attention to the female members mainly being Ruby, Petal and Luna. This is because they are the weaker members, so Nova's relationship with Ruby is that of a very protective friend, one who will defend her to the end of the earth.

Justice Angel

Nova has an admiration toward's Justice's dedication to raising his sister alone. Nova admires the fact Justice's life has solely revolved around protecting and raising Ruby Angel. While Justice also admires Nova's lifestyle also. The two have great respect for each other, which work's well in their crew's aspect. The duo make a great and powerful team, they are capable of bringing down a group of Pacifista together (which is not much of a feat considering Nova can do that alone, however this is mainly Justice attacking and Nova fuelling his power hence making it so amazing), they treat each other like family and will defend each other to the end's of the earth. They also share a desire to protect Ruby, they both see her as fragile and kind hearted.


The Relationship between Petal and Nova is subtle, they do not talk to each other as much. Nova is continuously hesitant of her being in his crew, as her combat skills are far from extroardinary. Nova is aware of the fact that his adopted brother Apollo Blade also has a crush on her and that fact alone was able to bring Nova's hesitance to her down. It allowed him to believe that she can be safe even if on his crew. Despite this, Nova treats Petal like a clumsy little sister and is always there for her when needed the most. He cares for her but does not have great respect for her, he respect's her, but not as much as the stronger members. Regardless of that she is still treated equal by him.

Luna D. Caprio

Despite not knowing each other for very long, Luna has developed an inspiration from Nova inspiring her to draw on a bigger scale of art. Nova himself enjoy's Luna's art and really does love them, he makes sure to tell Luna everytime she's working on her drawing. Nova is very overprotective of Luna along with Inferno and Petal, the reason being he thinks of Luna as fragile, and hopes to take care of her like the rest of his crew. Luna loves Nova as a big brother and a guardian. The two have a very strong bond.


Despite being a dragon, Inferno himself has a certain fear of Nova, having seen Nova on his rampage of revenge Inferno has developed an admiration toward's Nova and listen's very well to Nova's commands along with listening to Petal and Luna. It is somehow uncertain as to why Inferno will occasionally spit fire at Nova, but is shown to be moment's when Inferno feel's like doing nothing and Nova wants him to do something for 'fun' or Nova calls him a 'big scaly cat'. Nova however loves Inferno like a best friend despite the fact he is a dragon and a pet. Nova has shown to be very over protective of Inferno, Petal and Luna, even though they tell him there is no need and Inferno is a powerful dragon. He protect's Inferno because of the fact he is the last of his kin, which is something Nova thinks of as a very valuable trait.

REH-01 up to 99

Despite their lack of humanity and emotions, Nova still treats them as humans. They were originally built as an effective counterforce to the Marine's Pacifista, however with the strength of the Division Commander being enough to counter the Pacifista the REH's purpose has dimmed slightly. So Nova has put them to good use, running his galleon. The REH have great respect towards Nova despite being Robot's they have recognised his intense power and speed, due to this they have built up a masterboard in their own system's where the only two commander's of them are Bane and Nova.

Relationships to Pirates

"Ah Piracy, built with fools who try to gain fear from power and freedom. Comprived from the good hearted who fight to defend themselves and crew, developed in history as the evil of the world. Pirates are not evil, nor are they good. If you were to rate their affiliation through every pirate you would end up with the answer as neutral. For where there are bad pirates, there are just as many good. And alot of those are my friends!!"

- Nova Blade

Shiro Kain


Jonathan D. Swift

Roronoa Senshi

Guddo Rakku


Jolly D. Chris


Psychic Charlie

Draco D. Drautic

Alpharess D. Ivan

Corey Talbain

Marcus Soarian



2nd God

John Jango De Triezieme

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