On the Marine base G12, a massive battle is unfolding as the skyline pirates and the marines are caught in a deathmatch

  • nova walks up, casually, to the G12 command post with marines attacking him left and right but their attacks go right through him*

Nova: G12 huh? i expected more


  • a massive light explosion occurs on the east shores of G12*
  • nova speeds atop the G12 command post and scopes out what the explosion was*

Nova:..........................*his eyes open up wide* so thats kizaru

  • kizaru is standing infront of ruby*

Kizaru: Skyline pirates................your not welcome here

  • kizaru cocks his leg back and charges it up to preform a light kick and points it at the downed ruby*
  • ruby looks up in fear at kizaru*

Kizaru: bye bye

Ruby: NOVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • right as kizaru is about to light kick ruby, nova appears infront of kizaru and clashes his kick with kizarus making kizarus kicks explode in the clash*


  • as the dust clears, nova and kizaru are still clashing in kicks and are struggling to push eachother back*

Kizaru: OOOOOOOOOOO the blur

Nova: and you must be admiral kizaru

Kizaru: you got me, but your presence on this island is not welcome and im afraid ill have to get rid of all of you

Nova: i'd like to see you try

  • both nova and kizaru stare-down at eachother for about a minute until nova pulls his leg back and jumps back*

Kizaru: i heard all about you, i hear your pretty fast

Nova:*unsheathes his sword* hearing is one thing, experiencing is another

Kizaru:*kizaru prepares both of his hands* then let the games begin, Yasakani no Magatama(Eight Shaku Curved Jewel)

  • kizaru fires a torrent of deadly light particles at nova*
  • as the hundreds of light lasers come at nova, nova lowers his sword and closes his eyes)

Nova: Hika Hika Sun Burst

  • nova releases a beam of blinding light and extreme heat in all directions from his body taking out all the lasers fired at him in an instant*
  • as the smoke clears nova is seen in kizarus face with his sword at kizarus neck*

Nova: impressed yet?

Kizaru: OOOOOOOOOOOO pretty scary, but your far too young to beat me

  • kizaru gets his hands ready, but nova deepens his sword into kizarus neck and puts a small cut on it*

Nova: dont even try it

Kizaru:*takes a deep breathe* looks like we're gonna have to do it the hard way

Nova: i dont see how you can escape this, with one swipe of my sw...............

  • kizaru begins to heat up and gets brighter and brighter by ever second*

Nova:*pulls his sword back and stands straight up* i accept your challenge

  • nova also starts to heat up and also gets brighter and brighter, until finally both kizaru and nova reach their limit*

Nova: so what now?

Kizaru: now we see how fast you really are

  • kizaru instantly disappears*

Nova: oh no you dont

  • nova also disappears*
  • both nova and kizaru are clashing every second all over the island with amazing and unmatchable speed*
  • for about 5 minutes the clashes all over the island continue with neither of them pulling back, until finally they both stop to face eachother atop the G12 command post*

Kizaru: ok, im impressed. you are the only person i've ever met that can match my speed


Kizaru:*gets his hands ready* but that doesnt mean you'll win, Ama no Murakumo(Sword of the Gathering Clouds of Heaven)

  • kizaru forms a very sharp long sword out of light)

Nova:*gets his sword ready* i was hoping it would come to this

  • kizaru speeds at nova and nova does the same*
  • both clash with their swords atop the G12 command post with a shockwave enveloping the base with their clash*

Kizaru:*trying to force nova back* now lets test your skill with a sword

Nova:*also trying to force kizaru back* what is this whole thing been, a test?

Kizaru: hmp, dont get cocky kid

Nova: your the one whos COCKY!!!!!!!!!

  • nova brushes kizarus light sword off to the side and attempts to stab kizaru but kizaru, with his left free hand, fires a laser out of his finger and blocks novas sword*

Kizaru:*swinging the sword that is in his right hand at novas head* You lose

Nova:*closes his eyes with the sword coming at novas head* Hika Hika Angelo

  • as the sword reaches novas head, nova gains angel wings made by his devil fruit and blocks kizarus sword with one of his wings*

Kizaru:*clashing with novas wing* OOOOOOOOOO this is a surprise

Nova:*stares angrily at kizaru* you broke the rules of combat and used your devil fruit power to block my sword. now your gonna pay the ultimate price

Kizaru:*smiles* hehehehe your a pirate, nobody said i have to play fair with a pirate

Nova:*looks at kizaru with disgust* be gone Hika Hika Tsunami

  • Nova clap's his hand's together to cause a tsunami sized sun wave, coming at kizaru*

Kizaru: hmmmmmmmmmm, thats very impressive

  • the sun wave starts to envelope kizaru, much to kizarus surprise*

Nova: sorry Marine High Admiral Kizaru, but you lose

Kizaru: Hmhmhmhmhm HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, at what point did you actually think you could beat me*kizaru takes off his sun glasses*. now let me tell you, A PIRATE CANNOT BEAT ME Tenkai-ō Shinato(Shinato, King of Heaven)

  • suddenly, a MASSIVE column of light envelopes the entire island causing the ground to shake and the sea to rumble. the column of light continues to envelope the island for about a minute until suddenly, the column disappears in an instant*
  • around the battle field, there are bodies all over. marines are unconscious. most of the skyline pirates are barely getting up while others are just unconscious*
  • at the destroyed command post, kizarus is standing there casually putting on his shades*

Kizaru:*putting on his shades* tsk tsk tsk, i guess all the great ones fall sooner or later.*points his finger at the downed scarlet* now to get rid of all of you trash

?????:*with a demonic voice* DONT YOU TOUCH THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • nova drops down from the sky with devil wings on his back*

Scarlet: NOVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nova: get to the ship

Scarlet: huh?

Nova:*stares angrily at scarlet* GET TO THE SHIP, ill take care of this

Scarlet:*turns away in sadness* ok

  • all the skyline pirates help eachother up and all run towards their ship*

Kizaru: where do you think your going?

  • kizaru attempts to teleport at the running skyline pirates*

Nova:*teleporting infront of kizaru* YOUR OPPONENT IS ME!!!!!!

  • nova releases a beam of blinding light and extreme heat in all directions from his body but with more ferocity than novas sun burst*
  • kizaru gets knocked back but recuperates in mid-air*

Kizaru:*taking off his shades* your making me grow impatient

Nova:*staring at kizaru*..............................

Kizaru: fine, you wanna play? ill play*cocks his leg back* Ama no Iwato(Cave Mouth of Heaven)

  • Kizaru shoots a powerful massive laser beam from his foot in the form of a monkey head*

Nova:*laser monkey head coming at nova* RAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • nova rockets at the monkey head, and clashes with it trying to force it back*

Kizaru: how naive, you think you can defeat me with pure force? you might as well give up now

Nova: I WILL NEVER GIVE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • a massive haki shockwave envelopes the destroyed island, knocking out all the marines that got up back to the ground. kizarus attack instantly despells*

Kizaru:*flinching back* what the hell was that?

Nova:*appearing out of kizarus light attack fragments* HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • with his katana embued with his hika powers, nova zooms at the flinching kizaru*

Kizaru: shit *kizaru cocks his leg back and charges up a laser*

  • nova gets closer and closer to kizaru and kizaru is just standing there charging up a laser kick with is right leg*

Nova: YOUR DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kizaru: YOUR TOO COCKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • nova clashes his hika imbued sword with kizarus laser kick, in a massive explosion that rocks the island*
  • a sudden quietness engulfs the island for minutes*


  • as the smoke clears nova is standing on kizarus unconscious body with one foot*

Nova:*covered in bruises and scars* you were a worthy opponent Admiral Kizaru. i will remember this battle forever.*starts to walk away towards his ship* I hope we can meet again someday.


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