Odila is a relatively large, extremely remote island in North Blue. There was once a large town here, which lent it's name to the island. It is the birthplace of Ezekiel "Memento" Mori


The island and town of Odila had once been a popular port for pirates, as it's sheer remotness made the Marines uninterested in keeping an eye it. For several years, the town was allowed to flourish, and became the base for several small-time pirate crews.

Eventually, as pirate activity in the area increased, the Marines started to take note of the island, and sent several ships to find it. Following a careless pirate vessle, the Marines located the island and razed the city to the ground, killing most of the quarter million inhabitants. Only a few people escaped, including Ezekiel Mori .

In recent years, the Pure World Pirates have built a fortress there, once again making the island into a pirate base.


The island is shaped more or less like a tear drop, with the northern most part of the island being a wide semi circle that gradually tapers to a point in the south.

The island is rather forboading, with much of the northern coast line consisting of sheer cliffs; the only beach is at the southern tip of the island, and the water is dangerously shallow here, making it perfect for smaller vessles while discouraging large ships.

At one point in time, the island was heavily forested, but most of the trees were cleared away to make room for the expanding city of Odila, which came to cover the entirety of the island. After the city was destroyed, the ruins were left abandoned for several years, and the forest has begun to reclaim the island.


In it's prime, Odila was a sprawling city, with lavish homes and building featuring a mix of Victroian and Gothic architecture.

The Fortress contructed by the Pure World Pirates is simmilar in many ways to the arcitecture of old Odila, but is signifcantly larger and more ominous.


In the past, Odilian men traditionally wore their hair in long braids going down to their waist.

As the island is currently under the control of the Pure World Pirates, it's culture could best be described as "whatever dosn't get you shot".


The city of Odila used to an Oligarchy.

The island's government could now be considered a Dictatorship, ruled by Cyrus Remmington.

Notable PeopleEdit

Ezekiel "Memento" Mori

Cyrus Remmington and the Pure World Pirates.


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