The Ollnion (全ネオン, Ollnion) is mini-card factory that Michael Roomheath uses. Ollnion "ate" the Shiroari Shiroari no Mi and became an termite-card factory. He is charged with Michael's cards making.


In factory form, he is same size as normal fishing boat, which is the main reason why he "ate" the Devil Fruit. It is a square shaped and has a huge glass cupola on top that contains many liters of paint. Inside cupola is little volcano-like part that absorbs the paint, which the two tube bring inside cupola. The back of Ollnion is a funnel with a tube, where the pulp is poured into and in front of him is a hole where the cards come out.

When in his hybrid form, he shrinks to miniature size and looks almost the same. Except that his card printing slot changes into mouth, two buttons above him changes into eyes and he gets six insect like foot.


Abilities and powersEdit

Devil FruitEdit

For further information: Shiroari Shiroari no Mi



Usage of the devil fruit

Please create a separate page for your devil fruit for detailed information on the usage, strengths, weaknesses, and attacks that the user have for this devil fruit if your character consumed a devil fruit.




  • Ollnion has bad habit of chewing Michael fingertips.
  • His name means "onion" without l‘s.
  • Ollnions name may also come from name of Bjorks song "All neon like".

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