Omocha Omocha no Mi

Translation: Omocha
Meaning: Toy
English Name: Toy Toy Fruit
Type: Paramecia
Power: To shrink objects
Eaten By: Britham D. Leo
Creator: MugiwaraDa2nd

The Omocha Omocha no Mi is a Paramecia type Devil Fruit that was eaten by Britham D. Leo.


The overall strength of this fruit is that it allows the user to shrink any object into a toy size object.


The Omocha Omocha no Mi is a black strawberry with white swirls.


The power of this fruit only applies to non-living objects. Any living objects will not be able to shrink. The user himself isn't able to shrink.


Leo uses this fruit to shrink his swords so that he will be able to carry them in his pocket instead of waling around and showing off his swords. When in battle, Leo will just grab the swords in his pockets and return them to normal size and catching the enemy off guard.


I was originally going to name this fruit; Bisho Bisho no Mi (Tiny Tiny Fruit).