Prediction made by Roranoa zoro .

Saga name:One year ago!!

arc_1 :

   This story happens one year after the Whitebeard war :
Blackbeard Pirates are docked at an unnamed island,....the waters around the island are covered with blood ! Many marine bodies are seen floating on the sea -- almost all of them are damaged in some way or the other : some lack legs , some bodies' have no hands , some no faces ! . Body parts can be seen floating on the waters !
Blackbeard <His hand is covered with blood>:
I think it's time ! we have had enough practice : we have killed enough of 'em !
Shiliew <Licking his blood covered sword>:
True! i've been waiting for this moment !
< Thud ! >
< A large Seaking falls behind them >
< It's forehead bears a hole : eyes missing ! , eye sockets covered with blood >
<Van Auger , standing on it , his rifle on his shoulder > :
I'm ready!!
< On a mountain of corpses, Jesus Burgess is seen standing >
< His fists are coverd with blood !> :
So am I!!
< A grim-reaper like creature appears from the shadows cast by the castle walls! >
< The double sided scythe is dripping with blood ! >
Doc Q ( raiding on Stronger ):
< A scream is heard from the sky ,........ a large hawk with it's wings severed falls down >
Laffitte ( flying ) :
Did i hear you telling we are about to ,............;
< Sanjuan Wolf is heading towards them with a pillar on his each shoulder , they are also covered with blood ! > :
< a roar !! >
< A glass bottle breaking sound is heard !!, Vasco Shot is seen trodding towards the others , his hand is holding a half-broken glass bottle , blood dripping from it > :
< Hic >< Hic > so we are invading ,.........
< A spear strikes the bodies Burgess was standing on >
Catarina Devon :
already, i never had any fun !
< A Saber-toothed Tiger strodes towards them >
< It changes into a human-like being >
Avalo Pizarro :
What Fun ? yeah , what fun are you talking about ?
Catarina Devon :
Fun !(She meant blood !)
Avalo Pizarro :
I'm not intrested in "girls" who have their grass worn off !
Catarina Devon :
Laffitte :
You are really corrupt,..!
Burgess :
Ya! he's the CORRUPT KING!!
< Shillew, irritated,..... draws his sword out >
< Others notice it >
Van Auger ( sweating ):
You are really irritating us :( fearing Shillew )
Wolf ( sweating ):
True! : ( also fearing Shillew's sword !)
Blackbeard ( to Shillew ):
It's OK,
( to Pizarro ):
Cut the crap;
Pizzaro :
Ugh! Alright!
< Shillew keeps the sword back into it's case >
< Others breath out , now relaxed !>
They have made a really big mistake !!
Van Auger :
They asked for it! we just asked them a WarShip!
Vasco Shot:
......And just two giga tonnes of wine!!
They didnt accept ,......
.......And they even underestimated our strength : They thought a fifty-thousand marines and led by some crap Vice Admirals and Magellan were enough to take care of US!!
Catarina Devon :
.........Now look what has happened to them,........ all of them are dead !
The truth : The Admirals could not be dispatched because after the war,:
  • Aokiji: Suffered a massive mental depression and is still recovering
  • Akainu: Suffered large internal injuries,effects were seen only after a long time:still recovering!
  • Kizaru:Same as Akainu!
Blackbeard:Zehahaha ! ,.... are you ready!?
< A large blackhole appears infront of them and , one by one everyone enters it !!>

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