Prediction made by Roranoa zoro . Saga name:One year ago!!

arc_2 :

Inside the Gorousei_Mansion :

The Gorousei , Commander-in-chief Kong , Ex-Fleet Admiral Sengoku and Ex-Vice Admiral Garp are present , all of them sitting around a table : but Sengoku and Garp's hands and legs are locked with seastone cuffs ! they all look worried :
Gorousei #3:What shall we do ?
Gorousei #1:We should not have let this happen .
Gorousei #4:Cool Down Sengoku !
Gorousei #2:It has not happened yet .
Garp:But how dare he sends a threatening message to the Navy !
Gorousei #1:It does not imply to you , just take it cooly .
Gorousei #5:We all are worried ,but dont let your emotions get the better of you .
Garp:Just let me free and I'll take care of him .
Gorousei #3:Why are you worried !? You are not a part of Navy ,are you ?
Garp:So what ,I wanna kill him .
Gorousei #2:I knew you cant control your emotions..........
Gorousei #4:That's why we have tied you both up !
Sengoku:Kong-sama , why do you look so worried ? I mean we are all worried , but you look very sad.
Gorousei ##:Ya, what's the matter?
Kong:Those kids,I'm worried about those kids !
Gorousei ##:Dont worry,they will be alright !
< Many doctors rush into the room: >
Sir (s) , Sakazuki-sama is waking up !
So is Kuzan and Barsellino !
< They leave the place >
Gorousei ##:Come on ! Let's go !
Kong :Just a request ! Dont tell them about this please !They cant handle it !.
Sengoku : Ya sure , but why are we not allowed to .................... yeah !why have you tied us up ?
Gorousei ##:It's not time for you to die , we have had enough losses in the Whitebeard war : let's just give him what he asked for !
Kong , Garp and Sengoku : No way!
Kong : If we give in to them , it's a disgrace to our flag :THE NAVY!!
< The Gorousei put a cape around Sengoku and Garp : hiding their cuffs ! >
Sengoku ,Garp : NO fair !
< All of them get up and go to the hospital >
Admirals : Good Morning !
Others : Mornin'!
< They all chit-chat for a while , everyone except the admirals are constantly looking at the clock >
< Clock strikes 12 >
< Everyone gets up ( except the Admirals )>
< Back at the Mansion >
Kong : See you ; I'm gonna take care of them !
Blackbeard had challenged the Navy that he is gonna kill the Gorusei at their mansion !!

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