Oni Oni no Mi, Model: Ogre

Japanese Name:
Japanese Kanji:
English Name: Demon Demon fruit Model: Ogre
Meaning: Ogre
Type: Mythical Zoan
Power: To become a hybrid or full Ogre
Eaten By: Rukvhark
Creator: GZero945


The Oni Oni no Mi, Model: Ogre is a Mythical Zoan fruit that belongs to a rare Devil Fruit family known as the Demon Demon fruit. It was consumed by the shipwright of the Silver Wind Pirates, Rukvhark.


The Devil Fruit looks like a bulky pepper, but with a black color and yellow teeth.


The usage of this fruit gains the user to grow up to fifteen feet, have very enlarged muscles, horns, and even give the user Demonic Powers.


The benefits of this fruit is the serious increase in strength, endurance, and even speed. The user also gains a permanent rage that can be easily activated and almost impenetrable skin in Orge form. However, if mastered, the user gains the ability to regenerate.


It suffers from standard Devil Fruit weaknesses. It's also very susceptible to Fire. The rage mode has a drawback, making it a double edged sword.