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Open is the name of the first ship owned by the White Pirates and their current primary mode of transportation. It is a galleon type ship and is made from the incredibly hard to aquire Adam Wood which results in the ship being extremely strong and durable. Built by a colloaboration effort between the White's shipwright Venusia Trike and the gadget specialist Mercucio Hyeneko, Open is one of the strongest vessels sailing the Grand Line currently. It has incoportated onto it several requests various members of the Whites made, be it weapon or asthetic. These include a spa, relaxation room, romantic 'nest', training room, weapons
Open -1
storage and rooms specially made for Marcellus, Mercucio and Koroyaki so that they can experiment in their respective fields.

Ship Design and AppearanceEdit

Open is a galleon type and is a very manuverable and fast vessel and as well as strong due to its orgins in Adam Wood.

Open has a dove as the symbol at its helm since doves are the symbolic representatives of peace. At the chest of the dove there is a large viewing panel big enough to cover two floors. The dove is also capable of being used as a weapon. Stored in its mouth is a small machine gun capable of piercing metal. This gun is aimed by tilting the head of the dove as necessary. At the back of the ship there is a dome shaped room that functions as a spa as well as a relaxation room. At both sides of the ship there are two metallic doors near the middle-bottom. The topmost door opens up to an enormous cannon, the trumpcard of Open while the bottommost contains a set of waterwheels that allow the ship to move through patches of ocean with no breeze or current such as the Calm Belt.

The ship also has several smaller cannons below the deck evidenced by the small holes seen above the main cannon.


  • Dove Seed Gun
  • Breakthrough Side Cannons
  • Waterwheels
  • Spa
  • Gym
  • Training Room
  • Various other facilities

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