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Orc Pirates

The Orc Pirate's Jolly Roger
Main Ship: Bone Breaker
Captain: The Orc
Total Bounty: Bsymbol 255,000,000


The Orc Pirates are a Large crew, They currently consist of 500 members and only two of them are Devil Fruit users. One being the captain known as 'The Orc' and the 1st mate being Gremlin Bonejaw. The rest of the crew are merely a creation of Gremlin's devil fruit power's.

They were defeated and handed to the Marines by Guddo Rakku and Nova Blade (The Blur).

Crew StrengthEdit

The crew relies on strength in number's, The strongest member's being the captain and first mate.

The Goblin's are people that used to be Pirate's but were turned into goblins by Gremlin.

Devil Fruit UsersEdit

The Orc : Shachi Shachi no Mi

Gremlin Bonejaw : Minion Minion no Mi, Model: Goblin


To Rule the world as Overlord's!


The Orc pirates were first introduced when Guddo Rakku and Nova Blade met one another, which ultimately led to the orc's defeat.

Later on, The Orc fought and died at the hands of Demetrius D. Xavier after his attempt's to kill the so called god he was killed himself. Gremlin fearing for his life begged Demetrius if he could become a servant. Demetrius saw a potential to Gremlin's power and allowed him to join. The Orc Pirate's were disbanded since then.

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