Oto Oto Fruit
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Translation: Sound Sound Fruit
English Name: Sound Fruit
Type: Logia
Power: Become sound waves and manipulate sound
Eaten By: Black Jack
Creator: GrandiaKnight


The only surviving marine out of the group that found it described the Oto Oto Fruit as being black, shaped like a teardrop and having a bright green stem sticking out of the top.

Strengths and WeaknessesEdit

While it does have the same weaknesses as most Devil Fruit it is possible however for the user to transform themselves into sound waves and travel through the water with no ill effects. This must be done however before they hit the water as they can't transform when that happens. It is also possible for the user to travel across the surface of the water without needing to touch it. Another use of the fruit is to be able to fly freely through the air if the user partly transforms themselves into sound waves. A weakness unique to this fruit is the fact that if there is to much noise the user finds it more difficult to transform as the sounds interfere with the users form as they try to transform. However when there is more noise around the user they find it easier to manipulate the sounds into a weapon. The opposite also applies in that the less sound there is in an area the easier it is to transform, but the harder it is to manipulate sound waves.


To transform into and manipulate sound waves.


The specific techniques of this fruit are not known but it is believed that the user can travel at speeds faster than the eye can see, manipulate sound waves to create blasts of sound that knock people down and also hear things that are going on a long way away. The user can also produce auditory hallucinations in people causing them to hear things that aren't there. There have also been rumors that the user can hypnotise other people using sounds. They can also transform themselves into sound waves that can travel through solid and liquid substances. It is also thought the fruit also provides a measure of protection against the friction which is produced when the user travels at high speed. It appears that the user can also to a limited extent manipulate vibrations causing shock waves in the land and air and even over a limited area cause earthquakes. They can also manipulate sound waves in the form of pressure. Techniques include solidfication of objects and even enhanced strength.

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