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This is a page detailing on how to use Parent Tabs. For those of you who do not know what a Parent Tab is, Parent Tabs are the links at the top of a page linking it to other pages.

Parent Tabs

What a Parent Tab looks like (for characters).

Please read carefully and follow the steps exactly as written.

For Character Pages

Step 1 - Make 5 pages for one character and label it as it is label in the chart.

Character Name
Character Name/Personality and Relationships
Character Name/Abilities and Powers
Character Name/History
Character Name/Misc.

Note: Make sure that the character name is spelt exactly the same for each page. Also make sure that there is no spaces in between a word and the "slash".

Step 2 - Once you have made the five pages for your character, go to the "Character Name" page and click edit, go to templates and click "other template / magic word".

Note: Go to "Character Name" first, not "Character Name/History", not "Character Name/Misc." but "Character Name".

Step 3 - Once in the "other template / magic word", look for "Parent Tab Template" and click it.

Step 4 - Once you clicked it, it will show you a bunch of boxes with a name on top. Fill in the boxes specifically to what it says in the chart below.

Title of boxes What to put in boxes
minwidth IGNORE IT
maxwidth 20
bordercolor gray
borderradius 6
height 2.2
backcolor gold
textcolor black
tab1 Introduction
altbackcolor #CCCC
tab2 Personality and Relationships
title2 IGNORE IT
tab3 Abilities and Powers
title3 IGNORE IT
tab4 History
title4 IGNORE IT
tab5 Misc.


...and it goes on and on like that.

Step 5 - Go to the other pages you made and repeat until you finished all five.

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