Payton D.Ice

Payton D.Ice

Age: 18

Species: human
Blood type:
Birthdate: 21/12/1992
Height: 5.1ft
Weight: 7.5stone
Island of Origin:


Crew: The Pudge Pirates
Position: Archaeologist, singer
Current Bounty:


Bounty History

1st Bounty: [2]


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Payto is the seventh meber to join the Pudge Pirates. She is a very talented archaeologist. she is also a strong fighter she is preahaps the third strongest member of the crew due to her relationship with the capitain she is quite often seen fighting with him. She is part of the only couple in the crew the half of this is the capitain of the crew. it is said by those who have seen them fight that they are bonded in mind and that they act as one. Due to the fact that they are both incredably skilled martial artist they work very well if they are ever put in a situation when they have to fight. she is a very skilled fighter who is quite offten seen training with her partner Pudge. she folows what seams to be given rule about the pudge pirates that dispite there incredable strength they are all very lazzy and most of the time cant be bothered with doing anything. she combines her martial arts with her df power to form a unique fighting style.


Payton is quite small much like other members within the crew. she wears a white sleve less polo shirt with a pink stripe across the mid section of it this short also has a small picture of a dice with wings on it. this is an edittion that was made to the shirt due to the fact that when they first met pudge thought that her sir name was dice this stuck within the crew and has become her nick name within the crew. the wings in this badge are a refrance to he df power that allows her to turn into harpie. Payton also wears a small denom skirt with a blet and long grey socks with pink converse. she has incredably unique hair that she loves gartely.


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Abilities and Powers[6]EditEdit

Hand to Hand Combat[7]EditEdit

she is a very capable hand to hand fighter who has mastered several martial arts and is on a simmilar level of abilty to the capitain Pudge.

Physical Strength[8]EditEdit

she has super humann strength this is proved when she continualy stops Pudge from taking of in his plain to go a play with carlos she dose this by simply picking up the plain.


her superhuman speed is shown by the fact that she is able to figth in a partnership with her capitain and actuly is an asset to his figthing style.


her superhuman endurance is shown by the fact that she is able to figth in a partnership with her capitain and actuly is an asset to his figthing style.

Devil Fruit[11]EditEdit

Kana Kana No Mi

Summary,this fruit turns the user in to the mythic beast the harpy

Type,mystic zoan

Usage she uses this df power to copliment her fighting style as it alows her to launch ariel atcaks on those who she is fighting


Kenbunshoku Haki: Color of Observation

masterd Busōshoku Haki: Color of Armaments

masterd Haōshoku Haki: Color of the Conquering King

learning how to control



she is dateing the capiatin of the crew and loves him deeply she is grate freinds with carlos. however her best freind on the crew is becky hammer who she finds to be a grate sorce of suport when she is woried


Allies/ Friends[16]EditEdit


she is directly oposed to any one that chalanges her crew



she joind thhe crew after she met the capitain pudge in a local martial arts compation in her kingdom both of whom had made it to the finals with out any real effort. she was then ammazed by the fact that she was deffeted by some one who was as laid back as pudge and that had the strangest group of freinds. it was after the compation that the marines arived tho try and capture the pudge pirates. she aided them in the esscape and was forced to join them as they fled the contry. the original plan was to drop her at the next safe island however during this time she and pudge fell in love he asked her to stay with the crew to which she agreed to sraight of the bat.

Major Battles[20]EditEdit

Payton vs Pudge(lost)


"hun i know you want the clown but he is a person so you cant keep him as a pet"


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