Beamont is a middle-aged man with a gray/black hair and full trimmed beard. He wears a full-body trackers out-fit with a with pack around is waist and shoulder.


Beaumont has a very devious presonality. At one point he could be your ally and in seconds he could stab you in the back, litterally. He also has traitors mentallity, who always finds another way out of things without look over the consequences.

Abilites and PowersEdit

Beaumont is one of the most powerful fighters the World Goverment has. As the new top CP9 agent he is very well known and has somewhat of a reputation of a no mercy policy, simliar to that of Rob Lucci.

Devil FruitEdit

Beaumont ate he Kiru Kiru no mi giving him the power to cut anything he wishes. Even going far enoughas to cut through the entire 3rd dimension. Cutting through the 3rd dimension gives him the power to somewhat teleport where ever he wishes. This is should not be confused with super-human speed.


Beaumonts primary weapon is his knife, which he is never seen without. Beaumont primarily uses his knife in contrast with his devil fruit, to cut through anyone and anything. He is seen to be very proificent with it being able to use it with great speed and proficency. His knife throwing accuracy should also be noted, being that he can take out a small fly from a great distance with great accuracy


Being the new top CP9 agent, beaumont is a master of the rokushiki arts. Beaumont has mastered every aspect of the rokushiki except for 1. The rokuogan, which is the most powerful of the rokushiki arts.


Beaumont isnt very social and does not seem to want to associate with his colleagues. The only people he is seen talking to is his superior, even in that case all he asks for is his mission or taget and leaves.


Nothing is known about Beaumonts past. It is unkown how he got into the CP9 or who he was before the CP9. Beaumont has only been seen at the new and rebulit tower of justice getting his orders,mission,or target.

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