Blood type:?
Birthdate:30th October
Height:190 cm
Island of Origin: Forest Island
Occupation:1st Mate
Epithet:The Ox

Musketeer Pirates

Position:1st Mate
Dream:to be travel the world with his friends


Porthos is a tall muscular middle-aged man. He has beige hair and he wears a blueshirt with a white one under it that shirt.He wears a cowboy hat.


Porthos is basically a hothead that loves fighting. He just wants to seek out worthy opponents. But he cherishes his friends and will destroy anyone who lays a finger on them.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Porthos is proclaimed as the strongest of the crew even tough he's not much stronger than the rest. His trump card in a fight is always his super strenght being able to easily throw a building to an opponent. He is good at fencing but not on par with Athos.

Devil FruitEdit

Porthos ate the Ushi Ushi no Mi, Model: Ox which transforms him into an ox which greatly enchances his strenght. If he transfroms into full/hybrid form while holding his swodrs on his head and then his horns are sharp enough to cut steel.

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