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Primo Afro
Manga - Anime

Primo Post

Japanese Name: プリモ・アフロ
Romanized Name: Purimo Afuro
English Name: Primo Afro
First Appearance: Guntown
Affiliations: The Skyline Pirates
Occupations: Marksman; Pirate; Bullet Storm Division Commander
Epithet: The Stormfro (あちこちに嵐 Niarashi?);
Japanese VA:
4kids English VA: Todd Haberkorn
Funi English VA: Robert McCollum
Age: 23 (Debut)
25 (after timeskip)
Birthday: July 29th
Height: 190.5 cm (6'3")
Bounty: Bsymbol10???,???,???
strong points:

"You'd like to know why I'm stupid? Well... Tough! Sorry but the only answer I have to your question is a bullet."

- Primo Afro

Primo Afro (プリモ・アフロ Purimo Afuro?) is a former mercenary, alongside Bane Shotman proceeding to make large names for themselves amongst the world government and the four blues. Known well for their skill in taking Marine commodores and rear admirals as hostage. Often making money out of it, Primo is the maker of numerous different formed bullets, including a seastone bullet. After inventing said weapon, he was advised to sell the idea/concept to the marines, yet Primo decided that this was not his style and kept it for himself, yet after the World Government betrayed Bane and gave the credit to another person, Primo decided he'd help Bane by causing as much chaos for the World Government as possible, hearing of a famous Revolutionary named Nova Blade, recently turned pirate, Primo was convinced by his cousin Bane to search for Nova and his crew and seek to join them. In return being found by Nova himself to ask them.</p>

During and After the time-skip, Primo is one of the only characters within the Skyline Pirates to not have a single change in his appearance. Other than the slight growth of hair as it cover's his eyes and becomes more spiky than curly. He is also one of the few members of the Skyline's without a Devil Fruit.

He now randomly sail's the Grand Line , New World and the Four Blues, he is the sniper of The Skyline Pirates underneath Nova Blade and the Co-Commander of the Bullet Storm Division. His Division ship is known as the "Lone Armada" named after it's own strength as a fortress on the water, literally sailing undefeated in a ship battle. He has become a powerful ally to many pirates, civilians and wolf-folk alike.


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Primo Pre
Primo full body shot.
Primo Post
Primo's appearance upon arrival at the Skyline War.
Primo&#039;s Wanted Poster
Primo's Wanted Poster.
Primo Afro
Primo relaxed.
Primo Afro Cool
Primo Afro upon his first entry into New Horizon!

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