The Ran Ran no Mi (War War fruit) is a Paramecia type Devil Fruit which allows the user to manifest their willpower and life force into translucent glowing blades. It is used by George Marley of the Obsidian Pirates


The fruit essentially generates an aura from the user that acts like a blade. However, Marley's unusual mentality has led to this "Mindsword" being used in ways that, while possible for a sword, are unusual at best, and sometimes ludicrously improbable

Strengths and WeaknessesEdit

The major strength of this fruit is the ability to create a weapon from nowhere, meaning they are to all intents and purposes always armed. The weakness of this fruit is that producing the aura drains some of the user's energy, giving it a limit to upper size. However Marely's extreme strength and agility overcomes this weakness usually.

The user also has standard Devil Fruit weaknesses.



  • "Ran" can also mean "confusion", reflecting George Marley's apparent perpetually confused state.
  • Ironically, Marley uses this power to enable sword fighting techniques without swords, as opposed to the other swordsman of the Obsidian Pirates, Laon de Ryu, who fights with a huge number of swords.

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