Randall Claymore

Randall Claymore is the Gunner and Craftsman of the Steel Rod Pirates. He is also the older brother of George Claymore .


Randall is tall and thin. He has an oval head with a cleft chin, short black hair with a widow's peak and sideburns. He wears a yellow long sleeve shirt with a green target on the front and green lines along the sleeves. He also wears brown pants, brown shoes, and a double holster belt with his two guns in them.


Randall is a rather timid and gentle man. However, when he's in a position when he needs to use his craftsman or marksman abilities he changes into a different person. His brother has described him as a merciless fiend when using a gun. Randall is also extremely timid when it comes to his brother, George. Since his brother has a more dominant personality, he has always let him lead, even though he is the older brother. Randall also has perfectionist tendancies to the point his crew jokes about him having Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Randall is an expert marksman and a crack shot, hence his epithet. He can use any kind of gun, though he prefers to use two pistols. He also uses super speed to fire multiple shots in a second.

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