Predicted by: Imhungry4444

  • On a tropical jungle island with ancient ruins all over the place, massive battle is about to unfold. On the shores the 2 crews meet:
  • the two crews stand together and look at eachother*

Benn Beckman: well.............*smokes his cigarette* lets get this started.

Jack: YEA, c'mon i wanna start fuckin shit up!!!!!!!!!!!!

Romba:*giving his monkey a banana* you hungry jack jack?

Jack: huh? NO IM NOT HUNGRY!!!!!

Romba: i wasnt talking to to you, i was talking to jack jack you idiot.


Romba: his name is jack jack, not jack you dumbass

Jack:*gets in rombas face* you wanna be the first to go down? cause ill make it happen asshole.

Romba:*smiles* make it happen.

Raizen:*grabs both romba and jack on their shoulders* this isnt the time for this.

  • jack turns away from romba in disgust*
  • shanks walks forward*

Shanks: so, teach.................are you sure you wanna go through with this?

Blackbeard: Zehahahaha i sure am. but beware, im not the same as i was since we last met at marineford.

Shanks:*unsheathes his sword* ill take your word on that. RED HAIR PIRATES *all the red hair pirates prepare for combat* DISPERSE!!!!!!!

  • all the crew members disappear into the jungle*'

Blackbeard: AFTER THEM!!!!!!!!!!!

  • the blackbeard pirates also disperse into the jungle*

Shanks: you seem to have faith in them.

Blackbeard: Zehahahahaha, i sure do

  • in the jungle van auger is jumping from tree to tree. as he jumps at another tree branch a shot is fired at his head but he ducks down and gets behind a tree*

Yasopp:*pulling back his rifle* i missed? thats weird

Auger:*standing behind a tree* it seems fate has smiled on me

Yassop: what are you blabbering about

Auger: i get to test my skill against the worlds best sharpshooter

  • another shot is fired, but this one goes through the tree auger is behind and the bullet puts a hole in augers hat*

Auger: i trust you'll pay for that

Yasopp: hmp, make me

  • auger throws his hat out from the left side of the tree making yasopp aim at it, while auger jumps from the right side of the tree in mid-air and fires multiple shots at yasopp*

Yasopp: you sneaky bastard

  • yasopp jumps out of the way of the oncoming bullets and fires multiple rounds of his own at the mid-air auger*
  • after multiple shots are fired, both yasopp and auger fall to the ground unharmed*

Auger: you disappoint me, i thought you would be better

Yasopp: hmp, dont act all high an mighty, im just gettin started

Auger:*gets on one knee* then maybe this will be interesting after all.

  • an eery silence envelopes the jungle while multiple battles are heard around the island*
  • auger is in a bush scoping out the area and looking for yasopp*

Yasopp:*appearing behind auger* GOTCHA

  • yasopp fires shots at auger who immediately jumps up, as he is jumping yasopp is firing shot after shot at the jumping auger*
  • auger then disappears into a tree*

Yasopp:*with smoke coming from the barrel of his gun* dammit, he is good

  • suddenly shots are fired out of the tree where auger jumped into*

Yasopp:*jumping out of the way* damn you

  • as he is jumping out of the way, one of augers bullets hits yasopp in the foot*

Yasopp: AH!!

  • as yasopp falls to the ground auger appears behind him while holding the barrel of his rifle and swings his gun like a bat at the downed yasopp*

Yasopp: yaaaaaa

  • as the the butt of augers rifle is about to hit yasopp, yasopp catches it with his left hand while looking at the ground*

Auger: interesting

  • then a shot is fired out of yasopps cape and goes through augers left shoulder*

Auger: DAMMIT!!!!!

  • auger jumps back into the bushes*

Auger:*smiles* hmmmm, you had your pistol on you belt and fired it behind your cape so i wouldnt see it. very impressive

Yasopp:*behind auger with a rifle pointed at him* i know

Auger:*augers eyes open in surprise* but your foot, theres no way you should be walking

Yasopp:*dips his finger in some of his blood and tastes it* mmmmmmm, ketchup

Auger:*closes his eyes and smiles* hmmmmmm and i thought i was the sneaky one. looks like my destiny is to die here, go on shoot.

Yasopp: no

Auger: what?

Yasopp: we're gonna settle this like real sharpshooters

  • yasopp throws auger a pistol*

Auger: ah, a showdown duel

Yasopp:*cocks his pistol* yep

Auger: i accept

  • both auger and yasopp stand back to back, then walk 10 paces with their arms bent up and their pistols pointing towards the sky*


  • both shooters just stand there quietly, 20 paces apart*


  • suddenly both quickly turn around and shoot one shot at eachother*
  • both stand there, looking at eachother with their pistols pointed at on another and smoking coming from the barrels of their pistols*


  • after a long stare, auger coughs up blood and falls to the ground*

Yasopp:*gets on one knee while holding his heart* phew, he was one tough cookie GHA*yasopp also coughs up blood*

  • yasopp slowly gets up and walks toward the downed auger*

Yasopp:*staring at auger while holding his shoulder/heart* you almost got my left carotid artery. you were an inch above it, i should be dead right now. but i guess i live another to see my usopp.

  • suddenly the whole island breaks in two from the battle between shanks and blackbeard*

Yasopp: i better go help captain.....GHA*yasopp falls on his butt* you know what, captain can take care of himself. for now ill rest*yasopp falls asleep*


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