Predicted by: Imhungry4444

On an old stone pillar, lucky roo is scoping out the ruins and jungle while eating a rack of meat:

Roo:*with his mouth full* so, where are these guys?

  • out of nowhere a giant stream of flames is sent at roo, out of the forest. roo disappears as flames were about to get him*

Roo:*looking up at the flames* that was a close one, now where did that come from.

  • out of the burnt treeline, vasco shot walks out*

Vasco: Toputoputoputopu, why didnt you just die?

Roo:*again with his mouth full* you almost burnt me to a crisp, but at least my meat is cooked now.*steam is coming off of roos rack of meat and it is nice and cooked*

Vasco: Toputoputoputopu, im gonna have to kill you now

  • vasco takes out his gourd, which he drinks sake out of, and starts to chug his sake*

Roo:*holds up his meat* CHEERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*bites in his meat*

Vasco:*stops drinking* ahhhhh...............*gets his mouth ready* GOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • vasco burps a massive stream of flames out of his mouth, even larger than the last one*

Roo:*swallows his entire rack of meat* i guess its go time

  • again as the flames are about to hit roo, he disappears*
  • as the flames die down, vasco looks at the spot where roo was standing*

Vasco: TOPUTOPUTOPUTOPUTOPUTOPU, i killed him............

  • suddenly from the sky roo rockets down and butt slams vasco's head with force*


  • a large explosion occurs from the slam*
  • as the smoke disappears, roo is standing about 30 yards away from the downed vasco like a superhero with his arms at his hips*

Roo: WOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, i win again. i hope i didnt hurt you too badly.

  • vasco begins to stand up*

Roo: ooooooooo, so your alive. thats a first

Vasco:*holding his head* AHHHHHHHHHHHH, my head hurts. IM GONNA KILL YOU

  • again vasco takes out his sake gourd and begins to chug it*

Roo: Uh-Uh-Ah

  • roo appears infront of vasco with his pistol pointed at the gourd vasco is chugging from*

Roo: not this time

  • roo fires at the gourd and destroys it in vascos hand*

Vasco:*with his mouth open and his hand in the shape of him holding the gourd* huh?

Roo: if you keep doing that, your head-ache is gonna get worst.

  • vasco looks down at the broken gourd and the spilt sake*


  • steam starts to come from vascos body*

Vasco: MORE

  • vascos skin begins to turn red*

Roo: huh?

Vasco: SAKE?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Roo:*prepares himself* uh-oh

Vasco: ROAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • vasco brings both his arms up and attempts to double slam roo with both his fists*


  • a massive explosion occurs from vasco attempting to crush roo*

Roo:*jumping out of the smoke cloud* hooooooooooh, that was a close one

  • vasco appears behind roo*

Vasco:*again with his arms up* NO MORE SAKE?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • roo quickly turns around and fires multiple shots at vasco but none of them get through*

Vasco: ROAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • vasco again attempts to crush roo with both his fists*

Roo: not this again, when will you learn

  • roo runs right at vasco with unmatchable speed and belly bumps him with extreme force, sending vasco rocketing into the forest*

Roo:*with his hand on his forehead, trying to figure out where vasco went* hey, where'd ya go? i know i hit you hard, but you shouldnt be dead already.

  • vasco is seen walking slowly out of the path, roo created from bumping vasco*

Roo:*spots vasco* ahhhhhh, there you are. i was beginning to worry.

Vasco: Toputoputoputopu, you reall wanna die dont you?

Roo: whats this?

Vasco: im gonna count to 3, if i dont have sake in my hand when i stop counting im gonna kill you

Roo: but..

Vasco: 1

Roo: but where am i supposed to get sake from?

Vasco: 2

Roo:*takes out another pistol* oh boy

Vasco: 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • vasco charges with rage at roo*


  • roo starts to fire multiple rounds from both his pistols, but again the bullets dont get through*

Roo:*throws his pistols away* i think its time for some real action

  • roo speeds towards the charging vasco*


Vasco: ROAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • roo punches vasco in the stomach with extreme force, but the punch has no effect*

Roo:*looks at vasco and smiles* woopsy

  • vasco smiles at roo and bear hugs him with force*

Vasco:*hugging roo with extreme force* NOW YOUR REALLY DEAD

Roo:*getting squished from vascos hug* this.....isnt.....good.....GHA*roo coughs up blood from the pressure vasco is hugging roo with*

  • roo is about to go unconscious, but then suddenly thinks up an idea*


  • roo bites vasco with extreme force*


  • vasco lets go of roo*

Roo: YES!!!!!!!

  • roo kicks off of vasco with both legs*

Roo:*moving his arms around* woooooo, you could've broken my arms.

Vasco:*hold his chest, where roo bit him* YOU BASTARD!!!!!!!!

Roo: now*points at vasco* get ready for the show stopper

Vasco: huh?

  • roo charges up and rockets HIGH up into the sky*

Vasco:*looks up at the sky* hey...................where'd you go?

  • from the sky, roo is rocketing down like a meteor with his butt pointed at vasco*

Roo: HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vasco: so thats how it is? im gonna have to use everything i've got.

  • vasco sucks in a large amount of air*


  • an unbelievably massive burp of flames is sent at the rocketing roo*

Roo: I DONT THINK SO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • roo gets hit by the flames, but he is going so fast that he automatically de-spells them and continues to zoom at vasco*



  • roo butt slams vasco with unfathomable force, making the island shake in the process*
  • as the smoke begins to clear, roo is sitting on the unconscious vasco in a huge crater*

Roo: phew, that was a rush. i guess now i can rest

  • roo instantly falls asleep on vascos unconscious body*


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