Rensa Rensa no Mi

Japanese Name:

(japanese kanji)

English Name: Chain Chain fruit
Meaning: Chain


Power: go and see.
Eaten By:
Story / Creator: Stormbaron




The power to generate and manipulate psionic chain-like weapons, in addition to chains themselves.



The user suffers from standard Devil Fruit weaknesses.


Mental Commands: The chain's obeys the mental commands of the user. When the user wills generates it to be used as a multipurpose weapon.
608px-Chakra Chains 001

Variable Length: The chain is capable of mystically extending to greater lengths, it's limits are unknown.

Flail: The chain's basic use is in the form of a flail whereby the spiked head is whipped around to strike targets at close range.
Ghost Riders Chain

Lasso: With the chain gripped at one end, the other can be used to ensnare a target in a manner similar to a actual lasso.

Shuriken: The chain is capable of separating into its component links, which then each morph into shuriken-like blades. These then reform back into the normal links and merge back into the chain.
403px-Ghost Riders Chain (Links)

Staff: The links in the chain can be stiffened, so that it in effect becomes a staff.
830px-Ghost Riders Chain (Staff)
Saw: The user can spin the chain at incredible speeds, essentially creating a saw capable of cutting through virtually any material.
399px-Ghost Riders Chain (Saw)


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