Prediction by: Imhungry4444

This is it, the inevitable war that i believe will happen in One Piece. The intro to The Revolutionary War:

Soldier:*bursting into kongs office* COMMANDER KONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kong: Why the hell are you bursting into my office and yelling? who the hell do you think you are?

Soldier: Sorry sir, but this is huge.

Kong: What, two yonkou had a little scuffle again?

Soldier: No sir, much bigger. marine bases all over the world are being attacked simultaneously by revolutionary forces.

Kong: What?

Soldier: Thats not all, a massive revolutionary army has been spotted outside the western walls of Mariejois.

Kong: WHAT?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Soldier: We have sources that indicate Dragon is leading that force with his top commanders.

Kong: SON OF A BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!

Soldier: Thats not all, a smaller force has been spotted on at the eastern walls.

Kong: What have you done to counter the situation?

Soldier: We have sent the entire Old Guard to defend the western walls.

Kong: Good, they'll give me enough time to make it to the battlefield. Alert Fleet-Admiral Aokiji of this, and tell him to send reinforcements immediately.

Soldier: Yes sir.

Kong: That damn Dragon, he thinks he can just come in here and ruin everything? well he's got another thing coming.

  • elsewhere at Marineford*

Marine:*bursting into aokijis office* FLEET-ADMIRAL!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aokiji: What is it? jeez

Marine: Our bases all over the world are being attacked.

Aokiji: Jeez, why did dragon have to attack while i was Fleet-Admiral?

Marine: Also, Mareijois has been surrounded on both sides by revolutionary forces.

Aokiji:*takes a deep breath* alright how many?

Marine: Dragon is leading the main force on the west with 50,000 men with his top commanders.

Aokiji: And on the east?

Marine: About 20,000

Aokiji: Ok, send Kizaru and the Pacifista's to take care of the eastern force. Also, tell Akainu to muster as many marines as he can and head for the western walls.

Marine: Akainu has already left on his own ship with about 100 marines.

Aokiji: That damn akainu, no wonder the Gorusei picked me over him.

Marine: What are we gonna do?

Aokiji:*takes another deep breath* muster as many marines as you can at the town square, the same with the battleships. Looks like we're going to war.

  • else where, about a couple miles away from the western series of walls stands a massive revolutionary force. behind them, on a wide cliff, stands Dragon mounted on his horse with his commanders and their lieutenants*

Dragon: The time has finally come.


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