Prediction by: Imhungry4444

  • kong is gleaming with red-fur and blank eyes*

Kong: ROAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dragon: Perfect.

Cooper: Shit*draws his sword*looks like i gotta fight


  • a huge explosion of lava occurs in front of the 2nd wall*
  • as the dust clears, akainu is seen standing in front of the 2nd wall with multiple marines behind him*

Akainu: I made it just in time. Dragon where are y.........

  • cooper appears behind akainu with his sword drawn and cutting akainus head in half*

Akainu:*reforming his head* hmp, i didnt think i'd see you again.

Cooper: its been a while, sakazuki.

Akainu: SHOW SOME RESPECT!!!!!!!!!!!

  • akainu turns around quickly with his hand cocked back*

Akainu: Meigo

  • akainu goes for coopers body, but right before it hits cooper makes a hole in his body making the attack go right through*

Akainu: THAT WONT SAVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!

  • while akainus arm is through coopers body, akainu makes his arm explode with magma*

Cooper: Soru

  • cooper teleports behind akainu*

Cooper: Gōkin hanmā(alloy hammer)

  • cooper turns the blade of his sword into a giant metallic hammer and smashes akainu. then quickly reforms it back*

Cooper: that'll teach you

Akainu:*reforming* at what point did you think you even scratched me? my devil fruit is far superior to you Gōkin Gōkin no mi(alloy alloy fruit)

Cooper: that doesnt matter. as long as i get the satisfaction of revenge, then im fine.

Akainu: revenge huh? is this because i got the admiral spot instead of you.


Akainu: hmp, dont be naive. you never had what it takes to be a marine admiral.

Cooper: oh and you do? i heard about your little scuffle with Whitebeard. he worked you over pretty good i heard.

Akainu:*with an evil face* if i were you, i would shut my mouth.

Cooper: is that right? then lets see what you got sakazuki?

Akainu:*charges at cooper* RAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cooper:*charges at akainu* HAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • at the revo. cliff*
  • kong is done roaring and is ready to battle*

Kong: ROAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kong puts both fists up in the air and attempts to smash the revo.'s cliff*

Revo. soldier: SHIT, EVERYONE GET OUT OF HERE!!!!!!

  • right when he is about to smash them, he hits a barrier*

Revo. soldier: what?

  • amelia is seen standing in front of kong on the cliff with here arms spread out and her eyes closed*

Revo. soldiers: YAAAAAAAA, theres no way he'll get through our commanders barrier.

  • kong then puts his fists up again and starts to continuously smash at the barrier*

Revo. soldier: what is he doing? doesnt he know he cant.........what?

  • with every smash amelia is pushed back and she struggles to keep the barrier up*

Amelia: GET OUT OF HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • the revo. soldiers scurry away and off the cliff, until finally kong breaks though the barrier*

Kong: RAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kong is about to punch the downed amelia, then suddenly his punch gets stop by two-moon and his spear*

Two-moon:*struggling to keep kongs punch back* amelia go, get out of here.

  • amelia barely able to walk gets out of the way*

Two-moon:*turns to kong and is still struggling* so you wanna pick on defenseless women?

Kong: ROAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Two-moon: how about this?*two-moon directs kongs punch down into the cliff, then runs up his arm*

Two-moon: RAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • with his spear ready to stab kong, two-moon runs at his head*
  • kong gets in a power-up stance and sends a shockwave from his body sending two-moon flying off right as he was about to stab kongs head*

Two-moon: SHIT!!!!

Kong: ROAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kong starts to continuously pound the ground again like donkey kong but this time more violently*

Two-moon: GHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dragon:*floating in the back on kongs head* your done

  • kong immediately stops pounding two-moon and attempts to turn around*

Dragon:Handan no kaze(wind of judgment)

  • a greenish stream of wind sends kong rocketing into the 2nd wall, destroying it in the process*

Dragon:*flies down to two-moon who is unconscious* rest my friend, ill take it from here.

  • in front of the crumbled 2nd wall*

Cooper: man i cant believe kong made the commader use his judgment wind, Soru*dodges akainus attack*

Dragon:*flies back up* SOLDIERS OF THE REVOLUTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • all the revo. soldiers behind the cliff come out*

Dragon: UNLEASH HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • all the revo. soldiers start to charge at the massive 3rd wall were infront is the Old Guard*

Akuma: well? what are you waiting for?*points his pitch-fork at the charging revo.'s* CHARGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • the Revo. soldiers and the WG soldiers clash again in violent fighting again spreading through the battlefield*

WG officer: MEDIC!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • medics come over to the lying Kong*

Kong:*barely getting up* im not going down that easy.

WG medic: sir, you have to stay down.

Kong: give me the awakening pill!!!!!!!!!!!

WG medic: but sir

Kong: NO BUTS, i made an oath to the World Government that i would protect that which is holy. i am responsible for all those nobles behind these walls. and if i dont get up right now and fight then i might as well end my life right now.

WG soldier: sir..........

WG medic:*with his eyes closed* here you go sir*gives a round pill to kong*

  • on the battlefield*

Cooper: RAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!

  • with the blade of his sword in hammer form, he smashes away at akainu who is blocking the hammer with his arms*

Akainu: you cant beat me with your weak power. just give up.

Cooper: weak you say? ill show you weak.

  • cooper begins to transform his arms in alloy into cannons*

Cooper: De~yuaru taihō(dual cannons)

Akainu: hmp, am i supposed to be impressed? besides, what are you gonna fire wi..........


  • akainus head gets blown off by the cannons coopers got*

Cooper: you dont have to worry about me running out of ammo. i produce metallic alloy which means i can form cannon balls inside my cannon barrels instantly.

Akainu:*reforming his head* dont you need black powder to fire the cannon ball?

Cooper: my Busoshoku Haki is more than enough to fire those cannon balls with force.

Akainu: hmp, thats still not enough. Jigoku no tsubasa(hell blade)

  • akainu forms a sword out of magma/lava*

Akainu:*shoot off at cooper*RAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cooper:*continously fires cannon balls at akainu*HAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!


  • at the 3rd wall Kong is in his massive ape form and is stand on top of it with all his injuries healed*

Bolivar:*with a surprised look* theres no way. master took him out with his judgment wind. if that wont bring him down then what will?

Dragon:*with an unpleased look on his face*............................

  • on the right flank*

WG soldiers:*get shredded with snow*GHA!!!!!!!!!!!!

Coot:*reforms infront of the right flank* its seems ill have to defeat this behemoth.

Kong:*standing on the wall*ROAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*starts pounding his chest*

Dragon:*unsheathes his katana* and i thought this was going to be easy.


  • a massive explosion occurs in the middle of the battlefield*
  • everyone looks at the explosion*
  • with the dust clearing, Kuma is standing in the middle*

Cooper/Bolivar/Amelia/Coot:*with surprised looks on their faces* KUMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ivankov:*still on the ground and barely able to talk* kuma..........

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