Rijekuto-Rijekuto No Mi

Translation: Reject-Reject Fruit
Meaning: Rejection fruit
English Name: Reject-Reject Fruit
Type: Paramecia
Power: force things away from the user
Eaten By: Watarara
Story / Creator: ChopperFan 23:51, March 25, 2011 (UTC)

The Rijekuto Rijekuto no mi (reject-reject fruit) was eaten by Watarara.

Strengths Edit

The Rijekuto Rijekuto no mi creates a short-term force field around the user that can repel any physical object away from the user and set the object of fire.

Appearance Edit

The Rijekuto Rijekuto no mi is a blue watermelon with golden swirles.

Weaknesses Edit

The Rijekuto Rijekuto no mi force field can last a short amount of time (no more than a full second), and suffers the standard devil fruit weaknessess.

Usage Edit

Watarara can use this to effectivly repel any attack and to fire her feathers out of her body for effective fire arrows.


  • Pistolet (Pistol) a single feather fired out of her wing.
  • Fusil De Chasse (Shotgun) eight or more feathers fired out of one wing
  • Double Fusil De Chasse à canon (Double Barreled Shotgun) fires eight or more feathers out of each wing
  • Mitrailleuse (Machine Gun) fires feathers in rapid succesion, sometimes fireing more than 100 feathers
  • Révolte des libertés (Freedoms Revolt) Fires her rapidly regenerating feathers all at once, creating a wall of flaming arrows.
  • Pheonix. While using the rouru mark to see the air around her and control it, she can reject the slim area of air around her to be coated in a flame that will never burn her. It is said to be the ultimate shield agaisn't fist fighters.
  • Caged Bird's Song. while flying at the speed of sound, She flies around the foe in a caged shape. as she flies around, the foe touches the edges and flies in the opposite direction, only to touch the other side. She tightens the cage to a point where the foe is immobolised in place.

Trivia Edit

  • All of the moves used by Watarara, besides the "caged bird's song" and "Pheonix", are in french.

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