Rocky is the captian of the Avalanche Pirates and one of the two main antagonists of the Dabloon Island Arc. He loses to Dorsalo and Swamp Fox.


Rocky is a large pirate with a beard. He wears diamond studded knuckle bracers.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Diamond Punch: Rocky punches with his diamond studded gloves

Diamond Bullet: diamonds shoot out of the gloves towards opponents

Diamond Deflect: Rocky uses his gloves to deflect attacks

Diamond Blade: A diamond blade comes out of the blade and is used for attacks


Captain Rocky comes to Dabloon Island in search of the treasure there. After fighting Dorsalo, he and his crew land on the island and steal the treasure from the Gonzo Pirates. Dorsalo challenges Rocky to a rematch, and with the support of Swamp Fox, they defeat him and regain the treasure.

Major BattlesEdit

Rocky vs. Dorsalo and Swamp Fox

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