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Age: 16
Gender: Male
Species: Anthromorphic Jackle
Blood type: A-
Height: 5 Ft 10
Island of Origin: Arabasta
Occupation: Warrior
Epithet: The Jackal

Masked Pirates

Position: Swordsman
Family: Chaka
Bounty: None
Dream: To be a proud warrior like his brother Chaka.


Romulous is a crewmember of the Masked Pirates. He used to serve in the Arabasta Royal Guard with his brother Chaka, before he met the Masked Pirates.


Romulous is an Anthromorphic Jackal. He wears a golden vest with purple markings down the side, and a tan pair of shorts.


Romulous is a hard working person, and is almost never seen talking. He seldomly speaks his mind and is always reserved about himself. Romulous is considered to be the "little brother" of the crew.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Fighting Style and AttributesEdit

Romulous uses a single sword fighting style and is also proficient in wieiding a double-edged spear. He also has superhuman speed and endurance.

He can use Rokushiki because of his ties to the royal guards, and has mastered all of the moves except Rdadoukuougun.


A sword that Romulous had recieved from his brother, Chaka. and a double sided spear.


Romulous knows how to attack with haki.


Brother to Chaka
Ex Royal Guard to Arabasta


Romulous was born in Arabasta and has grown up to become a royal guard like his older brother Chaka. After growing up admiring his older brother and his devil fruit powers from the Inu Inu no Mi: Model Jackal, Romulous's dream was to also become a Jackal hybrid like his brother.

After hearing about Soarian and his powers to let people decide about their race, Romulous seeked them out and begged them for him to join their crew. Soarian turned Romulous into a jackal in mid sentence and had made one of Romulous's dreams a reality.


"It's not fair that there's only one type of devil fruit in the world, I want to be just like my brother Chaka!"

~Exerpt of Romulous's speech to the Masked Pirates


  • Both Romulous and his brother have the same epithet.
  • Romulous looks like Anubis.
  • According to Romulous, the hardest thing he has ever done was admitting one of his dreams to the Masked Pirates.

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