Rose FloraEdit

Age 15
Birthday May 21
Height 1.30m
Weight 45kg
Gender Female
Species Human
Origin Little flora vill
Occpation Nurse
Crew Moon pirates
Position Nurse
Bounty 1,000,000
Family Unknown


Rose has a nice jolly kind loving personality


Rose has awalys wanted to help people so she came to Rock cover when she was 12 and studys

Abilitys and powers:Edit

Rose has no abilitys and powers


Rose's weapon is a kunai she has tie on her left arm



Luna Rogue

Rose and Luna have a good friend ship

Jaden freedom

Rose get's along with Jaden really well


Lancelot is Rose's teacher


Chaos Dragon

Zero Bec

Dusk Dawn

'Ale'x Gaget

Silver Shiny

Yuma Cage


To find love\Rose dream is to find love Rose has awalys wanted to find love in someone who is just as kind as her.


1,000,000\Rose bounty is 1,000,000 is because she went with Luna and Jaden


Rose has long pink hair with a black handband with a bow on it she has green eyes a white skin tone she wears a pink top on the left coner it has three purple flowers then she has black pants that just gose to knees and she also has a pink skit over her pants


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