• Rukvhark
  • Rukvhark (Wanted Poster)

Age: 43(Pre-Time skip)

45(Post-Time skip)

Gender: Male
Species: Human
Blood type: AB+
Birthdate: September 16th
Height: 7'5"
Weight: 300LBS
Island of Origin: ?

Occupation: Roger Pirate (Former)

Silver Wind Pirate

Epithet: "The Human Wrecking Ball"

"The Rowdy Bull"

Crew: Silver Wind Pirate
Position: Shipwright

Family: Marco De Gama- father

Veronica De Gama- sister

Hellen De Gama- Mother

Current Bounty:


Bounty History

1st Bounty: Bsymbol300,000,000

Reason: Piracy against marine operations and being part of the Roger Pirates

2nd Bounty: Bsymbol400,000,000

Reason: For participating in the Edd War.

3nd Bounty: Bsymbol450,000,000

Reason: For associating with the Silver Wind Pirates

Dream: To Build an everlasting monument of Gol D. Roger in the New World
Page created by: GZero945


"You dare make fun of Rukvhark? Rukvhark will kill puny man!"

-Rukvhark to Corey Talbain

Rukvhark was once a Roger Pirate who made a name for himself. He fought in many battles along his crewmates. After Gold Roger's execution, Rukvhark went into hiding. With his emmense strength, the average pirate would think twice before fighting him. He starts out as an enemy to the Silver Wind Pirates, but soon joins them in hopes of reaching the New World and build an everlasting memorial of Gol D. Roger.


Rukvhark is described as a very tall and muscular man. He wears a black sleeveless tank top with green cargo pants and combat boots. He is bald on the top and front. But in the back, he has hair reaching to his shoulder blades. He has a tatoo of a number ten on his left shoulder, symbolizing that he was part of a group after his departure of the Roger Pirates.


Rukvhark is described as a jolly, tough, and optimistic. When someone calls him dumb, or he gets in a fight, he becomes very violent and destructive.

Abilities and PowersEdit


Rukvhark's fighting style is consisted of free style wrestling. His most infamous technique is the Rukvhark Omega Buster, which involves Rukvhark hammer throws his opponents in the air, then doing a devastating piledriver followed by a body press.


Rukvhark is the strongest out of the crew when it comes to strength. He can lift a piece of rubble that weighs a ton.


Rukvhark has outstanding endurance, making him withstand a serious amount of blows.

Devil FruitEdit

Rukvhark had sometime in his life consumed the Oni Oni no Mi, Model: Ogre. This has allowed him to take on the form of an Ogre, causing massive devastation to his foes.


The Glory DaysEdit

Rukvhark once served was part of the Roger Pirates. During that time, he he had earned himself the reputation known as "The Human Wrecking Ball." Rukvhark took great pride in his earned title. He even participated in the Battle of the Edd War, making him a fearsome advisary. He visited the famous sites that his crew stopped at Gol D. Roger's last Voyage. He memorized some, but he doesn't know where they are on the map.

After the DisbandingEdit

After witnessing his captain's execution, Rukvhark left in frustration. Realizing that he no longer belonging to a crew, he went to the Island of Alabasta. There he got into many fights and earned himself the reputation of "The Rowdy Bull." He, however, doesn't like it and prefers to be "The Human Wrecking Ball." He partied and drank to days on end.

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