The Ruru Ruru no MI is a paramecia type devil fruit that allows the user to transform parts of their body into drillbits. It was eaten by the pirate North .

Strengths Edit

The major strength of the fruit, as demonstrated by North, is that it allows the user to be able to turn parts of their body into drills/drill bits. This ranges from a single finger becoming a small drill bit to their legs becoming a big one. This fruit allows North to be able to create tornados from his drills. this power has been used to blow objects away or suck them in. North is also able to create a tornado that has cutting winds. When a drill is rotating fast enough it can created a proctile like wind drill.

The fruit so far doesn't seem to have any specific weaknesses outside the standard Devil Fruit weaknesses .

Usage Edit

North usually uses his power to turn his left forearm to a drillbit. This is usually used for fighting purposes. He has shown the ability on turn his fingers into drillbits to drill small holes. North also often changes both legs into one drillbit as a way of propelling himself toward enemies.

Trivia Edit

  • Doruru is the onomatopoeia for the sound of drilling.
  • The Doru Doru no Mi was taken as it is the name of Mr. 3's devil fruit.

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