sakana sakana no mi model: cthulhu


full form cthulhu

Japanese Name: sakana sakana no mi model: kuto~~urufu
English Name: fish fish fruit model: cthulhu

Mythical Zoan

Power: to become hybrid or full form cthulhu
Eaten By: golibaru toraku
Story / Creator: highestbounty123


The Sakana Sakana no Mi Model: Cthulhu is a powerfull Devil Fruit that was found by Neckross Armada, however stolen and eaten by Golibaru Toraku.


A dark green cherry with blue swirls.


The user is able of becoming a hybrid or full form of the mythical creature Cthulhu, which is a green giant with an octopus head dragon like wings and sharp claws when the user is hybrid. He is only half the size of the full form and the user can change his size from normal human to half the size of a giant though the user still can't swim he can breath under water for adleast a few hours and can fly with his wings.


The Devil Fruit increases the strength.


The user suffers from standard Devil Fruit weaknesses.