FANDOM Sakana Sakana no Mi, Model: Megalodon belongs to Marimo.
If you dont want a trip to Hell, you better not touch this page.


Altough this an ancient devil fruit, this fruit takes away two weaknesses a normal devil fruit user woudl have and those are: being unable to swim and the weakness of water. This fruit was eaten by Sven Kuechler


The main advantages are being able to swim and breathe under water and transform in a massive almost seaking size shark. Kuechler, the one who ate it, has mastered evey aspect of this fruit to the point of being able to only trasnfering the physical strength of a shark and nothing else. The speed and biting power is a also a force to be reckoned with in this fruit. This was on full display when Kuechler fought the King of Sharks.


The main and most unavoidable weakness of this devil fruit is the unability to breathe on land while in shark mode. As much as kuechler has perfected his powers, he can only last about 30 seconds on land while in his shark form. Other standard devil fruit weaknessess still apply.