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Age: 7(Deceased)
Species: Human
Blood type: S
Birthdate: 3/20
Island of Origin: Wano
Family: Father
Dream: To create a island filled with sunflowers.
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Sakaya has known Rakku ever since they were babies. They always visited each other houses and play together with the the wackiest games that they spontaneously made up. The game that they usually play is "Slay the Dragon," where one of them is a dragon and the other is a swordsman. They were always seen together as children and whenever they fight each other, they would laugh it off after eating ice cream. Ever since, Sakaya's death, he wears her black obi with gold lining (which she wore on the day of her death), as a way to mourn her death and to always reminds himself that he was helpless to prevent his best friend to die. Whenever he returns to Wano, he would always buy a bouquet of her favorite flowers, sunflowers, to place on her grave and talk to himself of their good times together.




  • Her dream is a reference to One Piece: Unlimited Adventure

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