(illusion devil fruit) The Sakkaku Sakkaku no Mi is a Paramecia type Devil Fruit. This Devil Fruit has the ability to conjure illusions on 1-1,000 people however it has a time limit varing on the number of people it is used against. it is currently by stan from the pandemonium pirates


It is a white grape like fruit that has silver swirls.

Time limitsEdit

people - time captured

1 5 min

2 4:50 sec

5 3:30 sec

10 3min

100 1 min

1,000 10 sec


The user is able to put a spell on everyone in the vicinity even if they are not in view.


The user must concentrate while using its spell. So if he is attacked he must break the spell to defend himself the user also has a time limit therefore meaning that the more people under the spell the shorter it last. the user also is effected by the standered Devil Fruit weakness.



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