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San San no Mi
Japanese Name: 酸酸の実
English Name: Acid-Acid Fruit
Meaning: Acid
First Appearance: Angel Pirates: Chapter 1 - The Two Captains and the Sniper
Type: Logia
Eaten by: Fernando

The San San no Mi is a logia-type Devil Fruit that was eaten by Invincible Fernando


The San San no Mi looks like a bright green raspberry with pink square-like swirls.


A major strength of this fruit is that it allows the user to be able to create, control, and become acid. Fernando is able to create acid-based attacks. Any physical attacks will either go through Fernando or be melted by the acid.


A major weakness is fire. Acid is flammable, so when in contact with fire, Fernando is incapable of turning into acid or intangible. Fernando will feel pain when fire comes into contact with him and he will melt. Melting will do nothing to Fernando except he can't move. As long as he solidifies within a certain time period; depends on how much of his body is liquid, he will be okay. The user is also affected by the standard Devil Fruit weaknesses.


Fernando generally uses projectile attacks by shooting out acid. He can shoot small amounts (size of a teardrop) to large amounts (size of a galleon). Fernando can coat parts of his body with acid to fight in close combat (ie. coating his fists with acid to punch tough opponents). Fighting against opponents with weapons, Fernando will simply just stand and get hit and his acid body will melt the weapons.


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