Scar Rain

Scar Rain

Scar Rain is the 19 year old mercenary turned pirate. He is the navigator of the Mayhem pirates . He has a bounty of 90 million beli


He wears a hi tech suit developed by the marines. It is bright blue with darker patches on the arms and legs. It has a star insignia on the shoulder. He wears a blue helmet similar to that of a biker.


Scar takes the persona of a reckless anarchist. A rebel with no cause. Scar likes life without breaks and loves to fight. He likes to be busy. In battle, Scar becomes sadistic and cruel. He drags on the fight, only scratching the opponent each time so after 30 or 40 the pain is unbearable. He never kills his opponents instead allowing them to suffer from the several wounds. Scar is only loyal to those that pay him. He is very loyal to Seth because of the payment and partly from fear of Seth's tremendous power. He is also very caring for his brother.


Seth DarkenEdit

Scar is very loyal to his captain and tries his hardest to be his best ally.


He is an important member of the crew and does everything he can do to help the crew. An insult to his crew is an insult to him and he doesn't take insults lightly...


Scar thinks of the marines as sheep who follow rules because they are fools. He enjoys 'playing' with them until they scream and die from blood loss.

Abilities and PowersEdit


Scar is a capable cannoneer and a pro using heavy artilerry. He can blast ships out of the sky and shoot with near perfect aim.


Scar doesn't have much of an history. All that is known is that before joining he was a mercenary.

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