Sciopero Alato is a sword used by Marcus Soarian. It was created by Soarian for himself and his pet parot Arilius.


Sciopero Alato is a double-edged sword with a winged hand guard and the butt of the sword serves as a roost for Arilius. It has black feathers running down the hilt of the sword. The sword also features a golden cross on its handguard.


Scipero Alato is known to create slicing air waves in the air and can cut through boulders on its own strength. It is made out of a rare metal called enkavmian that is stronger than normal steel and has been dubbed as an unbreakable weapon. The price of the sword itself is Bsymbol 75,000,000 because of its elaborate design, rarity of the metal, how well made the sword is, and its tales of infamous adventures.


  • The metal it has been made out of "Enkavmian" is greek for burn "enkavma"