Seirei Seirei no Mi, Model: Samedi

Japanese Name:

(japanese kanji)

English Name:
Meaning: Spirit Spirit fruit model: Samedi

Mythical Zoan

Power: Become Baron Samedi
Eaten By: 
Story / Creator: 13th madman


The Seirei Seirei no Mi model: Samedi allows the user to become Baron Samedi, the infamous Death Spirit of Vodou.


Upon transformation, the user gains a shadowy aura, and their skin becomes paler. They also start to appear more skelletal, to the extent that they may actually appear to be a skeleton in the full form.

This fruit connects the user to the "Crossroads" between life and death, and as such, they can draw power from the recently dead, by asking them for aid, usually animating the dead body, or attempt to damage another's spirit. They can also avoid injury by transfering an incoming attack to one of these spirits instead. It is said that unless Baron Samedi digs the grave of a dying person, they cannot truely die, and as such she can prollong the life of her comrades and heal their injuries, but only by passing the injuries to someone else, as in her own words "trying to halt death entirely would be a bad idea".


The most obvious strength of this fruit is the ability of the user to draw power from the dead.


The user suffers from standard Devil Fruit weaknesses. Also, Spirits quickly become very weak when the user is far from their place of death, although their power never dissappears entirely.