Chapter 1: In the Beginning By: Lvdoomien ______________________________________________________________________________________

An eight year old caucasian boy with blonde hair and blue eyes wearing a torn up white shirt and worn black pants runs down an alley.

???: You can't run forever boy!

<A tall tan man with a scimitar chases after the boy, followed by a small man with a rifle and a large bald man with a mallet. They're all wearing dirty, ratty looking clothing>

Boy: Stop calling me boy Andre! <the boy knocks over some crates in an attempt to escape his attackers>

Andre: <Jumps over the crates> Make me you little thief! <almost catches up to the boy and swings his scimitar at him but misses>

Boy: You'll have to do better than that if you want your beli back! <runs into a dead end and stops running> And of course this is here.

<Andre and the other two thugs corner the boy with their weapons drawn>

Andre: Last chance boy, give me the beli or me and my friends will kill you where you stand and nobody will give a damn.

Boy: <Gets into a fighting stance and raises his fists> I bet I can take you guys on!

Andre: Yeah yeah yeah, Bruce, Randy, kill him!

Randy: Alright! <Randy readys his rifle>

Bruce: Got it! <Bruce readys his mallet and gets ready to smash the boy with it>

Boy: Wait I CHANGED MY MIND! <The boy cowers in fear>

?????: Granite Pillar! <A three foot pillar of granite comes up from the ground and hits Bruce in the face, breaking his teeth and nose>

Randy: BRUCE!!!

Andre: What the hell?!

<A 6 foot tall man with a brown worn hooded cloak stands on top of a rooftop with his right hand outstretched>

<The boy looks up at the man in awe>

Man: You thugs think it's okay to kill a kid just cus he's homeless? That's just like, not cool. If you really wanna live after today, I suggest you get outta here.

Andre: <Angered> You think you can tell me what to do?! I am Andre! The greatest Bandit of all time! Randy shoot him! Shoot him!

<Randy nods and fires at the man several times>

<The man's arm becomes granite as it absorbs the bullets>

Man: You know I really didn't wanna break you guys, but Granite Pillar! <Another three foot pillar of granite comes up from the ground and hits Randy in the crotch,  sending him upward then back down in pain>

Andre: Randy! <looks at the man> You bastard!

Man: It's called standing up for the small. This little guy can't defend himself and you wanna kill him? That just ain't right. <The man jumps from the roof and in front of the boy> So if you wanna even look at him you're gonna have to go through me.

Andre: I'll just kill you both then! <Andre yells and lunges at the man with his scimitar>

Man: Really? You're gonna try that? <The man punches Andre with a granite fist and sends him into a wall. Andre goes unconscious and falls to the ground as he bleeds from his face>

<The boy walks over to the man and touches the granite fist. The man looks down at the boy>

Boy: Dude, you kick butt!

Man: <Removes his hood to reveal his short black hair. The man is Hispanic> Thanks kid. I bet you'll do the same some day. 

Boy:  Hey! I already do!

Man: I'm sure you do kid. I'm sure you do. <Pats the boy's head>

Boy: Who are you?

Man: Just call me Olick, kid, what about you?

Boy: I'm Tomás. Tomás H. Ells! Oh, and thanks for saving me Olick. Those guys almost got me this time but I still got the beli! <Tomas holds up a small coin bag full of beli>

Olick: This time? You do this often? <Tomás laughs and sits on Andre's unconscious body>

Tomás: What? I gotta make a living somehow.

Olick: Grahaha, you have a point. <Looks up at the sky> Hey, you wanna know something kid?

Tomás: Sure, what's up?

Olick: I'm not just some guy, I'm a pirate.

Tomás: Oooh, a pirate? I wish I could be a pirate.

Olick: Why's that?

Tomás: Because I wish I could go see everything like a pirate! That's why I steal money, so I can save up money for a boat! 

Olick: Well if you're gonna be a pirate kid, you should have this then. <Olick hands Tomás a pink and green tubular fruit> I think you'll have more use of it than me, I already have a fruit.

Tomás: <Holds the fruit in his hand> Is this a devil fruit? You're just gonna give it to me for free?

Olick: Yeah, just go ahead and take it. <Smiles at him> Now I have stuff to do kid, have fun with your fruit. <Olick starts to walk away>

Tomás: Thanks! Hey maybe we'll see each other again! <Tomas starts eating the fruit>

Olick: I'm sure we will kid. (Don't worry, now that you have the Sheru Sheru no Mi, I'm sure you'll make a name for yourself)


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